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Alliance Hunter Twink Guide (Level 19)
Patch Version: 3.0.2

Hunter's make great twink's in the 10-19 PvP bracket. They are versitile and fun to play, and are one of the most powerful class's at this level. The definition of a twink is a character that obtains the best gear, and is at the top of a PvP bracket. They are usually level 19 or 29, but can be higher. In this guide I will be discussing the Hunter in the 10-19 PvP bracket.

Version History
v2.0 - Complete reformat, Updated for Patch 3.0.2 changes
v1.3 - Updated for Patch 2.4.1 changes, added Jewelcrafting section and Strategy
v1.2 - Updated for Patch 2.3.0 changes
V1.1 - Added Engineering Guide, Pets and Talents
V1.0 - Started Guide

Armor, Weapons and Enchants

This is the Armor, Weapons and Enchants you will be trying to obtain:

Head: Lucky Fishing Hat (100hp or 8 agility)
-Fishing Contest
43 Armor
+15 Stamina
Fishing +5
Cost: N/A

Neck: Sentinel's Medallion
-PvP Reward
+6 Agility
+2 Stamina
Cost: 76 Honor, 20 WSG Honor Marks

Shoulders: Serpent's Shoulders
-Wailing Caverns
59 Armor
+9 Agility
Cost: N/A

Back: Sentry Cloak (3 agility)
21 Armor
+4 Agility
+5 Stamina
Cost: 40g

Chest: Tunic of Westfall (+100 hp)
-Deadmines Quest
98 Armor
+11 Agility
+5 Stamina
Cost: N/A

Wrists: Forest Leather Bracers (9 stamina)
37 Armor
+5 Agility
Cost: 5g

Gloves: Scouting Gloves of the Monkey (15 agility)
51 Armor
+4 Agility
+4 Stamina
Cost: 20g

Waist: Deviate Scale Belt
51 Armor
+5 Agility
+6 Stamina
+3 Spirit
Cost: 20g

Legs: Scouting Trousers of the Monkey (Nethercleft Leg Armor)
73 Armor
+5 Agility
+5 Stamina
Cost: 25g

Feet: Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin Boots (Minor Speed +6 agility)
-Fishing Contest
36 Armor
+12 Stamina
Cost: N/A

Ring: Seal of Wrynn
-Stockades Quest
+3 Strength
+3 Agility
+4 Stamina
+4 Intellect
+3 Spirit
Cost: N/A

Ring: Protector's Band
-PvP Reward
+4 Strength
+4 Agility
+2 Stamina
Cost: 95 Honor, 20 WSG Marks

Trinket: Insignia of the Alliance
-PvP Reward
Use: Dispels all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character.
Cost: 4000 Honor

Trinket: Arena Grand Master
-Booty Bay Arena Quest
Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 12.
Use: Absorbs 750 to 1250 damage. Lasts 20 sec.

Melee: Lorekeeper's Staff (25 agility)
-PvP Reward
(19.7 DPS)
+8 Stamina
+4 Intellect
Equip: Restores 3 mana per 5 seconds.
Cost: 630 Honor + 40 WSG Marks

Ranged: Venomstrike (3 damage scope)
-Wailing Caverns
(15.8 DPS)
Equip: Chance to strike your ranged target with a Venom Shot for 31 to 45 Nature damage.
Cost: N/A


The two profession's you should take are Jewelcrafting and Engineering.

(1 - 30) Rough Blasting Powder (30x Rough Stone)
(30 - 50) Handful of Copper Bolts (20x Copper Bar)
(50 - 51) Arclight Spanner (6x Copper Bar)
(51 - 65) Copper Tube (28x Copper Bar, 14x Weak Flux)
(65 - 75) Rough Boomstick (10x Copper Bar, 10x Handful of Copper Bolts, 10x Wooden Stock)
(75 - 90) Coarse Blasting Powder (15x Coarse Stone)
(90 - 95) Copper Modulator (10x Handful of Copper Bolts, 5x Copper Bar, 10x Linen Cloth)
(95 - 105) Silver Contact (5) (10x Silver Bar)
(105 - 115) Bronze Tube (20x Bronze Bar, 10x Weak Flux)
(115 - 120) Target Dummy (5x Copper Modulator, 10x Handful of Copper Bolts, 5x Bronze Bar, 5x Wool Cloth)
(120 - 125) Small Bronze Bomb (20x Coarse Blasting Powder, 10x Bronze Bar, 5x Silver Contact, 5x Wool Cloth)
(125 - 140) Heavy Blasting Powder (15x Heavy Stone)
(140 - 145) Whirring Bronze Gizmo (10x Bronze Bar, 5x Wool Cloth)
(145 - 150) Bronze Framework (10x Bronze Bar, 5x Medium Leather, 5x Wool Cloth)

