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As mentioned in this news post, all of Jame's Leveling Guides will be revamped, to adapt to the changes that were introduced with patch v2.3.

Since many have been asking, I'm going to list approximate release dates as I'm in charge of testing the guides and adapting them. I'm currently running through the horde guides with a Blood Elf character and making leveling guides for blood elves at the same time, because they were lacking.

  • November 22: Release of Guide to Ghostlands (12-21) (Done: Guide can be found here)
  • November 28: Revamp of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (21-30) (Done: Guide can be found here (url didn't change))
  • December 10: Revamp of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (31-40) (Done: Guide can be found here)
  • December 29/30 : Revamp of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (41-50) (Done: Guide can be found here)
  • January 19 : Revamp of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (51-60) (Done: Guide can be found here)
  • January 23: Release of Draenei Leveling Guide (1-12)
  • January 25: Release of Snowflake's Alliance Leveling Guide (20-30)
  • February 10: Revamp of Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide (30-40)
  • February 25: Revamp of Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide (40-50)
  • March 5: Revamp of Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide (50-60)

After that I'll publish release dates for the Alliance guides. The revamp will also include writing of a guide from 20-30 for Alliance which has been a popular demand since a long time.

The more help we get the faster we can release the updated versions, so if you can/want to help out, shoot me a Private Message.


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ETA is: couple of weeks.

ETA is: couple of weeks.

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Take your time mate, good to

Take your time mate, good to see you back:-)

We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We've been doing so much with so little for so long, we are now capable of doing anything with nothing.

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<3 Thanks Jame Smiling

Revamp 40-50

How's it going with the revamp atm? I just can't wait anymore till they get released Sad My priest(s) are way too eager to continue leveling...

(yes, i know i could do it without --- but i just love the way the levelingguides work so far)

Any update about this?

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Can we get an updated ETA

Can we get an updated ETA please?

First of all, thanks for

First of all, thanks for making all of these guides Jame I first used them over a year ago to get my main to 70 and I've been coming to Wow-pro ever since(I just made an account recently).

I can't wait until your 40-50 guide to come out I have 3 level 40 characters who are asking you to hurry up! Sticking out tongue

Best wishes,

Joey Smiling


Thanks! Jame you're a legend and also I've got 4 70's thanks to you man, you're a legend }:)

Greens come and go but epics stick to you like glue!


First let me thank you guys for the BEST frikkin guides out there... They are a million times better then the pay ones. ( I know i've looked )

Also if you guys need any help with formating Let me know i will be happy to test for ya.

Alliance Chapter II

It's past the end of March.

Just thought I'd point that out. pressure at all. Eye

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Well, if you simply can't

Well, if you simply can't wait to level up your characters, why don't you do it yourselves? You should know by now Jame's tactic: go into a new zone, gather all quests you can find and then actually read the quest message to know what you have to kill, where you have to go, etc. And, no, I don't believe you don't know how to do that.

Following a leveling guide all the way to 70 can be a bad thing, because after that you will be just half a noob, and 1/2 noobs don't get too far in the end-game world. Take advantage of these 'waiting periods' and try to do something on your own.

Really, not trying to sound harsh at all... <.<

Greens come and go but epics stay soulbound Eye
*Haylie, EU Bronze Dragonflight*



as nice as Jame's guides are. They dont teach you to play wow. You could very well be 70 by now, and if you dont know where to go Instance, You're level 40 theres alot of instances at that level. PvP. Start an alt. L2AH. Jame's guides aren't the strict instructions for playing wow.

I dont reccomend Jame's guides to anyone who's never played or is new to either horde or alliance. There are some amazing stories that blizz has put in place. Some of them Aren't covered by Jame's guides and you dont get the story unless you read the quest text anyways.

Jame We love your guides but make sure they are right.. dont rush. I would rather have a quality guide then have a guide that was rushed to get out so that people stop whining about it.

Dont mean to be a jerk... but oh well. i sound like one.


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If we level like that then

If we level like that then there's no purpose to the guides might as well not write them. What we want is the most efficient way to level and that's what the guides provide. This is like saying you don't directions to get from new york to california because you know you just have to keep going west and eventually you'll get there. The point of the directions is so you don't get lost or make mistakes along the way. We pay for our time so we want to optimize it.

So optimize it

You're right you are paying for your time.. But Spamming f5 on the page to get the release of the guide could be better spent Learning how to PVP your toon, or rolling an alt or Mastering the Auction house so when you do hit 70 you can have enuf to buy ur epic flyer. The game doesn't require directions to level. It has them built into it. Is there an "Optimum Leveling circuit from 1-70" I'm sure there are PLENTY Are some quests useless and there only for flavor? or something to do when you're bored? YES. I know what you're saying. I have several toons that i'm going to use to test the guide, to Help Jame out because I really do like the guides. However I've decided to focus on one of my characters and just level him because its fun.

