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These are the release dates for the upcoming guides, it will be updated regularly, so keep checking it! I will do my best to stick to those deadlines, but they might not always be respected. Sometimes they will be delayed, but they can also be published before the deadline. So if you want to get the guide as soon as possible, my advice is to check the front page every morning.

Anyway, here are the current release dates:

Wed. 5th November: Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide (55-61) (Alliance) [RELEASED]

Thursday 6th November: Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide (55-61) (Horde) [RELEASED]

Friday 7th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Borean Tundra (70-72) [RELEASED]

Saturday 8th November: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Howling Fjord (70-72) [RELEASED]

Sunday 9th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Howling Fjord (72-74) [RELEASED]

Monday 10th November: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Borean Tundra (72-74) [Preview Here]

Tuesday 11th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Dragonblight (74-75) [Preview Here]

Wednesday 12th November: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Dragonblight (74-75) [Preview Here]

Thursday 13th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Grizzly Hills (75-76) [Preview Soon]

Friday 14th November: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Grizzly Hills (75-76) [Preview Soon]

Saturday 15th November: Will be announced soon

Sunday 16th November: Will be announced soon

Why publish them so close to the release? I have a good reason for it, explained in this Blog Article.

Please note that these release dates are bound to change, and by that I mean I will release some of those guides sooner. So stay tuned, keep checking our front page for news and follow my Blog for the latest updates and previews of my guides.

3rd October: Update about my 70-80 leveling guides, check this blog article.
21st October: List updated with many changes. Read this Blog post to explain the changes.
24th October: Latest changes explained in this Blog Post.
28th October: Sneak Peak at one of my Howling Fjord Circuit | Xp/hour = 560,000 | Check this Blog Post for more information
5th November: Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide (55-61)(Alliance) RELEASED!
6th November: Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide (55-61)(Horde) RELEASED!
7th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Borean Tundra (70-72) RELEASED!
8th November: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Howling Fjord (70-72) RELEASED!
9th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Howling Fjord (72-74) RELEASED!
9th November: Dragonblight XP Rate = 620000XP/hour


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You make decent points, but

You make decent points, but you need to take things into perspective.

1. If you're not level 80 (or dang close) by the time you finish Jame's Grizzly Hills guide, then you're either doing LITERALLY ZERO 5-mans along the way as well as killing the BARE MINIMUM amount of mobs while questing. My enhancement shaman followed his guides, first for Borean Tundra, then for Howling Fjord, then for Dragonblight, and finally for Grizzly Hills. Doing just two 5-mans per level, I reached level 80 being only a third finished with Grizzly Hills.

2. If you're not able to at least partially navigate new zones without a guide by the time you have used Jame's guides in previous zones and played the game for a few years, then you're not learning anything new at all, only following directions like a robot.

3. Jame's guides are indeed of quality, but that means they take A LOT OF TIME to make, especially if he's working alone on them. I calculate that releasing one new zone guide (that is, for just Horde or just Alliance, not both) of Jame's quality every 3 months is quite a lot of work, yet Jame has been releasing material far faster than that. Oh, and it's FREE!

4. Perhaps Jame could use some help on his material? Wouldn't hurt to ask. Ideally, you would.

Tap into your infinite energy.

I too was disappointed in

I too was disappointed in the beginning to find out the chapters for the last zones will be out in a couple of months. But I understand the huge amount of work that implicates creating the guides.. not having any myself available, I'll jsut stay quiet and wait patiently Smiling
I'll hit 80 today or tomorrow, just having finished Grizzly so I'm not going to complain. It will even be fun to check out if I missed out some quests, and to see how many of my alts will have leveled. Putting in some comment if I find a line or 2 that need to be changed.
And spreading the word ofcourse Smiling

1. I don't believe I

1. I don't believe I mentioned not being able to level to 80 past Jame's guides. I followed Jame's Death Knight Guide, particularly his fantastic advice of not venturing into Outland until 60+ and not hitting Northrend until 70+ and was able to hit 80 just past Grizzly Hills. I didn't do as you apparently did and hit each instance multiple times, but I did hit the majority of the instances once to complete the quests and gear up as I went. (And a tip for all you Death Knights - if you're going to pick up gathering skills, do so as soon as you exit the DK starting area - as the longer you wait, the more zones you'll need to revisit - I didn't pick mine up until close to 70.)

2. I'm able to navigate new zones without a guide, thanks for your concern. That doesn't mean I wouldn't prefer to make sure I complete each quest along the way for the achievements and additional income - not to mention the reputation gains along the way. As far as learning anything new at all - I don't necessarily play the game to learn(?) - so I'm honestly not sure what you're going for here.