Coming Soon


Stoneform - Immunity to bleed, poison and disease and +10% Armor for 8 seconds
Gun Specialization - +5 Gun Skill
Frost Resistance - +5 Frost Resistance
Find Treasure - Chests marked on mini-map

Night Elf:
Wisp Spirit - 50% Ghost Movement Speed Increase
Shawdowmeld - Stealth without movement
Quickness - +1% Dodge Rating
Nature Resistance - +10 Nature Resistance

Gemcutting - +5 Jewelcrafting
Gift of Naaru - Heal of Time, 50 + 15/Level over 15 seconds
Heroic Presence - Chance of hit +1% for party
Shawdow Resistance - +10 Shadow Resistance

The race's are all pretty even when choosing for a twink, but in my opinion the dwarf would be a slightly better Hunter. Immunity to poison/bleed/disease will help. Having said that, Shadowmeld is a powerful PvP skill, especially when defending the flag. A heal over time isn't that useful against burst damage.


This are some good talents that you should consider:
Lethal Shots - +5% to range critical
Humanoid Slaying - +3% damage and critical to humanoids
Hawk Eye - +6 yards to range weapons
Improved Aspect of the Hawk - 10% chance of increasing range attack speed by 15% for 12 seconds

Lethal Shots is a must. Mix and match, and decide what's right for you. I personally use Improved Aspect of the Hawk and Lethal Shots.


Due to the change in Patch 2.0.1, making all pets attack speed 2.0, boars are now the best pet to have. The skills boars can learn at level 19 are Bite, Charge and Gore. You will be able to learn Bite rank 3, Charge rank 2 and Gore rank 3. Charge is a unique skill only obtainable by boars, stunning the enemy for one second. In PvP, 1 second feels like a long time. If you train a Great Goretusk in Redridge Mountains, you get Charge rank 2 and Gore rank 3 right of the bat. You should also learn resistances to what you think is the most common forms of magic (frost, fire and shadow most likely). With any remaining training points, pick up natural armor/greater stamina.


In most 1v1 cases you should be able to win. If you have the element of suprise, use Arcane Shot, Serpant Sting and send your boar to charge. If not, just charge ASAP. Then, Raptor Strike, apply Wing Clip and run back to shooting range. Arcane Shot whenever you can an reapply Serpant Sting if it runs out. After one or two shots run back in for another Raptor Strike/Wing Clip combo. If they try to run, Concussive Shot then use Multi Shot/Arcane Shot to finish them off.

More to be added soon


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Wish this had edit...

My bad, just logged on, Heavy Armor is +24 not +36 Armor so that's 97 Armor for Scouting Trousers of the Monkey

Leg Upgrade

"best enchant you can put on legs is Medium Armor Kit"

Actually as long as the legs are BOE, like the Scouting Trousers of the Monkey, you can get a lvl 20+ to put a Heavy Armor Kit on them before you wear them, I've just done this.

That makes the possible legs:-

Leggings of the Fang (+16 Medium Armor Kit)
95 Armor
+5 Strength
+9 Agility
+4 Stamina

Scouting Trousers of the Monkey (+32 Heavy Armor Kit)
105 Armor
+5 Agility
+5 Stamina

I didn't get the fang legs when I did WC and I got the Scouting on an alt so easy choice for me, I'm a noob of 10 weeks following this guide mainly though so I couldn't say which is better!

I'm not convinced that

I'm not convinced that stacking Int is the best way to go, even with the talent that makes Int = AP. You do 1 dps for every 14 attack power. So for every 14 Int you get 1 more dps. You also get mana regen, but that is not important in BG in my experience. I almost never run low on mana, and if I do survive long enough to run low on mana, then I can just drink.

Most fights last about 15 seconds. I'd much rather have 140 extra health from 14 sta than an extra 15 points of damage dished out during that time. And 14 Agi gives you 14 AP, just like Int, but also increased dodge, and increased crit, so it contributes more DPS than Int, and helps you avoid taking melee damage.

Bottom line, I do take the talent that makes Int = AP, but I still choose Sta and Agi gear over int gear.

