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Magtheridon's Lair is an end level 25 man raid instance. IF you're looking for a group (LFG) to Magtheridon's Lair, it will be called "maggy". The instance is located at the buttom of helfire citadel. Make sure you use the right meeting stone, not the one to Helfire ramparts or Blood furnace. this raid instance is the shortest raid instance in the game, it takes maximum 20 minutes, if all works well, and are too not so difficult.
You will need at least half kara epic gear (pvp season 2 can do it too) and other half mostly superior as dps. healers will need a little more and tank more.

classes will need:

1600 attack power. 8000 hp. 25% crit rating.

and spell DPS will need:
900 spell power. 25% spell crit rating.

12k hp. 490 defence rating.

15k hp 600 defence rating.

900 spell damage. 10000 mana.


Your raid should look like this:
1 main tank
4 off tank
5-6 healers
3 warlocks
3 paladins (healers are included here) (not optimal)
2 warriors (tanks are included here) (not optimal)
1 hunter (not optimal)
5 ranged dps (includes hunter, warlocks)
and last 3-6 spots are random dps's.


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nice guide

nice guide Eye

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It's very nicely done, sorry

It's very nicely done, sorry I didn't get time to check it earlier. But good job! Hope to see more guides from you.

With all the new Northredn 10-man raid zones, I'm sure there's plenty of guide writing to do Eye

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Great guide, might want to

Great guide, might want to change the defense rating on main tank because all tanks should have 490 defense and don't need to go higher at level 70. But anyways great guide.

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thanks a lot to you both,

thanks a lot to you both, Eye i will maybe change the defence rating of the main tank to a bit lower.