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The following is how I prefer to level my Jewelcrafting. I've used this guide several times and seems to work well enough for myself. Shortly after finishing my Blacksmithing guide I started on this one but never found the time to get it posted. So here it is for your approval. As always I based this guide off of information gathered from using the updated level ranges for professions. I'm looking for feedback to see if there are any possible ways to smooth it out or if there are better options because of material costs.

Skill Level
1 to 20
Delicate Copper Wire
40 Copper Bars
21 to 30
Rough Stone Statue
80 Rough Stone
31 to 50
Malachite Pendant/
Tigerseye Band
20 Delicate Copper Wire
20 Tigerseye/
20 Malachite
51 to 70
Solid Bronze Setting
40 Bronze Bar
81 to 100
Gloom Band
40 Shadowgems
20 Bronze Settings
40 Delicate Copper Wire
101 to 110
Ring of Twilight Shadows
20 Shadowgems
20 Bronze Bars
111 to 120
Heavy Stone Statue
80 Heavy Stone
121 to 130
Ring of Twilight Shadows
20 Shadowgems
20 Bronze Bars
131 to 150
Pendant of the Agate Shield
20 Moss Agate
20 Bronze Settings
151 to 170
Mithril Filigree
40 Mithril Bars
171 to 200
The Jade Eye
30 Jade
60 Elemental Earth
201 to 210
Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing
211 to 220
Aquamarine Signet
221 to 225
Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior
226 to 235
Thorium Setting
236 to 260
Ruby Pendant of Fire
261 to 280
Simple Opal Ring
281 to 285
Diamond Focus Ring
286 to 290
Glowing Thorium Band
291 to 300
Emerald Lion Ring

This time around the guide is pretty self explanatory. The patterns are all trainable from the respective profession trainers and the few odd and end limited supply patterns you can either camp the vendor for or snatch them off the Auction House. Below I've listed the patterns you need to purchase from vendors and where to find them for your faction.

Alliance * Pendant of the Agate Shield - Neal Allen (Menethil Harbor - 10, 56)
* The Jade Eye - Arred (Exodar - 45, 26) or Burbik Gearspanner (Ironforge - 46, 27)

* Pendant of the Agate Shield - Jandia (Freewind Post - 46, 51)
* The Jade Eye - Felicia Doan (Undercity - 64, 50) or Gelanthis (Silvermoon City - 90, 73)

-- List of Materials --

- Mining -
* 80 Rough Stone
* 160 Copper Bars
* 150 Bronze Bars (75 Copper Bars & 75 Tin Bars)
* 60 Mithril Bars
* 65 Thorium Bars

- Mining and Prospecting -
* 20 Malachite/Tigerseye
* 120 Shadowgems
* 20 Moss Agate
* 30 Jade
* 10 Citrine
* 35 Aquamarine
* 20 Large Opals
* 25 Star Rubies
* 10 Blue Sapphires
* 20 Huge Emeralds

- Drop -
* 60 Elemental Earth
* 20 Elemental Water
* 40 Flasks of Mojo
* 10 Essence of Undeath

Note: My math is a bit questionable right now, I will go back and double check things again as I've already found one error in the table. If anyone finds any other errors please let me know.




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Unfortunately, a lot of the

Unfortunately, a lot of the guide writers just don't play anymore.  Does it suck?  Yes, but there has been a module added to the add-on that includes profession leveling.

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I return! Mostly...

Ok, wow. Sounds like this guide needs some serious updating. I'll have to get to work on it as soon as I can. I apologize for being gone so long, but a great deal happened and took priority.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

You no longer need 20

You no longer need 20 Elemental Water to craft Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing.

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Thank you! Don't be famous,

Thank you!

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

In the very start of the

In the very start of the guide you do not have "Coarse Stone x80" in the material list. And i didn't know i needed them until it was too late! Sad

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I could swear that I already

I could swear that I already fixed that. Sorry.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

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Your guide is pretty good, I

Your guide is pretty good, I found its very expensive to level JC, took my about 2k gold to get the mats from lvl 1-35, but its gonna be worth it.
The mats for Citrine ring of rapid healing have changed, you do no longer need the elemental waters. The elemental earths were a pain though, the ownly downside to this guide (or JC itself). They are rarely sold in the AH and farming them is very slow. The best place to farm them is in de badlands, there are around 4 solid spawning areas for rock elementals there, but they only have a 6-10% drop chance.

This needs a lot of work

Normally when I start a profession leveling guide, I just head straight to the shopping list and start gathering materials.

So of course when I gather the first batch of materials and find that you didn't bother to list some of the items I would need in your guide (coarse stone, for example), I got annoyed. At least I hadn't given all of it away or (even worse) destroyed it. I just had to go get it off the mule I had sent it to.