3. As I mentioned in my post, (and other posts) in my opinion Jame's guides are _the_ best guides out there - period, surpassing in quality the guides that people try and sell for money. I have never questioned the dedication and time it takes Jame to create these fantastic guides. However, I do think you underestimate his guide creating speed and ability (I think he was averaging a new zone every two weeks, and not three months as you suggested.

4. If by help you mean create new guides - I'm sorry in advance but I don't have that kind of time. I have found that sending as many people to this site, and recommending these guides to other guild members, friends, etc. is more rewarding than creating an account just to flame someone who was merely stating his opinion though. Ideally.

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Good points also, but no

Good points also, but no need to scold. I think he was simply offering his opinion as a user of the guides, which is valuable. Incidentally, I hit 80 in Dragonblight >_< but I instanced my butt off, being resto specced.

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Quote:It's akin to your

It's akin to your favorite television show not making more episodes, but re-releasing current ones in 3D or in HD with Dolby.

What a great analogy Smiling

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I hate to complain...

I hate to complain because of all you do and have planned, but I would be lying if I said I wasnt a bit disappointed with NO horde work scheduled through late May Sad

DKs rule...others drool

DKs rule...others drool

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Well, if some others

Well, if some others (possibly myself?) work really hard on the Horde stuff and make it almost perfect, Jame will have hardly any work to do on it! I am true Hordie at heart, and would love to help out on that side. For the Horde! Eye

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Exactly, that's what I'm

Exactly, that's what I'm hoping for Eye

I am a bit disappointed to

I am a bit disappointed to see the WOTLK leveling guides being pushed back to a much later date. In my opinion, the players who are trying to level from 1 - 76 already have the paper version to follow, while those who already finished Jame's Grizzly Hills guides have nothing to go on.

However, that is just my personal opinion, and I am very grateful that I do have Jame's guide to follow from 71-76.

Now I just have to rely on questhelper and wowhead to pull me through Zul'Drak to Icecrown.

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Noooooo, embrace the dark

Noooooo, embrace the dark side. Level an alt with the addon while waiting for the last WotLK chapters! Eye

already did

Well... I finished Grizzly Hills on my DK at level 77. While waiting for Zul'Drak to release I've started 2 new toons (mage and priest). Now they are both level 73 going through Howling Fjord. I have another druid character at Dragonblight stage. And currently my DK is level 80 going into Icecrown on my own because I need to open up all the dailies so I can get some money.

At the rate I level, I think I will have all my toons to 80 well before May hits, and I am not going to pay 600g for epic land mount training for yet another alt. (I'm already pretty broke as it is.)

While this may be a disaster for me to wait for Jame's leveling guides to release, it is prove to how effective Jame's leveling guides are.

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Haha thank you

Haha thank you Eye


really nice guides... when will other be released?

check out the addon project in the meanwhile


I was also waiting for the next guide to be released. And since the 15th of January was mentioned by Jame I was getting quite impatient. BUT, then I started following the James blog and noticed what a big project is handled at this moment.

Jame has managed to bring together a huge community of people willing to spend their sparetime to form something really unique. Transforming all the top quality guides into an addon version will save them all a place in (at least my personal) WOW history.
I myself tried the 1-12 guide for humans just to farm rep with stormwind and it really worked out perfectly.

That way I stopped waiting for the Zul'Drak guide and started enjoying the addon project. Everyone should try it.


Thanks for the great guides Jame!

Like to echo the many posts here - yoour guides are awesome. Just finished Grizzly Hills with my team (I multibox) and have 3 79's and a 78.

First two weeks of WotLK I didn't use your guide (don't know why - used them all Horde & Alli for all my other toons (30+??)) and almost quit - between the lag and the confusion... But then I saw the light & really have to thank you for laying out the landscape & pointing the way.

Keep pushing - this is truly awesome.


Really easy to follow!

The guides are really easy to follow - you will level in no time Eye

is there any news when the next guides will be available???

keep up the good work!

Jame, I have been using you


I have been using you guides for the last 2 years on my characters and I have been very very happy with them, however, I am again concerned that you might not continue the remaining Northrend guides. Outlands guides covering half of Netherstorm and all of Shadowmoon were promised but never done. I hope this won;t be the same for ZulDrak onwards Sad

We, myself and many other loyal users are hoping you could/would someday soon release them and maybe even revisit Outlands for the remaining sections.

