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Before starting this guide, you should be level 70 and you'll need a flying mount (for the first steps it can be the slow flying mount).

  1. Travel to Shadowmoon Valley and seek out the NPC called Mordenai. He can be found wandering here:

  2. Accept the quest [70] Kindness (shareable). Around Mordenai, in that area full of crystals, you will see mobs that are called Rocknails. Now you have two choices:
    • Kill the smaller ones. They will drop an item, of which 5 can be combined to one carcass.
    • Kill the bigger ones. These drop entire carcasses.

    After obtaining a carcass, place it on the ground (try to place it at a spot where you see dragons flying above). The dragons will come and eat the carcass. Repeat this step 8 times.
    However be careful:

    • Do not have any similar buffs as Lightning Shield on you. Those will cause the dragons to attack you.
    • Do not place the meat at the same spot twice. Once the drakes have eaten they get a "full" debuff and they wont come eat again.
  3. Go back to Mordenai and turn the quest in.

  4. Next accept the quest [70] Seek Out Neltharaku from Mordenai.

    Neltharaku roams in the same area, above in the skies. Get on your flying mount, find him and turn the quest in. You must be about 10 feet below the dragon to be able to speak to him.

  5. Next accept the quest [70] Neltharaku's Tale from him. After accepting this quest, talk to the dragon again and go through the dialogue with him. (listen to his story) After you are done listening, turn in the quest.

  6. Then accept the quest [70] Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress. Now in the same area there is a fortress at 66, 60.

    Kill any of the orcs you see here, you need 15 kills to complete the quest.

    Return to Neltharaku and turn the quest in.

  7. Now accept [70] Netherwing Ledge from Neltharaku. In this quest he sends you to the Netherwing Ledge, which is just below the area you are at:

    Here you'll need to look out for plants with big thorns that have red crystals attached to them. The plants look like this:

    If you are a miner you'll be able to detect them with "Find Minerals".

    Loot 12 crystals and return to Neltharaku.

  8. Accept the quest [70] The Force of Neltharaku. The dragon will give you an item called Enchanted Nethervine Crystal.

    At the Dragonmaw Fortress you'll see hostile dragons (68,60), which are enslaved by orcs. Several things:

    • You must be out of combat to use the crystal, this means clear the area of any orcs (that aren't linked to draogns), approach one of the NPCs with a dragon (without aggroing it) and use the crystal on the dragon.
    • The dragon takes about 2 seconds to turn green (friendly) towards you. Wait until he turns green! He'll then attack his former master and you can join him and attack the orc as well.
  9. Free 5 dragons and return to Neltheraku.

  10. Turn in the previous quest and get the follow up: [70] Karynaku. The quest objective is to seek out Karynaku (the big blue dragon at the Dragonmaw Fortress). Once you've found him turn in the quest, you'll receive 12650 experience.

  11. For the next step you should optimally have a full group (healer, tank and 2-3 dps). Now follow these steps (courtesy to Arcticwolf from wowhead, thanks!):
    Step 1) Clear both of the Enslaved Nether Drakes in the area.
    Step 2) Clear both rooms left and right of the Shamans inside of them.
    Step 3) Have your group's tank initiate the fight by accepting the quest, and then quickly run over to where Zuluhed Spawns
    Step 4) While Zuluhed is talking, everyone else in the group move into the room that you cleared FIRST.
    Step 5) As soon as Zuluhed stops talking, have the tank attack him and then move him into the room where you begin to DPS.
    Step 6) DPS Him hard and move out of his Rain of Fire. When he spawns a Demon Portal, everyone in the entire group run as fast as you can into the other room, have your main tank run out first so that he takes all of the gunfire from the archers.
    Step 7) Once he's in the next room, the demon will spawn from the portal in the previous room, but will NOT aggro your group because he isn't near you anymore. DPS hard on him at this point because soon he will create another portal, and this time you will have nowhere to run to.
    Step 8 ) Once he's at low health, he'll turn into a big demon, but he's still easymode, just DPS his down, and you'll be fine.
    Step 9) Loot the key, and unlock the ball and chain around Karynaku's leg.
    Step 10) Talk to her, and then you get to ride on a bigass dragon all the way back to your sweet quest rewards!

