Site Changes & Competitions

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As you might have already noticed, we've finally gotten around to change our site's theme and to design a banner. We hope that you like the new look and that you'll find your way around. This will probably be the last change to come as we are quite happy about how everything looks now.

Furthermore we are currently hunting down the annoying and flashy gold ads.

Lastly we are planning to organise some competitions soon. Prepare for guide writing summer 2007! (btw, anyone interested in sponsoring prizes for the competitions, please contact us through the contact form)


Love the new style!!!

Love the new style!!! Smiling Laughing out loud Smiling

NEW SITE looks amazing,

NEW SITE looks amazing, great job im super impressed Jawdropping!

Like the style, but the site

Like the style, but the site nav. at the right side instead of on the left is frustrating.

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Loving the blog style Laughing out loud

The funny thing is, I hate jelly.