I waited around for like a week for the release of the 40-50 guide and in that time i've Got my nether drake and leveled one of the toons i've had sitting at 40 for a while now to 50. and they will probably be 70 before the 50-60 guide is revamped.


I've levelled multiple characters to 70 without the use of any guide. I just happen to enjoy experimenting with ways to level in minimum time.

It's a pity that you completely missed the joke.

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Well maybe he, like me, is levelling an alt, which means im not new to the game and just wants to level it as fast as humanly possible Smiling
Doesnt make him a noob at 70 just cus he cant be arsed to level by himself Smiling

Rogue, Warrior - Skullcrusher.

Rouge, Warrior - Skullcrusher.


I have to say that I disagree with what you're saying there. You're basically saying that following a leveling guide makes you half a noob. But why is that? Following a guide still makes you play your own character and therefore get to know about it for 100% if not more... What makes you a noob then?

What you're talking about is a levelingservice where you let your char be played to 70 and therefor you've got no experience in playing the class at all when you're level 70.

That's a big difference from a leveling guide like Jame's. That's just all about efficiency and speed --one of the fastest ways to get level 70.

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What I meant is that

What I meant is that following a guide all the way to 70 means you only are as good as what you have experienced during the leveling process.

That means that if you followed Jame's guide you will have no idea what kind of gear to get, how to do quests by yourself, and most importantly - no instancing and/or PvP experience. And if you do have instancing/PvP experience, it means you didn't follow the guide exactly, which proves my point.

Unless, of course, you already have a ton of 70s, in which case I don't understand why you need a leveling guide anymore.

Greens come and go but epics stay soulbound Eye
*Haylie, EU Bronze Dragonflight*

No hurry, but any idea on an

No hurry, but any idea on an updated ETA? Soon will suffice if thats all we can get.

Thanks for all your time and effort to put together these great guides!!

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I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to be the first to say lol

i would seriously love to

i would seriously love to see the release as well...

just can't wait to level my priest further to 50 Smiling

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Estimated time 1 - 70

Hiya, I'm planning on levelling a Draenei (Shaman) via the WoW-Pro guides:
1 - 12: Draenei Guide
12 - 20: Sven's Guide
20 - 30: Boston's Guide
30 - 70: Jame's Guides

What would be a good estimate on the played time? (no professions and only rested xp from logging out till the next day)


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Well, rested bonus is definitely going to give you a major boost in XP gained from mobs, but I've never played a shaman before and I don't know how fast a shaman usually levels. But if you follow Jame's leveling guides, I'd say somewhere around 7 or 8 days /played.

Greens come and go but epics stay soulbound Eye
*Haylie, EU Bronze Dragonflight*

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A change in tactics ;-)

So, I've changed the plan a bit Eye

Goal is to have a 70 Alliance of every class.

1) all to lvl 12
2) then full rested per 2 levels (so get one to 14 then rest and next char)

I think overall it'll take longer to get there, but with the rested bonus the played per char should greatly diminish (all classes also prevents the boredom of rushing a single class to 70 Eye )


thats what i'm doing right

thats what i'm doing right now, leveling 9 chars at the same time. i have always more levels than the guide show though, because of rest bonus.

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I think it would be wiser if

I think it would be wiser if you just focus on getting ONE character to 70, then another one and so on...

Greens come and go but epics stay soulbound Eye
*Haylie, EU Bronze Dragonflight*

Hey Jame I have a lv 46

Hey Jame I have a lv 46 alliance character and I stopped using your Lv41-50 guide because I got about 3 lvs above it and some quest were not going to give any more exp and I saw that u were updating it. My question is are you going to create an updated lv 50-60 guide or not? And if so how long will it take and should I use your current one or not?

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Yes, there will be revamps

Yes, there will be revamps of the 40-50 and 50-60 Alliance guides. ETA is unclear, most likely April or May.

And yes, you should keep on following the old guides, they are still better than no guide at all. If you end up in area where all quests are grey, just skip to the next circuit.


That's awesome! Jawdropping! I can't wait to check it out with my warlock!

I killed a warlock once, then credits started rolling and it said "Congradulations, you have beat World of Warcraft!" And then I died from Dots.

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I'm chomping at the bit

I'm chomping at the bit waiting for the revamp Jawdropping! Thanks for making all these guides Jame.

I'm sorry this may sound

I'm sorry this may sound stupid but what does 1/2 march mean? the 1st or second of march?

Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

I killed a warlock once, then credits started rolling and it said "Congradulations, you have beat World of Warcraft!" And then I died from Dots.

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Mid march

Mid march Sticking out tongue

I just finished levelling a

I just finished levelling a character from 1 to 60 on the old alliance levelling guide and it took me 5 days 6 hours played time. This is by no means a record after patch 2.3 but it's still fairly fast in my eyes. I'm looking forward to the revamped versions to see how much faster it would be.

Hey Jame, I can't wait for

Hey Jame, I can't wait for the Revamp of Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide 30-40. I hope its not delayed. Many thanks,

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Thanks :)

Hey Jame, I'd like to thank you for writing these levelling guides, as It has made WoW a much more pleasurable experience for me.

However, is there any way you can incoporate more instances in to you future levelling guides, and perhaps for those who do not want to do them there are optional quest curcuits? It's not too much of a bother, It's just i don't want to get to 60 on my priest and not have a clue how to heal, and instances are generally fun and provide a gear upgrade.

Anyways, despite that minor concern, your guides are simply superb, and once again, thanks Smiling

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Just wanted to say that I

Just wanted to say that I will be running a Horde and an Alliance character, when it is finished, through the guides. Not only am I doing this for the guide's benefit, but for myself as well Smiling I have yet to hit 70 and I've had the game for a year 5 months now. I'm sure I can tough out 65-70 by myself. So thank you Jame and Snowflake for these, and I'll be sure to post any faults that I find, but I'm sure there, if any, are few and far between.

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Thanks in advance, and

Thanks in advance, and please do post your results!


I'm a great fan of Jame's Levelling guides, and I was wondering if you have any ETA on the upcoming 20-30 Alliance Guide(I heard somewhere that you were going to release one). Currently levelling a new ally char and would be perfect if it came out in time as I dinged 20 =)

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No ETA yet, sorry!

No ETA yet, sorry!

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I've just started leveling

I've just started leveling up a new character, alliance, and I wonder if you have any idea at all when the alliance leveling guides will be fixed, also when the lvl 20-30 one will be released? With the guides I can level really fast but I don't play that much and if I start now I'm afraid the guide suddenly changes when I'm in the middle of it Sticking out tongue

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The 20-30 guide is already

The 20-30 guide is already out: Boston's 20-30 Alliance Leveling Guide

It's not written by me, but the quality is just as good and snowflake is helping him with the maps and the formating.

No precise ETA on the Alliance revamps, but they should be coming at a faster pace now, as Snowflake should be less busy in RL in the coming two months.

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Cool Leveled faster than

Cool Sticking out tongue Leveled faster than expected so soon near the 30+ bracket so will probably wait for the rewamped guides to be realesed Smiling If you need any help testing I could gladly help, since I'm at that levels anyway Smiling

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Thank you

Thank you Smiling

Guides still working Ally side.

First, let me say that your guides are awesome. I've used them for 3 characters all the way up. These guides are IMO much better then the other ones being sold!

The alliance 30-60 guide still works very well. Im currently using it to level another character and basically you can skip all the grinding sessions all the way and still be just ahead of the guide. Keep up the good work!

not finished with one part, but high enough level

Since the new patch, the xp given has been boosted as you already know. Im a level 60 in the 51-60 guide at the level 58 part. Should i finish the 51-60 guide, or start 60-65?

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I strongly advise you to

I strongly advise you to finish the few quests you have, just skip grey quests if you encounter any. Being ahead in level when you go to Outland is awesome, you'll be able to skip any grinding session, and you'll end up level 70 before the end of my guide, which means you can then do quests at level 70 to get loads of gold.

Hi Wow-pr, i would like to

Hi Wow-pr, i would like to know if the old guides are still good for leveling, because i really want to make an Ally char and follow the guides, so i was wondering if they are still effective...thanks a lot and a big gratz to the huge work you are doing.

They work just fine, if anything *too* well.

I've been using these guides mostly since the 2.3 patch. All the information is good. Occasionally Jame will say something is hard or too hard that turns out not to be because they've nerfed it. It's worth taking a look at mobs the guide says are hard to see if they still are. Also, you will level *much* faster than the guide suggests. You won't need any grinding sessions, and you can skip instances or zones you don't like and some quests with low drop rates and still keep up with the guide.

Just check before you drop a boring quest that it isn't part of an important chain. If you get so far ahead that your quests are turning grey, you can just skip a section. I skipped 75% of STV because of PvP issues and I'm still ahead of the guide.

I'm sure it will be better and faster once the guide is revamped to reflect the changes, but it's perfectly usable right now.

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Yes they are still quite

Yes they are still quite good. Many people have tried and reported being very happy with them.

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Hi Snowflake Thank you and

Hi Snowflake Thank you and Jame for all the excellent guides. Is the Horde 51-60 coming out today?

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It should be out tomorrow

It should be out tomorrow (Saturday 19th). Snowflake is doing her best, please be patient. We're both kinda overwhelmed with work at the moment.