    Additional info:
    Only one person of the group needs to use the key, and the whole group will get a quest complete message. This means that the rest of the group will keep their key. If you keep the key this way, you can complete the quest for someone else at a later point.

  12. After having accepted [70] Ally of the Netherwing from Karynaku, he'll return you to Mordenai on his back. Complete the quest at Mordenai. You'll receive 42000 reputation with the Netherwing; this will make you neutral with said faction. Also you'll be able to choose one of the following rewards:
    • [item]Netherwing Spiritualist's Charm[/item]
    • [item]Netherwing Sorceror's Charm[/item]
    • [item]Netherwing Protector's Shield[/item]
    • [item]Netherwing Defender's Shield[/item]
    • [item]Claw of the Netherwing Flight[/item]

Now, the next steps consist in hard faction work. However to be able to get to the next part, you need to have 300 riding skill (fast mount).


  1. Go back to Mordenai and get the quest [70] In Service of the Illidari. Mordenai will send you to the Netherwing Ledge, where you can find the Netherwing Encampment. After talking to Mordenai you will have an orc illusion which will permit you to talk to the NPCs in that camp, however be careful, the hostile guards that patrol the camp see through your disguise and will attack you on sight.

  2. Mordenai gave you an item called Illidari Service Papers. Deliver these papers to Overlord Mor'ghor in the above mentioned camp. He can be found at (66,85). Upon completion you'll recieve 250 reputation with Netherwing.

  3. Accept [70] Enter the Taskmaster. Seek out Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath (who is just outside) and complete the quest. You are now ready to build reputation.

  4. Completing the above mentioned quest and another one outside at Yarzil the Merc ([70] Your Friend on the Inside) will enable you to do 3-4 daily quests (depending on how many gathering skills you have), to build faction. Each of these quests can only be completed once per day and you can only do 10 different daily quests per day.

    The daily quests (which you can obtain from Yarzil the Merc and the Taskmaster in the middle of the camp) are:

    [70] A Slow Death
    [70] Netherdust Pollen
    (herbalist only)
    [70] Nethermine Flayer Hide (skinners only)
    [70] Nethercite Ore (miners only)
    [70] Netherwing Crystals
    [70] The Not-So-Friendly Skies...
    [70] The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt

    Note: You can only complete one gathering quest along with the Netherwing Crystals quest daily.

  5. What to do:

    ** While completing the following steps be sure to loot any Netherdust Bush and/or Nethercite Deposit you find on your way**

    After accepting the above mentioned quests, fly to the main island of Shadowmoon Valley. Here, kill Felboars (click to see where they spawn) and Felfire Diemetradon (click to see where they spawn) until you collect 12 Fel Glands. If you are grouped and one of your group members has 4 Fel Glands while you have 8, you are still good to go to complete the quest for all of your group members. You just need 12 Fel Glands in total.

    Good spots to farm these items are 47,60 and 39,45. The drop rate seems to be approximately 40%.

    When you've got 12 Fel Glands, go back to Netherwing Ledge and search camps with orc peons. Have ONE of your group members use the Yarzill's Mutton near the peon camp (the other group members must be close). Wait until the peons eat the mutton and until you get the quest update. Complete this step 12 times in total.

  6. Next fly to the islands that are in this area:

    You'll see Dragonmaw Transporters pass by. There are 3 islands in this area where you can pull these dragons down. (one where they land and two where they pass by, all around 74,76) Kill them until you collect 10 Netherwing Relics. However rumor has it that the Drakes can also be pulled at Dragonmaw Fortress.

  7. Seek out Arvoar the Rapacious (click on his name to see where he spawns) and kill him (he can be difficult for some classes to solo, but should work if you pot etc.). Loot the item Partially Digested Hand from him. Right click the item and start the quest [70] A Job Unfinished. Group up with another person (you can try this solo, it's difficult though) and kill 10 Overmine Flayers and Barash the Den Mother. Both can be found all over the Netherwing Ledge.

    For herbalists: If at this point you don't have 40 Netherdust Pollen fly in cicles around Netherwing Ledge until you find 40 of them.

