Which guide would you like to see next?

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Best items outside of raid and how to get them
25% (247 votes)
How to farm the different TBC factions (+rewards)
14% (138 votes)
Dungeon Strategy Guides (TBC)
4% (35 votes)
Tradeskill Guides
6% (57 votes)
Tips for epic flying mount farming
20% (201 votes)
Guide on how to obtain Druid Epic flying form
3% (31 votes)
Guides to PVP battlegrounds/arena by class
10% (96 votes)
Money farming in TBC
18% (179 votes)
Total votes: 984


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There are 1000000s of ways

There are 1000000s of ways to make money in this game, which pretty much anything you do gives you money. You just have to have the patience, and to collect. If people don't know how to save up, and not spend every coin they get- they'll never get 5k gold for their epic, no matter if they will get 100g an hour- they'll spend it at even faster rate. Believe me, I can make 1000-3000g a day, and usually one of richest people on server. People will beg for money, and waste time lets say ganking horde in stv, and then wonder why they don't got any money and complain at people selling things in AH for too much.

Daelas - 70 Warlock

Daelas - 70 Warlock