I have decided that the Leggings of the Fang are better than the Scouting Trousers of the Monkey though. I give up 1 Sta for 4 additional Agi, and the extra strength helps in melee. Strength can be more useful than you might think. With the Black Defias Armor, I do a ton more melee damage than most Hunters. Charging other hunters and going melee can be very effective in a duel, for example. So I do go the the trouble of getting those Leggings in WC from Lord Cobrahn.


i've been playing wow for just over 2 years now. during that time i've tried to learn the many facets of all the classes, professions etc. and just recently got turned on to PVP and BGs. I've always preferred hunter, but do love my pally. This guide has cleared a lot of my confusion and ignorance! Thank you so much!!

ps: this is the best guide anywhere on the web!

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As of about a month ago,

As of about a month ago, hunters want as much int. as possible, because there is a talent which increases your AP based on Intel. availible in the 19 bracket and in Marksmen Tree. I think its steady aim >.>

Some people are like slinky's, Good for nothing, but they stil lbring a smile to your face everytime you pus hthem down a flight of stairs.

Some people are like slinky's, Good for nothing, but they stil lbring a smile to your face everytime you pus hthem down a flight of stairs.

Nat Pagle Extreme Anglin' Boots, RIP

Looks like Nat Pagle's boots need to be removed from the equipment list, now that it seems they have been nerf'd to require 35th level.

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Since Felador is busy I have decided to try and update this guide. I hope he/she doesnt mind and I hope I get it correct. If it gets published and anything is wrong or needs to be added please let me know. I expect this to be done by Saturday 6-13-2009.

I did find the the +4 stats

I did find the the +4 stats to chest enchant after a while and was able to get it on black defias armor and wear it with no level requirement. So I can confirm that getting Greater Stats Chest is still good info. It is such a rare enchant, you just have to find an enchanter on your server that has it. I've heard some servers just have only one person on it with the enchant. The one I finally found on my server ignored my adds on trade chat until I started shouting "MY MATS - 100G TIP!!!!!"

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Updated Guide?

Anyone care to rewrite this guide? It is not correct because of the Leg and Head enchants...they dont work anymore. Jawdropping!

I have been twinking my

I have been twinking my first toon following this guide. It has been a tremendous help. Level 19 hunters still rule BG, even over rogues. Seems the nerfs mostly made it a little less expensive to twink, without having a significant impact on the complete pwnage that 19 hunters dish out. Victory in WSG at level 19 is determined by which side has the most hunter twinks.

I did encounter a few problems along the way with the listed enchants due to the patch changes, so there are some updates I would like to suggest:

As of patch 3.2:

(1) The best enchant you can put on legs is Medium Armor Kit (which goes for less than a gold on AH on my server, if you can find it at all);

(2) The best enchant you can put on boots is Enchant Boots - Minor Speed (mats are one each of small radiant shard, aquamarine, and lesser nether essence, and hiring an enchanter is a lot cheaper than paying 100 G for the scroll on AH)(I even bought the mats for Boar's Speed and found an enchanter with the enchantment but the item level was too low); and

(3) The best scope you can put on Venomstrike now is standard scope (+2 damage)(available from an engineer).

I have not been able to find Enchant Chest - Greater Stats, so I have, for now, settled for Enchant Chest - Stats (+3 to stats), but I'll keep looking.

Also, I have not yet obtained the Lucky Fishing Hat, so I have not yet investigated the availability of head enchantments. Wish me luck!

As of now I am gone fishin'.

Dwee... I said patch 3.2,

Dwee... I said patch 3.2, which isn't out yet.

I meant patch 3.1.2, and specifically patch

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Head enchants now need Level

Head enchants now need Level 50 for them to work, just as the leg patches need Level 60.

Before you could also put them on the goggles made in engineering if you were unlucky and couldn't get the fishing hat, but not any more.

- Skumball

Slow Update !

This is a nice Guide, but thanks to the slow update I have wasted 300g in Nethercleft legs armor, because I have use it in a BoE legs in my main, and it became soulbound, in wowhead it says that when you use Nethercleft armor in BoE legs they dont get soulbound, but mine get, I guess this only happne since 3.1 ...

So to every1 that is following this guide dont make the same I did -.-'

And try to update it, or erase what is expired!

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3.1 killed twinking pretty

3.1 killed twinking pretty much.

Most of the high level enchants now have a level requirement for them to work as well - which means no more attatching it then mailing or doing it via trade. The enchants will be on the item, but unless you are at least the required level (head enchants 50 or 55+ and leg armor kits it's 60+) then you won't gain the benefits.

- Skumball.