  8. Now go to the mines that are just below the Dragonmaw Base Camp and kill every mob that you see. If you are a miner loot every Nethercite Deposit you find. If you are a skinner kill every Nethermine Flayers on your way and skinn it until you have:
    • 40 Netherwing Crystals
    • 40 Nethercite Ores (miners only)
    • 1 Netherwing Egg
    • 35 Nethermine Flayer Hides
  9. The Netherwing Egg drops of any mob/deposit/bush you can find on Netherwing Ledge as rare drops. However they also spawn themselves all over the island, especially inside the mines. They look like this:

    You are not obliged to find one, but it gives you 350 extra reputation, which is quite nice.

  10. Go back to the Dragonmaw Base Camp and turn in all your quests. Let's say you do not have any of the gathering skills (worst case) you'll be able to get 1350 reputation per day.

    [70] A Job Unfinished, upon completion, will enable you to choose between the following rewards:

    [item]Ascendant's Boots[/item]
    [item]Dragonmaw Augur's Cinch[/item]
    [item]Drake Tamer's Gloves[/item]
    [item]Skybreaker's Mantle[/item]

    If you make 1350 reputation, it will take you 1 day to get to Friendly.

    You will be 500 points into Frindly by the end of the first day and Dragonmaw Ascendants, Dragonmaw Skybreakers and Dragonmaw Transporters will appear friendly to you.


Shopping List:

10x Knothide Leather

  • Once you hit friendly talk to Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath. Accept the quest [70] Rise, Overseer!. He'll send you to speak with Overlord Mor'ghor at Dragonmaw Base Camp.

    He'll promote you to Overseer and he will also grant you a trinket that will enable you to summon a Netherwing Alley (only works in Shadowmoon Valley, outdoors) to fight for you, every 10 minutes.

    [item]Overseer's Badge[/item]

  • Now next to the already known daily quests, you should have the following new quests available:

    [70] Overseeing and You: Making the Right Choices
    [70] The Netherwing Mines

    Accept them both.

  • Make sure you've bought or skinned the Knothide Leather already, if you haven't please do it on the way. Fly to Netherstorm.

    We are searching for a huge raptor called Tyrantus. He can be found here:

    and he looks like this:

    He has a short spawntime and is easily soloable, kill him and loot Hardened Hide of Tyrantus.

  • Fly back to Netherwing Ledge in Shadowmoon Valley.

    Enter the Netherwing Mines and search for the Mistress of the Mines. She spawns at 65,90. Talk to her and complete the quest [70] The Netherwing Mines. You'll be able to take a follow up quest called [70] Picking up the Pieces.... This is a new daily quest.

    Beside that you'll be able to take the following quests in the mines:

    [70 Daily] Dragons are the Least of Our Problems (daily quest, from Dragonmaw Foreman who stands between the two entrances of the mine)
    [70] Crazed and Confused (one time quest, from Ronag the Slave Driver, found at 71.6)

    Accept them both.

  • Go back to the Dragonmaw Base Camp. Turn in [70] Overseeing and You: Making the Right Choices. This will enable you to take the following quest from Chief Overseer Mudlump:
    [70] The Booterang: A Cure For The Common Worthless Peon
    (daily quest)

    So far, you've made 575 reputation. Means, that at this point you are approximately 1075 points into Friendly.

  • Repeat the daily quests (minus an unifinished job) from the previous chapter, in exactly the same order. However you'll add the following steps:

    • While searching peons to poison with your mutton, also search for blinded, sleeping and red peons. Use the Booterang on them that you've received from your quest giver. Please note, you can do this from your flying mount and don't need to wait for the result. You need to discipline 20 peons like this.

    • While hunting mobs in the mines, loot any Nethermine Cargo on the way. They look like this:

      Do this until you've got 12 Nethermine Cargo.

    • Also while in the mines, kill 15 Nethermine Flayers and 5 Nethermine Ravagers.

    • This is an exptional step and wont be repeated the next day: Also while in the mines, kill the Crazed Murkblood Foreman and 5 Crazed Murkblood Miners.

    • This is an exptional step and wont be repeated the next day: While killing mobs in the mines, you'll probably loot a ton of Sludge-covered Objects off the Oozes. These can contain a quest item: Murkblood Escape Plans. Right-click it and start the quest.

    • When you are done, while in the mines turn in [70] Dragons are the Least of Our Problems at Dragonmaw Foreman for 350 reputation. Also turn in [70] Picking up the Pieces... at the Mistress of the Mines for 350 reputation.

