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As mentioned in this news post, all of Jame's Leveling Guides will be revamped, to adapt to the changes that were introduced with patch v2.3.

Since many have been asking, I'm going to list approximate release dates as I'm in charge of testing the guides and adapting them. I'm currently running through the horde guides with a Blood Elf character and making leveling guides for blood elves at the same time, because they were lacking.

  • Tomorrow (November 22): Release of Guide to Ghostlands (12-21) (Done: Guide can be found here)
  • November 28: Revamp of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (21-30) (Done: Guide can be found here (url didn't change))
  • December 10: Revamp of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (31-40) (Done: Guide can be found here)
  • December 20: Revamp of Horde Leveling Guide (41-50)

After that I'll publish release dates for the Alliance guides. The revamp will also include writing of a guide from 20-30 for Alliance which has been a popular demand since a long time.

The more help we get the faster we can release the updated versions, so if you can/want to help out, shoot me a Private Message.


damn - just reached lvl 51

damn - just reached lvl 51 and was so happy, that the new guide will come yesterday/today - now it's delayed to tomorrow xD

Will it be online tomorrow? or is there another schedule?

Anyway: Keep up the good work!

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It should be out tomorrow

It should be out tomorrow (Saturday 19th). Snowflake is doing her best, please be patient. We're both kinda overwhelmed with work at the moment.


I hit 51 today and was wondering if I could use the old horde guide or do I need to wait for the new one? Thanks for all the hard work you guys rock!!! Eye

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Of course, you can use the

Of course, you can use the old one if you can't wait. It's not as good as the revamped one, but it works.

Horde BC 60-70

First off, I would like to send a big props to your team for all the hard work you put into these guides. They amazing.

Just wondering though, if a horde bc 60-70 guide is coming out anytime soon?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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Must read the news

Must read the news sir!

Jame, your guides are

Jame, your guides are amazing; I can't imagine how much time they have saved me. I was just wondering how the revamp is going...still set to release on the 15th?

PS. Im having problems registering an account; Im not getting any emails on my registered email address. Ill prolly just use another email, but I thought I would let you know that I had a problem

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The Alliance 20-30 and 30-40 Guides

Hey Snowflake, this is Deri, and I have a level 21 druid standing by for your 20-30 Allaince guide. What I want to know, is will the 20-30 and 30-40 guides be connected, like having to complete pre-reqs in the 20-30 stage to complete quests in the 30-40 stage. Thanks, and I appreciate what you're doing.

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Probably yes, not 100% sure

Probably yes, not 100% sure though.

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Need any help?

Hey Jame's if you need any help with the Alliance guides i will help. I am going to start a new character to help level through the guides and will post comments if there are any mistakes.

BTW: love the guides keep goning

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The best way to help us is

The best way to help us is to test the guide once we release them and point out mistakes or possible improvements Smiling

Revamping of 41-50

I recently discovered your site and I've been looking at your guides and they look fantastic. You must've put so much work into these, it's amazing. I'd like to thank you very much for sharing your techniques and ideas on leveling with everybody else in the World of Warcraft community.

But I was just wondering. I'm about to start out your 41-50 Alliance leveling guide as I am a level 43 Human Warrior.
Should I start using this guide? Or wait for it to be revamped?

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You don't have to wait

You don't have to wait really. Many people already reported that it still works well Smiling

maybe a little help

I've been following this guide and the snowflaakes barrens guide with my tauren druid and it've been an pleasure i havent encounterd any problems yet and i'm done with the 41 - 51 part waiting for the 51 - 60 part, and i just want to ask a question about the next chapter:

1. the run in feralas was werry great but there were 2 quests you never told me to turn in (i dont know their names). so i wonder are we supposed to turn them in, in the next chapter or have you missed writing that?

and thank you so so much for the guides jamie and the revamps Smiling

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They are turned in in the

They are turned in in the next chapter.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin


Amazing work Jame and company, I remember a year or so ago anxiously waiting for the 41-50 original Horde guide and was so glad when it came out and how well it was. Now I wait again, but for the 51-60 revamp because I did 1-51 in only 3.5 days played. Best guides ever created. Kudos!

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What I'd like to ask; is

What I'd like to ask; is there help needed with the Alliance Guides? (the Revamp and the low level guides)

I'd love to be able to give something back to this great community that has helped me so much already Smiling

Greetz J

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What would help the most

What would help the most would be to follow the revamped guides once they are released and check if they are any mistakes or improvements we could make, and give us feedback Smiling

Hey Jame, awesome guides!

Hey Jame, if you need any help running through the Revamped guides, I'll go ahead and do them for ya. Horde or Alliance, doesn't matter.

I'd really like to help around here since I have gotten lots of help, so just PM me if you need me to run any revamped guides of yours Smiling

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I love Jame's guides. I used

I love Jame's guides. I used the alliance one on my Mage from 44-60 and the horde one on my rogue from 21-60.

Also being used with my 34 UD Priest, and soon to be used with my Troll Hunter when he hits 21.

I love these guides, and I recommend them to all my buddies and my guildies. Thank you for all your hard work. If there's something I can do, I'd be happy to do it.


Wow guys, I don't think the WoW community can appreciate enough the amount of effort you put into these guides. They truly are amazing. Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to the new guides! Smiling

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Joined the WoW-Pro community

Joined the WoW-Pro community just to congratulate you guys on the joy and expertise with which you create these guides that benefit the entire WoW-Community. Big thumbs up Eye

BTW, as I'm an Alliance player to the bone, just holler if you need help for the Alliance guide revamps.
I'd love to help out with them.

Greetz J


Your directions to JonJon The Crow and Maury "Club-Foot" Wilkins are mixed up on the map you've provided, with the location of Chucky "Ten Thumbs. The numbering is just back to front, and I look at the map before I actually read directions, so it got me confused.