You state that for Horde, "Orc, Troll or Blood Elf" for races that Hunters can be. Tauren can also be hunter and would make a great twink, because of the 5% stamina increase. Smiling

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Not a 5% Sta boost any

Not a 5% Sta boost any longer, it's now a +5% to base health (before all gear and enchants) and so this would be extremely marginal at low levels, you would gain around 30hp at the very maximum.

But yes, Tauren can be Hunter's. One of their racials that would be good would be War Stomp. A free stun of any kind in PvP can be life-saving.


Careful Aim

Well, I'm been trying this out for a bit, and I truly like Careful Aim, we hunters can now stack stam and intel and still rape face. So I now have 4-4 EAGLE hands, 5-5 EAGLE legs, and I am looking for 5 INTEL bracers instead of the Forest Leather Bracers. I was wondering if you had given this spec and gameplay into your guide. Also, a question, do the Hyena's also have bite, etc, along with the tendon rip? And do the spiders have a poison? I was also wondering where you could get these pets. Thanks!


I have found Petopia to be a very helpful resource for everything regarding hunter pets.

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New Twinking Gear

Since the Bind to Account gear has been released the "Champion's Herod's Shoulder" is the best Shoulders, they CAN be enchanted with +30 Stam +15 Resilience Rating; The "Charmed Ancient Bone Bow" is the best ranged weapon, and can have a "Khorium Scope" attached; as for Melee Weapons since the Tome Fixes the best melee weapons are eigther the "Bloodied Arcanite Reaper" with +25 Agility, or "Venerable Dal'Rends Charge" With +22 Intellect while using the "Furbolg Medicine Pouch" in your off-hand.



new twinking gear enchants problem

can u tell with details how and where can we enchant BoA items?

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Will be updating the guide

Will be updating the guide ASAP, check the italics at the top.

Currently, Champion's Herolds Shoulders > All other shoulder, with no shoulder enchants working anymore at level 19. As for the ranged weapon, IMO Venomstrike > BtA Bow/Gun, and I have seen theory crafting on this to back up my statement, I'll include all of this in the next update.

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I can. First of all, their

I can.

First of all, their are a few different sorts of BoA items:

  • Weapons
  • Shoulders
  • Trinkets

Weapons can be enchanted with 'normal' enchants, like Fiery, Crusader, 15+ Agility, Lifestealing, etc. Shoulders can't be enchanted, except with a PvP shoulder enchant, but that's a bug that will be fixed!, so don't get it.


Incorrect statement

Your guide is useful however there is an incorrect statement. Venomstrike is a must have however you cannot apply an Accurate Scope to it. You can apply a standard scope (+2). In order to apply the Accurate Scope, you must be level 20+ or have a high level toon apply it for you, however, Venomstrike is BoP. If you want to use an Accurate Scope, Id suggest using Lil Timmys Pea Shooter.

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Bushwacker is correct; it is

Bushwacker is correct; it is possible to have a +3 damage scope on Venomstrike (as can be seen by clicking my armory profile), provided a level 20+ attaches it for you.

I'll include that in the guide, thanks for pointing it out!

technically thats correct, but still wrong

your lvl 19 toon cannot apply an accurate scope to the venomstrike, however the venomstrike's level is above 20, therefore another player lvl 20 or higher can apply an accurate scope to your venomstrike for you, in the will not be traded window.
true story.

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Hey Zerox, glad to see

Hey Zerox, glad to see you're updating your guide Smiling

I suggest adding wowhead links for the items you mention. It would look much better.


You should really use Twisted Chanter's Staff instead of Lorekeeper. The 10 intellect weights up for the 2 less stamina in an arena skirmish.

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Completely right, been off

Completely right, been off updating this guide while I was playing. I'm currently working on updating this for Echoes of Doom.

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Thanks, fixing that now

Thanks, I'll add that in now. Never thought about it when I was writing.

-| Zerox


Hey man

All your enchants are cool but boots Jawdropping!
Enchant cats swiftness ( speed+6 agi) is only 35+ items, please change before ppl buy mats to get enchant then get told -_-


Admin's note: Fixed spelling. Please do an effort with your spelling next time. Use proper capitalization and "your" instead of "ure" etc. Thanks in advance.

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Anglin' Boots

The fishing contest boots have an item level of above 35; enjoy putting TBC enchants on a level 19 character.

you forgot to mention something..

you forgot to mention that this was an alliance hunter twink guide. i guess the only change would be seal of wrynn changed to that ring you get in that SPF instance.. seal of sylvanas? don't remember it :S

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Horde Update

With v2.0 of the guide, Horde Information has been added.

Thanks for pointing this out! Smiling