    • This is an exptional step and wont be repeated the next day: Also at the Mistress of Mines turn in [70] The Great Murkblood Revolt and take the follow up [70] Seeker of Truth Seek out the Murkblood Overseer (He can be found at 73,82. He's hiding in a little alcove behind a mining machine) and interrogate him. Pay attention to what he says. Return to the Mistress of Mines with the Hand of the Overseer. Turn the quest in for 500 reputation points.
      Also don't forget to turn in your quest at Ronag the Slave driver while you are still in the mines.

    • While back at the Dragonmaw Base Camp, also turn in [70] The Booterang: A Cure For The Common Worthless Peon for 350 reputation points.

  • Completing all those quests should have given you approximately 2250 points of reputation. Along with the old daily quests (1100 rep) that makes 3350 reputation points. This means that you should be at approximately 4425 reputaion into Friendly.

  • The next day: Do all the available daily quests as described above. This will bring you approximately 2150 reputation and will make you hit Honored with 575 reputation points into Honored.


Shopping List:

2 x Felsteel Bar
Adamantite Frame
Khorium Power Core


  • Once you are honored, speak to Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath and accept the quest [70] Stand Tall, Captain! . He'll send you to speak with Overlord Mor'ghor. Go to him and complete the quest to receive 500 reputation and the [item]Captain's Badge[/item]. The Trinket summons equally strong Dragon allies as the last one, but now it's usable outside of Shadowmoon Valley as well. (only outdoors though, which also excludes arenas)

  • Three new quests should be available:
    • [70 Daily] Disrupting the Twilight Portal (from Overlord Mor'ghor)
    • [70] The Soul Cannon of Reth'hedron (from Illidari Lord Balthas)
    • [70] Earning Your Wings... (from Ja'y Nosliw, who is all around Netherwing Ledge)

  • Accept them all and turn in the last one (earning your wings) right away and accept the follow up [70] Dragonmaw Race: The Ballad of Oldie McOld.

  • The Dragomaw Race quests (there are several) require you to ride dragons and stay on their back. These quests are not as easy as they sound and chances are you WILL get thrown off the dragon's back at one point or the other (a.k.a die). So make sure to bag your gear (or bank it whatever) and do those quests naked. Will save you a whole lot of repair money.

    While riding the dragon, the quest giver will throw stuff at you, you must follow the rider while dodging the things thrown at you. In the first quest he throws pumpkins. The quest gets more difficult the longer you manage to stay on the dragon's back.

  • After completing the first quest, take the follow up [70] Dragonmaw Race: Trope the Filth-Belcher. Do the same as above, but keep in mind to keep your distance, it will be easier to dodge the AoE bombs.

  • After completing this quest, take the follow up [70] Dragonmaw Race: Corlok the Vet. Do the same as above.

  • After completing this quest, take the follow up [70] Dragonmaw Race: Wing Commander Ichman. Do the same as above.

  • After completing this quest, take the follow up [70] Dragonmaw Race: Wing Commander Mulverick. Do the same as above however this one might be a bit more difficult. Check this video of a successful attempt, again distance seems to be the key.

  • After completing this quest, accept the last quest: [70] Dragonmaw Race: Captain Skyshatter. This is arguably the most difficult, a few tips for making it:

    - Listen to his shouts, they'll warn you in advance.

    - Stay close to the NPC (withing 15 yards), meaning closer than in the other races. He will take most of the meteors himself.

    After turning in the quest you'll get 1000 reputation and [item]Skybreaker Whip[/item]. The whip of course doesn't stack with any other mountspeed increasing items. (basically the same thing as Riding Crop)

  • Go to Terrokar Forest and seek out Sar'This. He is at 42,44.

    The NPC will spawn 5 elementals of different elements and you need to kill them. They are fairly easy and can be soloed. The fifth one (Arcane) has the Flawless Arcane Essence we seek.

  • Fly back to Netherwing Ledge (though make sure you bought or made all the items on the shopping list!). Turn in [70] The Soul Cannon of Reth'hedron at Illidari Lord Balthas (500 rep) and take the follow up [70] Subdue the Subduer.