Next up - Gloom Band requires more copper wire... so why don't you just have people making more of that, since it's still yellow at 20, rather than useless statutes?

I'm hoping that this will not be an indication of how the rest of the guide will be going.

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You note that you can

You note that you can prospect the adamantite ore for all the gems you need in the Outland section - however this is not correct. I couldn't prospect this ore at first, I think I was around 320 or 325 JC before I could prospect it. So you will need Fel Iron Ore to get the gems for the first part of that section, or you'll need to buy the gems.

I'm thinking about throwing

I'm thinking about throwing away 2000g away to go from 1-450 will that be enough and do you think it is worth it?

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For 286-290

You recommend Glowing Thorium Band for leveling from 286-290. However, for me, the Diamond Focus Ring stayed orange until 290. Given that it takes only 1 Azerothian Diamond instead of the two used by the Glowing Thorium Band, I'd recommend it. However, I'm a Dranei so I'm not sure if that extra +5 to JCing is screwing things up. I just wanted to pass it along.

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I think there's a gap between 70 and 81 on this guide. I made Coarse Stone Statues to fill it in, but I thought I'd let you know. If there actually isn't a gap and I'm missing something, please correct me.

NOTE: By prospecting the 200

NOTE: By prospecting the 200 Adamantite Ore this should give you a sufficient number of uncommon gems if you do not wish to waste time farming Fel Iron Ore for the start of this guide.

very good guide but i spent a lot of time farming adamantite only to find out that it is only prospectable at 325 so i had to go back to farm some fel iron.

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Holy poop on a stick!!!


More epic fayl on my part... I blame Jiyambi and Jame for not proofing my work...


alt + f4 = Quick escape!!!

Edit: Side note, for now I'm just going to make it Coarse stone statues, because quite simply when you get to this point in the guide you should have more coarse stone than you know what to do with.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

I'm currently using this for

I'm currently using this for my Death Knight and so far everything has gone well. Thanks!

I agree about the shadow gems I am buying all the ones I can while prospecting tin/copper but still seem to be coming up short. I used the heavy jade ring and Iron collar for fillers to help through that section. However, depending on the server the mats for these may be easy/hard to obtain.

Thanks for your hard work!

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Glad to hear its going well.

Glad to hear its going well. I was able to thin out the amount of Shadowgems, but its still a pain in that section without have to go into other items that could be harder to make.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

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Open for business!

Here it is for your approval, Jewelcrafting 1 to 450

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

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As always, I like your

As always, I like your layout. It's full of win.

Can't judge on the content, but I'm sure others will Smiling

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I tend to have this weird and chaotic OCD complex, my office and RL is always a mess, but my writing has to be organized.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

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Time for an overhaul!!!

Time for a guide update to Wrath content. I'm going to smooth out the 1 to 300 run and then get started on the BC and WotLK content.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

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correct me if i'm wrong

/* did not try your guide I just read it*/

- You suggested to make 20 Delicate Copper Wire(dcw) s (1-20) but then used more then 20. Since more will be needed and dcw greys at 50 they should be made from the very start. (then rough stone statue part will be skipped)
- Same goes for bronze setting&thourium setting

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The problem with making

The problem with making things until they go gray is that you waste time and you never know how much in the way of materials you'll need once the item turns yellow. I only use items while they're orange, which means that yes, you will return to items that have already turned gray to progress. This is a sad fact of the nature of Jewelcrafting unlike Blacksmithing where you don't need a large number of fabricated components, just raw materials.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

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It's very neatly done. I

It's very neatly done. I don't have the time to actually try the guide at the moment though, so please people, leave a comment/suggestion if you try it.

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Thanks! My main problem with

Thanks! My main problem with this guide is the high number of shadowgems required for the jump from Apprentice to Journeymen. I really need a few ideas to minimize things as they stand.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

Barbaric Iron Collar and

Currently skilling JC with your guide, it's good but I get stuck at a few places since, for some God forsaken reason, there are rarely any gems at all on the AH, so I have mostly used it with a few tweaks here and there, but what I did was that I skipped the "Ring of Twilight Shadows" on 121-130 and replaced them with Barbaric Iron Collars. Mats: 8 Iron Bars, 2 Large Fangs, 2 Bronze settings.
It costs a lot of Iron bars, but you get the chance to skip the Shadowgems in favour of Large Fangs, which you should be able to get from alts/AH/trade chat (I got mine after two minutes or so on the trade chat).

Also I chose to replace the Diamond Focus Ring and Glowing Thorium Band (280-290) with Onslaught rings (1 Powerful Mojo, 1 Essence of Earth, 1 Thorium Setting) Because I ran out of gems. I was training mining so I had a lot of raw ores but I got unlucky on prospects.