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My tried and tested Week of epic mount money making!

In the last Installment we earned ourselves 1630g (1740 if Alchemy lab is open on your realm)

Tools Needed-
Those listed as optional will make a difference, but if you don't have them you'll just have to grind a bit more.

Flying Mount
High Fishing (Optional but helps A LOT)
High Gathering Profession
Shattered Sun Offensive Rep Honored (Badge Rewards Vendor MUST be active

This is the part of the series that will make you moan and groan, but that being said, it all boils down to how much you want to make that money.

At this stage following the guide word for word you will need around 3400g, and it comes down to Primals.

I work nights, part of my unwind routine was hitting up elemental plateau, in North East Nagraand at about 6:30 server time. However, I am on a medium population realm, and never got hindered.

I spent about 2-3 hours killing all the elementals and fishing pure waters to get 200motes (20 primals) every day. This took around 5hours a day (includes the quests) to complete, and if you don't have that kind of time, low DPS, are on a higher population server, or PVP realm, it's going to take longer. States Primal Waters at 20g but I've never sold mine for less than 25. Let's do the math.

20g x 25 primals = 500g and 500g x 7days = 3500g

This totals at -
5130g or 5240 (if Alchemy lab is open)

Also take into account all the Sunfury Signets, Arcane Tomes, Leather, Ore, Herbs, Trash, Greens, Blues and if lucky (which I was not) World Epics you will get.

This will EASILY offset the repair costs obtained as well as reduce the amount of primals you need. In all honesty, I only had to farm 80 primals in total, which is 60 less than grinding every day, but I had this Daily/Grinding plan mapped out before I started, and ended up very comfortable.

If farming primal water is not your thing, and you are a class that can handle it, then, feel free to travel to Skettis and kill/skin the tree elementals that pat around up there, in truth, if uninterrupted, you can gather atleast 10 primal lifes and oodles of herbs in an hour, which is QUICKER than waters, but I find the prices on lifes fluctuates very badly.

However, if you REFUSE to farm primals, or don't have the time, then simply do the quests in Part One and Two over a 3 week stretch, the routes I gave you are VERY time effective, the best routes I followed and I tested a few Smiling

I hope you enjoyed this guide, It does take Stamina IRL, but I shared this theory with many people on my realm and most end up claiming they had no clue how to get the gold fast, until I shared my plan with them.


Just a quick question..

regarding fishing, what sort of level fishing am I looking at for mote fishing?

thanks, gold guide, gunna help me so much for epic flying Smiling

If you want me...well...if im bothered i'll help...

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You know this is a TBC

You know this is a TBC guide, right?

You'll be aiming for 375 Eye
Although this is quite useless now Sticking out tongue

How long does this part take?

I got a question
How long does it take to finish this part and still have around 20 primal water without the fishing?
only got fishing at 124 orso atm so i cant fish for motes Sticking out tongue


If you're going to Skettis because you're a herbalist and to fish for Primal Water, why not do the 2 daily quests there with the Sha'tari Skyguard? One is given at the Skyguard base camp, you have to destroy eggs on buildings, the other one is the Prisoner who is randomly at one of three spawn locations, you escort him accross a bridge and that's pretty much it. If you're in Skettis, then you've got a flying mount, which makes you elligible to do the pre-req, which is given by the woman next to the Flight Master in Shattrath.

Since Isle of Quel'Danas has been out, fewer and fewer people are doing the Skyguard quests (although a few people come along to try for that new achievement of doing it in under 2mins15secs) - and what's even better is that if you're flying around looking for the Forest Ragers, completing the quest is only a few clicks extra.