  • Take the cannon and fly to the Twilight Ridge in western Nagrand. Find Reth'hedron at 9,42. Now proceed in the following way:

    (thanks to Lastemperor of wowhead for the info):

    Really easy one. Drain his health down while you are in the air with your flying mount. Avoid meteors/fireballs.
    The tactic I used is basicly staying in range, above him, flying around him clockwise while draining his soul. This way you will only take the shadow bolt damage (800ish). If you get cripple on you start going anti clockwise, so you dont run into the fireballs. The fireballs really hurt also dismounts you, and you die. Will take you a while till you suck his soul out, once hes on 1% hes starting to walk to the portal and leaves the place.
    If you seem to take too much damage during an attempt you can flee away by just flying far from him.
    Fun quest, good luck on it!

    Now on to the daily quests:

  • Before you start them and while still in Nagrand on the Twilight Ridge, kill 20 (Deathshadow) Acolytes, Spellbinders, Archons.

  • Do your daily quests, as described above. From now on there is (at least, depends on gathering skills and including the egg quest) 8 quests. Always start out the quests by going to Nagrand first and killing the Deathshadow Agents.

  • Exceptional, wont be repeated the other days: After you are done with the daily quests and while turning them in, also turn in [70] Subdue the Subduer. You'll be able to choose one of the following rewards:

    [item]Horns of the Illidari[/item]
    [item]Illidari Lord's Tunic[/item]
    [item]Illidari Rod of Discipline[/item]
    [item]Legguards of Contemplation[/item]

  • On the fourth day you should have earned a total of (at least) 7350 reputation. This means you'll be approximately 7925 points into Honored.

  • The next day: Do all the daily quests available to you. Which should earn you 2650 points.

  • On the 6th day, after doing your daily quests and earning another 2650 points, you should ding Revered with 1225 points already into Revered.

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No Reputation

Hey, i have a problem, i cant get any reputation from the quest's and i cant find the Reputation XP bar in my Reputation'sIf someone know's what i have to do, please tell me! Thanks ^^ 

I found out why :P so there

I found out why :P so there is no need to answer this ^^

Emmaleah's picture

If your rep bar isn't showing

If your rep bar isn't showing up in your list of BC reps my guess would be you haven't done the quest chain that you do on the mainland part of Shadowmoon Valley.  It starts with the quest Kindness .  After you finish that chain you should be neutral.  You also need to have purchased artisan riding (which is probably why back in BC, the only trainer who sold artisan riding was in shadowmoon valley) After finishing that chain you will turn into an orc whenever you fly over netherwing ledge.

Hope that helps.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Buy Additional Drakes?

Great guide, wish I had found it before finishing the chain.

Someone said you can buy additional Netherwing Drakes after getting the first one back on the ledge. Does anyone know where or if this is true? I just fininshed the chain this morning and went looking but haven't found anything.

Emmaleah's picture

Additional Drakes

yes, the vender is there on the ledge where you were picking up quests by Drake Dealer Hurlunk.  Don't do what I did and buy the one you got as a quest reward.  He won't buy it back and you are out 200 gold :(  And 200 gold was a lot of money then... I refused to buy a fast flyer cuz i was 2 days from finishing the shattari skyguard quest lines too. (Yes... I still feel silly about that)

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

A few more tips

Tips/hints on last two the six racing quests:Mulverick is the hardest. The tactic that worked the best for me was to fly off to Mulverick's side or to fly above/below him. It helps a LOT to memorize as much of his flight path as you can by watching the YouTube videos. Also, do NOT alt+Z your interface! You're going to need your minimap to find him should you lose him! (Do try to minimize anything you can to give you the most viewing area, though.) If you have trouble tracking him, try setting your focus on him as well as putting one of the brightly colored markers over his head. If you STILL can't beat him, go to plan B. If nobody has mentioned this before, it doesn't matter what you're riding AS LONG AS you manage to keep up with the quest NPC. That said, you'll need to find someone with Vial of the Sands who is willing to fly you (I had my friend go with me for this because she already did the races and wanted a rematch :P ). You don't have to share the quest with them for this. You get the quest from the NPC, they do the flying. Keep trying and eventually you WILL beat him!

Skyshatter is much, much easier than Mulverick; It shouldn't take more than 2-3 tries at most, probably not more than one or two. (If you can't pass this one, recruit another somebody who has Vial of the Sands.) All of the tips above apply to him, with the exception that you should stay much closer to Skyshatter when racing him. Best way to dodge his fireballs is to go up and to one side or the other while still keeping close to him. Last but not least, I found these quests easier if I had a friend flying with me to absorb some of the thrown stuff. With my friend taking hits, I didn't have to worry as much about dodging them.