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Thank you,

Thank you, fixed.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin


This guide is so helpful, I absolutely recommend it for everyone!

My BE Hunter is almost level 50 (two bars away).

Personally, I don't care WHEN the revamps or 60-70 guides are coming out, I am just happy they ARE coming out! :] Thanks so much for this guide, it's never been easier to level before! Laughing out loud

I think next I'll make a Priest.


Just wanna say you guys are awsome do an excelent job thanks for being speedy on all these revamps.

I Have mentioned this site to everyone that is a valuable player and my entire guild runs these guides on alts and rerolls as priests and healing classes cus it works so well and is so efficint currently running the previous ally guides at lvl 34 about 1 lvl ahead atm but ill have some buddys come and knock down my exp gains from grinding quests speed it up a little since the exp changes. currently at 1 day 20 hours playing time but i have been upping proffesions for bout 6 hours.

Thanks a bunch,

Horde 60-70

Is there a Horde 60-70 guide somewhere and I'm just not seeing it? If not, are there plans to work on one?

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Jame is working on one

Jame is working on one currently, for more information please view the news post above this one.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

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It's nice to have a

It's nice to have a "schedule" for the alliance revamps aswell, I got my lvl 1 draenei hunter eager to start on the complete and revamped 1-70 alliance guide:-) Good work!

We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We've been doing so much with so little for so long, we are now capable of doing anything with nothing.

Awesome Guides


I did Jame's alliance guide and ended with my 70 mage, good job!! Eye
Now waiting with my orc shaman till 41-50 is out. All the guide's are AWESOME!!!
I told everyone about this great site <3

Cya all Smiling


Thanks for this amazing job !

Hi there Your guide is just

Hi there

Your guide is just awesome , perfect & Brilliant

lvled my paladin from 20-41 using your guide and looking forward for 41-50 guide

Just wondering how long it should take to make the 51-60 guide and can we except a 60-70 guide anytime soon?

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Snowflake will announce a

Snowflake will announce a release date for the 51-60 chapter after she publishes the 41-50 (which should be today or tomorrow worst case).


You don't mention the 51-60 guide in your list of updates. Any plans to work on this last section?

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I'll specify a release date

I'll specify a release date once I'm done with the 41-50 guide, which should be tomorrow (hopefully).

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Awesome! Thanks so much!

I am just wondering how much

I am just wondering how much more you guys got to do with this guide?

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I'm at level 48 and a half

I'm at level 48 and a half now, so today I should be done with revamping it and tomorrow I'll do the text formatting and maps. So hope to be done with it tomorrow.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin


We need the next part! Can't wait Eye 41-50 now! Thanks, appreciate your work Eye


Thank you for all the hard work you guys put into keeping these guides up to date. I have always found it useful to read these guides as they give me an idea of where I'm meant to be and what to not bother doing. I personally think these guides rival a lot of the "pay to read" guides people buy.


How is the progress with 41-50 coming along?

Curious as im sat waiting Sticking out tongue

Thanks for all the hard work - Great guide series

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I'll need a few more days as

I'll need a few more days as I'm quite busy with christmas preparations but I'm done now and can fully focus on the guide again.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

I can't wait for 41-50!!!!

I can't wait for 41-50!!!! ahhhhh

Alliance Lvl 39-40, Dustwallow contents fits perfectly.

Thanks heaps for the awesome guide! I've leveled 2 toons (Priest and Paladin) according to this guide and on my third now (Druid) in an attempt to make all 4 healing classes Smiling

As I was leveling my toon from 39-41 (Lvl41+97% as we speek) I've found out that the new Dustwallow Marsh contents fits perfectly into the level 40 part of "Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide". The quests were partially yellow but almost all green, nevertheless the new xp scaling enables us to efficiently acquire xp through that level range.

I've finished the level 39 part of the guide and decided to fly to Theramore for the first aid quest. Since the level 40 part seemed to be a bit hard core grinding, I've decided to take quests around Theramore. I landed in Theramore Isle at lvl 41 + 0% and now am 41 + 97% (no rest bonus) which therefore be a perfect leveling place at level 40. Also, the escort quest reward was 1 Elixir of Fortitude that might help the "shopping list" on chapter II.

Thanks again for the great guide Smiling

wow-pro is the best

Hi all,

I have to say this: I love wow-pro so much!!!!!

Cya later <3 snowflake and jame

Your work is so much appreciated !

thank you thank you thank you

Jame, I'd love to help you

Jame, I'd love to help you out with revamping the Alliance guides (or working on the 20-30 guide). I've used you guides in the past to level a few Alliance characters and one Horde character, so I'm very familiar with them. I've also leveled a new Ally Priest from 19-60 post-2.3, having done all of the new Dustwallow content and having had to adapt my old leveling routines to accommodate the other leveling changes. Is it possible for me contact you privately so we can discuss how I might be able to get involved?

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Sure, just register an

Sure, just register an account on our site and write a private message to Jame or me.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

alliance 65-70?

you guys have been a life saver for me and my druid. I have been following your guides since about level 35 and am now at 65. I know that you had said that today would be the release date for the alliance 65-70 guide but i have not seen it yet and heard no update for that. I was just wondering if that date was still solid and that it might be on here today or if the guide will be posted later this month. again, thank you for all your hard work

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Horde first?

Hehe... I want an alliance part released:P discrimination all the way!!! Currently testing out how much the xp/hour rate has changed with new updates. I hear its about 5k-10k difference, with the new quests added. Basically each lvl gets 1-3 new quests that are on the way. So should eliminate grinding sessions almost entirely.

Daelas - 70 Warlock

Daelas - 70 Warlock