Your guides are very well written and are really amazing in detail. They are an incredible help specially for those new to the World of Warcraft who are now able to make the best use of their time and still enjoy the game through the clarity of how you have optimized questing and we are all praying you will continue to do what you have been doing best, writing wonderful guides Eye

More power Smiling

Hi James, First, thanks for

Hi James,

First, thanks for all your hard work. I really like following your guides and try my best to pass this site on to others looking for assistance.

Unfortunately, I finished Grizzly Hills last week and am now running through Zul'Drak on my own. Something I haven't done since Burning Crusade was released. So far so good, but I know it would be much better with your guidance! Hope you can finish up the rest of the zone guides soon.

Best of luck!

P.S. I can't wait until you make the multiboxer friendly versions ...

new ETA on Zul'drak?

Hey Jame, as usual many thanks for the guides.

Is there any new ETA to the Zul'Drak guide after they weren't ready for the 15th of January?

It would be nice to know whether it would be worth it to venture into Zul'Drak alone or just level an alt whilst waiting.

Thanks, and as usual, keep up the great work.

Dolphins are the smartest animals in the world. Within 2 weeks of training they can teach a human to stand at the edge of a pool and throw food to them.


Been following this guide with alot of alts and even my main.
Dinged 80, two weeks ago. Just waiting for your zul drak guide so I can get some gold Laughing out loud.

When is the guide expected to be out for alliance.

Thanks for these Guides. I

Thanks for these Guides. I stumbled across them while waiting for my WotLK to load and update. Started my DK from 55 all the way to 78 right now and am half way through Grizzly Hills! I am loving these guides! Thanks again.

Thank You!

Just wanted to say thank you!

Jame's Leveling Guide

Hello Jame, I've been using your guides basically since the beginning of time Sticking out tongue I've been playing WoW for about 3 years now, and I've leveled many characters at a super fast pace, thanks to your guides. Just thought I'd thank you for your guides since I've been using them for years and never said anything. Good luck with your upcoming guides, and thanks again.

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Thank you You should also

Thank you Eye

You should also check out the addon version of our leveling guides, it's progressing nicely Smiling

News posts about it: here.

OK, so here i am at

OK, so here i am at 692,791XP into 79 and it takes 1,670,800. I just finished the grizzly hills guide and getting ready to solo the big bear with my DK. Guess i could try to level my rogue which used to be my main until you get this guide done. I feel hopeless without your help.

Great guides Jame. I wish this one was done, but you have put a tremendous amount of work into the guides you have.

Guess i'll try to do some questing without your guiedes, man im gonna be slow finishing.


Hi Jame

First of i would like to tell u that u are a god among us mortals ! Without ure lvling guide i would be totally lost ! THX !

Second i would just like to ask is there any eta what so ever on the zul'drak guide ...? i am curently there waiting for the guide to come out ... since i am lvl 78 i was wondering if its worth it for me to wait or should i just try and do it my self to ding 80 soon ?! i appriciate any answer and again THANK YOU !

reyes from kazzak

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the praise.

I'm hoping to release the Zul'Drak Guide before 15th of January. But nothing is sure for now, I have a lot of do right now so I might not make it.

ps: please make an effort with your spelling in the future, avoid "u" and such Eye

Quest achievements

Will all the new guides, Zul'Drak on up, cover enough quests to get the quest achievement for each zone? I did Zul'Drak by myself to get to 80 and I'm still missing 9 quests. I'm scared to start the other zones so I don't screw them up too!

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Keep up the good work!!!!

I'm sure you get tired of reading the "when will the next section be out" posts, so I won't jump on the bandwagon.

My Lock (77) and Shaman (78) have finished Grizzly hills and are camped in Dalaran doing the Cooking Daily. My Shaman is also a Jewelcrafter and is doing the JC Daily. My Priest (76) is about halfway through Grizzly and has been going back and forth to get her Cooking Daily in. My Hunter (72) has finished Borean Tundra and is sitting in Howling Fjord waiting his turn. My Rogue (skinner) ventures out into Borean Tundra to kill various animals for meats as needed and to skin but has hasn't even accepted the first quest. My Druid, Mage, Warrior and Paladin have only come to Borean Tundra to train their skills. My Death Knight (Miner/Skinner) just made 70 in the last 3 or 4 days and will probably take over the meat farming duties. I have skipped most of the group quests, mainly for lack of patience. I'll do an LFG for the group quests for 2 or 3 minutes and abandon them. I also have only been in 3 of the instances total, all characters counted. I have been doing the toon shuffle and questing with rested XP for the whole time though.

My point????

Take your time....I would rather have the guides as close to perfect as possible rather than having them come out with many errors.

I paid for a 1-60 Alliance Guide before but won't mention names (*cough-Brian Kopp-cough*) and find your guides to be of at least equal quality and you just can't beat the price! I was given the Burning Crusade update for free. I waited and waited and waited for an update on the availability of the other guide up until I left for work the night of the release. By that time I'd heard about wow-pro and read through your Borean Tundra guide. I took Thursday and Friday off to play the expansion. When I arrived back at work the following Monday, I had an e-mail about the Wrath update to my *paid* guide. Needless to say, I didn't feel the need to update. I have found a more valuable resource here and will be donating in the near future and will continue to do so.

For those that think that your *free* guides are slow in coming can always ask for their money back!!! LOL

I just wanted to post a positive post about all your hard work and to let you know that some of us don't care when the next installment comes out, as long as it does.

I would, though, like to add my vote to those that have expressed an interest in guides to finish Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley to get the Achievement. I came out to Outland at 68 with my Death Knight, even though you didn't think we should. I completed Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, Terrokar and Nagrand. Again, I didn't do most of the group quests and didn't step foot in an instance. After 3 or 4 quests in Blades Edge, I dinged 70 and made my way to Borean Tundra to make the Inn my home. Once all my toons have cleared all of Northrend I'll be making the trip back to Outland to get as many Achievements as possible.

I did a guide on our guild website for the Quel'Danas Dailies but I think that is more than a little outdated to be posted here. I do use quite a few mods and might do some guides on those if you think that might come in handy.

To wrap up a long winded and somewhat erratic post, keep up the good work and take your time. If it's worth having, it's worth waiting for.

Is this too long for a first post????

James (with an s)

You Are Awesome Beyond Words

Thanks Jame for all the work you've put into this guide.

Before the guide, I had no sense of questing efficiency and would often just waste all my time in instances, making me level very slowly due to wasting time LFG and not getting much money (because I didn't know how to use the AH). Your guide really helped as I was extremely close to quitting WOW as my /played was well over 10 days and I was still in the low 50's.

After finding your guide, I started a new character following other guides on this site till 20(which are also awesome) and I immediately saw the difference. I found at level 30+ I had already a few hundred gold more than my previous character at 50, and my /played was also significantly less. I just hit 70 for the first time thanks to you and your guides and I would just like to thank you for it.

I just finished up Nagrand and plan to complete your guide in Blade Edge and Netherstorm before moving on to Shadowmoon Valley (which I am terrified of since I'll be toughing it on my own without your guide:P), before moving on to Northrend for more money from 80 questing.

Thanks again
Staroze 70 BE Paladin - Blackrock

Great Guides!

First I want to say Great guides Jamie. I have been useing since I was lvl 40 on my mage back when TBC was already out half a year.

I tell everyone that has hard time lvling to check out for quest help or just to follow the guide.
Thank you for makeing my questing organized lol

Now onto the other thing i came here about, any idea on when the guide for Zul'Drak will be out, I am lost with out these guide most of the time but useing them to GH and do each dungeon 2 times up to Drak'Tharon I hit lvl 80 before leaveing GH

ok im done, again my brother and i thank you and if you want to see my lvl 80 Draenei DK its name is ßaldur

Jame's picture

Ah well, I think it will be

Ah well, I think it will be out before the the 15th of January. That's all I can say for now Sticking out tongue

Jan 15?

Thats my bday! What a great birthday present that would be! I should be finished with Grizzly Hills right about then too! I'm rooting for you!!!

Thanks for the guides

I burned out doing the Sunwell Isle dailies to get my epic mount, and left the game for awhile. After reading your WotLK guides I decided to come back and I'll be darned if I'm not hooked again.

After doing the first guide I was behind half a level, but by the end of the second guide I was ahead by that much. I finished Grizzly Hills and moved to Zul Darak by myself and I just hit 79 last night. I still miss checking off each objective from the printouts though.

Thanks Jame for all you've done.

Zul'Drak guide ?

Hello there! How far have you come on the Zul'Drak guides ? Im lvl 77 and im waiting for the guide so i can start leveling again Sticking out tongue Your guides is Awesome! its so easy and it makes leveling really fun Laughing out loud

Awesome guides !