Thanks heaps

I've been using this guide since the 25th of June 2012, I got exalted in the space of a week and just got all the netherdrake mounts, they are super cool. This guide was invaluable! Thanks!

Race quests are easy as a druid in cata

The race quests are very easy as a druid in cata, because if you buy master flying, you go 310%, and can outrun Skyshatter. Also, if you get dismounted, all you have to do is pop back in bird form.

"And when he gets to heaven, to Saint Peter he will tell: 

this was the best guide

this was the best guide ever. it took only 5 days to get the mount. all i did was the dailys then i would farm for netherwing eggs inside the mines. on day five i found 15 eggs but you have to wait for them to respawn. i am a lvl 80 paladin so i soloed all the quests. the hardest quest were the racing quests but after a couple tries you'll get them. doing this was deffinelty worth it.

Dragonmaw Races

One of the latest patches (i don't remember which one and i am too lazy too search it in the patch notes...) made it impossible to dismount players with stuns and dazes, but it just knocks you back a little. Apparently, all spells used in the dragonmaw races used this mechanism to dismount you, and it doesn't happen any more now.
Pretty easy racing...

JamesL85's picture

I read that too.....

I saw that on Wowhead but hadn't been able to verify it. It apparently was changed in 3.3 and I'm glad that someone else said the same thing. I just made it to Revered last night and had to log so I didn't get to do the races yet. I'll try it tonight.


This is the best, most

This is the best, most comprehensive guide I've used. Got my 'Drake yesterday and love it. Just wanted to say thanks for the work put into this guide! Nice job!

I found this guide very

I found this guide very helpful, ezscpecially in making sure i didnt miss any extra quests like finding the note in slime etc...

Also want to mention i got the netherwing quests done in 6 days, thanks to handing in over 55 eggs. I found that going on line before i went to work at about 6 in morning, i could do a fast run thro mine and find a good 7 eggs. I did it at a lvl 75 warrior, and soloed all the quests.

Lot's of grinding

Is there any chance there is a place you can kill mobs and get rep by grinding thos?

Collect Eggs

@o1-iceman: There's no repeatable kill rep for this faction, and no dungeon rep either. The only infintely-repeatable quest is to collect Netherwing Eggs. The quest is available at Neutral, and each Egg is worth 250 rep (plus Diplomacy, guild perks, or holiday buffs). As you can see from the other comments, Egg grinding can cut your Neutral->Exalted time significantly; four to six Eggs are equivalent to one day's worth of daily quests.

The good news if you're into kill-grinding is that Eggs are a 1% drop from pretty much any Nethermine mob. That works out to about 2 rep per kill, but a high-level (75+) character can pretty quickly go through the mines slaughtering everything in sight to gather Eggs.

Eggs also spawn at fixed points much like mining nodes, either outdoors or in the Nethermine. Also like mining nodes, only a few are active at any time, but collecting one will eventually allow another to spawn. You can find maps and videos online that'll show the egg spawn points and efficient collection circuits.

Whether you do dailies, Eggs, or both, don't expect to become Exalted in an afternoon; ten eggs in one day is pretty darned good, and usually requires hours of farming or logging in throughout the day to check for respawns.

Level 80 DK

Note: This post was supposed to be a response to the "Deadliest Trap" post below. Not sure what happened when I logged in.

I'm sure you've figured it out by now but for the sake of those who follow (i.e. "that would be me" about a week ago):

As a level 80 Death Knight this quest is really easy. I've done the quest 4 times now and my health has never fallen below 75%. Some of the dragons fly really low to the ground (almost landing but the wings are still flapping) and you can attack them quite easily. They seem to be immune to Death Grip so I just end up running from one to the next. I also usually bring out the Army of the Dead and my ghoul and little fighting dragon at the beginning ... not that it's necessary, just fun to see them all fighting on your behalf Smiling . I've never found it necessary to hide by the flightmaster ... and Captain (Commander?) Hobb has never even come close to dying.

This reply was supposed to

This reply was supposed to be in response to "The Deadliest Trap ever Laid -- as a Death Knight". Something must have happened when I logged in? Sorry for the confusion!

