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Getting gold in WoW now isnt exactly difficult, however, I was impressed by a stratery I recently used.

Tools Needed-
Fishing (As high as possible, mine was 500 with buffs/item enchants)

The intent of this guide is to get from a low amount of gold to a high amount relitively quickly. I will admit high dps classes expidites the process, hunter is optimal (elemental tracking) and server population and class (pve vs pvp, and economy (supply/demand) obviously make a HUGE difference.

As in all guides that Jame writes, speccing/gearing your character for maxiumum DPS is going to dramatically effect time, but it mixes questing and strategic grinding.

This Nick name for my guide... the magic number 20 and you will learn why.

[[WORK IN PROGRESS- Check back soon]]


Incorrect gold amounts

As of WotLK and patch 3.0.8 the gold amounts have apparently been nerfed. The first daily listed went from 9g10s to 3g40s. Just though people would like to know that since you can only do 25 dailies a day.

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Yup, this is outdated. And

Yup, this is outdated. And it's not that it's been nerfed, it's that you are higher level and the quests are gray to you, meaning they give less XP and therefore less gold. I think.

Spriest and Warlock grind for motes of water - great spot

hey all, I got a tip from a friend of mine that proved to be a truely grand spot to grind for motes of water. There is a small lake just north east of shatt..Silmyr Lake i think its called.. Theres quite a few Shimmerscale Eel's in there. From my Spriest, one SWP is enough to kill them, so i just shield and start popin the Dot. Its easy to dot as many as you can get in range , which for me comest o 7 or 8 at a time. If there isn't anyone else in the lake, its easy to get the spawn rotation and you can go non-stop as lng as you have an underwater breathing pot. I'm sure a lock with dots would be just as easy. - 30-35% mote of water drop just like any other water elementals, but they're tons easier to kill. check it out.. sometimes its less competative than the elemental plateau

What about the Cooking and fishing quests?

Thank you so much I think this guide is great as a whole.

I have noticed that things have been forgoten like the Daily fishing and cooking quests that can net money as well as item that can sell to vendors or can be sold on AH for a good amount (like the random 12 stam blue gem that sells for 400g-500g on average)Jawdropping!

the only fishing quest that will be a pain to do is the one that requires you to go to Stormwind to fish for a crock (that has a random drop for a NCP bucket that holds a crock)

I will put it all in context and figure out the average 7 day money toll in conjunction with the fishing and cooking..


This guide is great! I used it and got my mount in 6 days (Maybe I was just good wit h the AH) but the point is I got it and I am working on my drake right now!

Thanks alot for this guide and I hope more people use it Cool

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I did account...

I did account for skinners in part two Smiling

3b.) If you are not a Skinner, Ignore this, I want you to follow the green arrow and kill Clefthoofs until you've skinned 8 mana residue. I would get atleast 2 Clefthoof leathers, which will help you reach your goal.


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One quick note - the Nether

One quick note - the Nether Residue for the quest Gaining the Advantage drps from Skinning as well, not just Mining and Herbalism.

By the way, great guide and excellent circuit, however I like to start with the Greengil Coast part, as I want to get rid of the most annoying part from the start (the droprate on those keys is MURDER, I tell you!)

*Haylie, EU Bronze Dragonflight*

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I haven't tested it yet, but

I haven't tested it yet, but I skimmed through it and it seems pretty damn good. Thank you, I'll try it and give feedback as soon as I get some time Sticking out tongue