I followed the guides all the way through Dragonblight, then continued on my own through Grizzly Hills and Zul'Drak. Then I hit 80 Sticking out tongue, which left Sholazar, Storm peaks and icecrown to do at 80. I'm midway through Icecrown now, and have about 4000 gold through questing. It's just awesome.
And for people feeling lost without the guides, a good place to start would be the quest page in wowwiki. It lists all the quests (well 99% of them) in a zone sorted by hub and NPC.
Besides i did notice that Blizzard has done a great job making quests 'flow' into one another, i.e. you;d start at the first hub and a few quests send you nearby and generally 1 quests sends you to the next hub, so I usually try to do all the quests in one hub before doing the quests that sends you to the next one, and I found it quite manageable .
I can;t wait to see the guides for those zones.. I've tried to be efficient, but often it was only at the end of the zone that I saw better way of doing things Sticking out tongue

Just start running through

Just start running through the rest of the areas and start cleaning them out. Waiting on the guides means waiting to get to 80 which will take awhile, especially since he is just coming out with Grizzly Hills. There are still 3-4 more areas. Just keep moving on and eventually he'll have all the guides which will just make leveling your other toons easier.

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Sorry everyone, a lot of

Sorry everyone, a lot of unexpected things happened and prevented me from working on the guide over the past 3 days.

I'm quite close to finishing it though, so you'll just have to bear with me and wait a couple more days.

I'm fairly confident that the guide will be released before next wednesday.

Thank you for your patience.


This just gives me an extra couple days to level my lock up to the level of my DK, and also max out my trade skills! Keep up the good work Jame!

my character is parked at

my character is parked at conquest hold eagerly awaiting your guide Laughing out loud

Btw I've let the secret out in /g and now more folks are checking the guides out Smiling

I have a sneaking suspicion

I have a sneaking suspicion that James is delaying the Grizzly Hills guide so all the alliance characters have a head start to 80!! Eye

But seriously, I used all all your guides to level my Rogue to 70 and since the release of WOTLK, to level my DK to 80. Just had to go ahead and finish Grizzly Hills and half of Zul'drak on my own. Thanks for the wonderful guides James! Laughing out loud

Any idea when the next Horde chapter will drop?

Any estimates as to when the new release date will be?

Thanks for all the guide work.


yea, possible u can do it if ull go 5-10 times into instanses so i think u (same as i) can hit 80 at this guide. But there is still no guide, i cant w8 for it !!

hey jame, i love your guides

hey jame

first off, i want to say i love your guide and they've helped me level so fast i couldn't beleive it. i thought only a crazy no-life could get to 80 quickly, after i spent way too much time looking for random things in zangarmarsh a year ago.

but when i used your guide, i was amazed to be level 77 after one month of WOTLK being out. so this is my question.

i'm level 77, just hit it. i did all instances during your guides and some violet hold runs while waiting, so i'm a bit ahead.

I'm level 77 and have full rested XP to 78. Could I ding level 80 in grizzly hills following your horde guide?

thanks so much


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Love your Guides

Been using your guides for a while now. They are a huge help for me. I'm so easily distracted while playing wow, but your guides are quick and the returns keep me focused. Sticking out tongue I'm close to hitting 75 on my undead priest and I've just finished Borean Tundra. Hopefully you'll have your next couple guides out by the time I catch up to them, but no worries since I've got 3 characters to level, including a DK who is only level 62. I've got plenty of time. Sticking out tongue

Hey Jame, where is horde

Hey Jame, where is horde leveling guide ? Im 77 now and cant wait for it! Please update release dates asap. Ty Eye

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I know the feeling. Jame is

I know the feeling. Jame is busting his butt to get his guide done as fast as possible. I know it's hard to level alone after following Jame's awesome guides, but if you use questhelper and make sure to explore everywhere to find all the quest hubs, you should still be able to do a decent job of it. Then you can use Jame's guides for your alts Smiling


thank u jame for the great guides, i cant wait for the rest of the northernend guides. I also want to point out that all the quest achivements that the guides naturally give is also a nice add.

Even though I've been waiting so long for ur grizzly hill guide for horde to come out, but this period of waiting gives me time to study for my exams, so great timing!!! Sticking out tongue

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Have you ever considered..

Have you ever considered releasing bits of the guide, if you have completed them?

For example: You have completed the first half of a guide, but not the second half. What I'm suggesting is, that you release the first half because it is finished, and then work on the second half whilst people are using the first half. If that makes sense Laughing out loud Then once the second half is complete, add it onto the first half of the guide. Hopefully people will be occupied, and wont finish the first half until you release the second half.

Or would this put more strain on you? >.<

Just a thought for satisfying us guide addicts even further =)



"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

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This would be a problem.

This would be a problem. Because I change the order of my quest circuits a lot until I'm finished with the zone. It happens all the time.

I'm almost done with the whole zone and then I notice a quest I could have included in another circuit, etc.

So that's why I'd rather not release parts of my guides, because I would then have to redo the maps to correct the changes.