Level 80

At level 80 raising rep with Netherwing is alot quicker. On day 3 i'm currently 6,000 exp into revered. Also at 80 all the Netherwing Faction quest are soloable. So day 4 should get me to exalted taking into account if I get enough eggs. I would suggest to get a addon that shows where the eggs spawn so your not walking around aimlessly looking for them. Thanks for the great guide snowflake I followed it every step of the way!

Quest: Slow Death

The Fel Glands also drop of NetherSkate located around 70.00,67.48 or right around the R and T in Dragonmaw Fortress on your map.

My drop rate has been 100% so far.

started working on

started working on netherwing about 8 days ago. i'm already 1750 into revered. the first 2 dragon rider guys do knock you off your mount while you are racing.

with wrath out it's much easier to find netherwing eggs too. the most i've ever seen in SMV have been 15 people. and of those 15 people, 5-6 are usually leveling so you aren't competing with many for egg spawns.

The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid as death knight?

Hiya. I'm soon going to ding Honoured today, and am already feeling a little apprehensive about the racing quests already, but it's "The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid" at Revered that I'm really worried about. I've read of people using the flight master to fight for them, but as I'm level 80, it's not the fighting that's the problem, it's the fact that this quest sounds like a melee class's worst nightmare. Any tips on how to do this quest as a death knight?

Btw, kudos to this guide so far, it's been a big help. Smiling


"Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brutha ... I hurt people."

"Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brutha ... I hurt people."

Egg Hunting!

Hi Thx for the great guide Smiling

Just want to give a tip and it is this link:

That link and this guide made me go from neutral to revered in 3 days Eye

Epic Training

1. Is it completely necessary to have the 300 skill riding training to get exalted with the faction? I know that there are several quests that require it, but can I still get the mount (I know it would take much longer)?

2. If you do need the training would it be better to grind instances, daylies and primals in order to get 5000g at level 70, or should I go to Northrend and get the money there? This may seem a stupid question, but I would quite like to get all the experience from these quests before they are grey to me.

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It certainly will be faster

1.) Yes, I believe it is mandatory.

2.) It certainly will be faster to farm the money in northrend, however that will also mean that the quests might turn grey before you're done. It's up to you.

So you do definately need

So you do definately need the epic flying training?

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As far as I can remember,

As far as I can remember, you can't even start the quest chains if you don't have it.

Need Epic Flight Beyond Neutral

What I've seen and read is that you at least need basic flight to do the starting quest chain to get to Neutral. Beyond that, you must have Artisan riding (Epic Flight), or you'll get a message reading, "You do not meet the requirements for this quest" or something like that. You do not, however, have to own an epic gryphon/wyvern; whatever flying mount you have will change into a drake when you enter the appropriate sub-areas of Shadowmoon Valley, and will give you a 280% speed boost regardless of what you normally fly.

really nice guide

nice netherwing guide

i got a tactic for the subduer quest you might wanna look at. When you get over to the place he's wandering around in, use the cannon on him, and lure him over to the not-working portal. From there go behind it and make sure his line of sight is broken. Your cannon won't stop since it's channeled and therefor you can stand still and don't get hit but still complete the quest. Sometimes the cannon stops channeling before he's done this can be saved by flying after him and start cannon before he gains health. Here's a picture about where to position you to get clear of his attacks


This guide is great and thorough and I'm starting it tonight when I get home from work. Two weeks is hardly any time at all! Thanks!

Hi great guide just got to

great guide just got to honored and started the racing quests but noted that the pumpkin knocked me of my mount not sure if it's just a bug or they have changed it but just want to give you heads up and save some repair money.

Wise things get said but, Few get understod

My god

Honestly, Jawdropping!

I wanted a Drake but after seeing this grind sandwich I can honestly say that it's not worth it any more.

Maybe I'll pay a college student $10 to do it for me.

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It's actually not that bad,

It's actually not that bad, you're never really grinding since you always quest, and you get a healthy amount of gold from it.

I think I made nearly 2000g while working on my Netherdrake. Not to mention, some of the quests are a lot of fun, especially the flying mount race contests you do at one point.

[70] Kill Them All! CAN BE SOLO'D

This event CAN BE SOLO'D

It's pretty simple actually. What you need to do is start the event. Aggro...5 or 6 or however many dragons and run towards the Flight Master and his bird. The dragon riders will shoot a scatter shot or even just a wide shot and hit the NPC's. They will fight for you. Just run around the building, bandage, heal, eat, drink, build a house, whatever you want/have to do.

After a bit you will complete the quest. Pretty sweet actually. I did this with a Priest. I know anyone can do it.

Good Luck.

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"Build a house" Hahahahaha ROFL xD

BB || /BB

BB || /BB

Netherwing eggs give +250, not +350 rep :-)

Just checked now to be 100% sure. Netherwing eggs give +250 rep. and not +350. Still nice, but makes the egg-hunting less desireable maybe :|

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Ok, thank you. Fixed!

Ok, thank you. Fixed!

Little Late

You MUST have your 300 riding skill as of 2/20/08 to start the NEUTRAL to FRIENDLY (Day 1). [70] In Service of the Illidari is not availible to you until you have the epic riding skill.

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Thanks, I added

Thanks, I added that.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

It took me 6 days to get

It took me 6 days to get exalted because I found between 20-25 eggs each day Laughing out loud There are 9 spawns in the Dragonmaw fortress ans alot of eggs at the entrance of the mines. Just log on on the morning before any1 is there

What time does the server reset?

What time does the server reset. I thought it was 5am server but they were all gone when I tried. Is it 3am server?

Reset Time Varies by Realm

It's different for each server, but always in the early morning hours. On my Alliance server, Ravencrest, it's officially 3:00am realm time, though in practice it's closer to 2:58.

Also, while the eggs may spawn en masse when the server resets (I'm not really sure), they spawn throughout the day as well. On at least one occasion, I found two eggs in the same spot on the same day (about three hours apart). General consensus seems to be that 5-6 eggs appear somewhere in Dragonmaw territory every hour. Being there when the server resets could help, but you'll probably also have better luck if you can search for eggs during off-peak hours, or if you can scan the area several times a day.

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4 am, server time

4 am, server time afaik.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

I'm Confused

Puzzled When do you need the epic flying mount? I was planning on doing this once i reach 70 but i dont know if i have enough gold for both a flying AND an epic flying mount!!! At what stage is an epic flying mount absolutely needed? Maybe ill just do the dailies that dont require an epic to get to exhalted ><

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You need the epic flying

You need the epic flying mount if you want to do the race quests. But they are optional if I remember correctly.
You could probably go all the way to exalted with Skywing by just doing the other dailies.

However, I really recommend getting the epic flying mount as soon as you can afford it (which shouldn't take too long if you do all dailies every day and don't spend money on anything). There's a world of difference between having a 280% speed mount and a 60%... Sticking out tongue

I very much appreciate this

I very much appreciate this guide, it's very helpful.

I'd just like to say that I was dismounted in midair when hit by a pumpkin in the very first flying race quest; perhaps it's been changed? Just so you know Smiling

thx alot


I just got my netherdrake last week. This guide was very helpful.


Great guide! Only the Subdue the Subduer part can be done much easier. All you got to do is kite him to the portal and hide behind the right pillar, that way he can't hit you at all, he'll just keep failing at crippling you.
After a while he'll start walking to the portal, then just follow him till the quest says complete Smiling

Great guide, very

Great guide, very thorough.

If you want to get your mount as soon as possible, follow the guide and do every quest available to you. However, I found that the Netherwing Crystal quest and (sometimes) the Netherdust Pollen quest weren't worth the small amount of rep they gave. Instead of grinding for an extra 20 Crystals after I had done everything else in the mine, I would hold onto them and finish the quest the next day. This also opens up Daily Quest slots for you to do stuff at Skettis or Ogri'la.

For the Relics, I found it easiest to stand at the dock where they take off from on the Ledge. Stand on the edge and grab the Rider shortly after he takes off. However, it is important to wait until they take off or you will pull the two menacing looking Dragonmaw Ascendants. The riders spawn at this dock, and once the currently flying riders despawn at the other end of path, you will get a constant spawn of riders every 20 or 30 seconds.

Writer's Desk - Guides, Articles, and Tips for World of Warcraft

Writer's Desk - Guides, Articles, and Tips for World of Warcraft

Pictures not loading.

Sorry if this is a late reply but none of the pictures on this guide are loading for me. Is that happening with everyone else? Any chance of a fix?

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I fixed the links. Just

I fixed the links. Just hover over them with your mouse pointer and you'll see the items.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin