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Would you like to become an important member of the wow-pro community? Want more of those yellow stars under your avatar? Tired of waiting for your comments to go through the moderation queue? Interested in gaining more user priviledges on wow-pro and helping this website become the best out there?

Then you should probably read my Latest Blog Post about our Ranking System and find out about the Karma Sheet.

Who knows, you might end up being the first wow-pro member to reach the status of Moderator:



Does this work retroactively for guides we have written?

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Yes. If you wrote a guide a

Yes. If you wrote a guide a long time ago and you think I might have forgotten to give you karma points for it, send me a private message witha link to the guide.

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By retro activity, you mean

By retro activity, you mean guides you have written in the past?

The answer to that is yes. Eye

That is what I experienced, though.

If you didn't mean that, please explain and I will try to help your further in this matter. Eye

LOL. I love how helpfull

LOL. I love how helpfull everyone is now that it counts. Good decision Jame!

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Just trying to improve

Just trying to improve WoW-pro Smiling

So that includes helping people, hehe Eye


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Hehe, nah. Mravestein was

Hehe, nah. Shikamaru was already helpful before I even announced that system Smiling

But if it motivates people to help more, I'm really happy with this change.

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Whoa, crafty name changes!

Whoa, crafty name changes! Also, Shikamaru makes me happy (both the character and the wow-pro guy Eye )

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I'm a lazy genius, after all

I'm a lazy genius, after all Sticking out tongue

Anyway Jiyambi, are you thinking of writing more guides Smiling ?

If so, I am looking forward to them! Eye


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I was actually going to

I was actually going to message you since you do tradeskill guides - I am working on a Leatherworking one and I didn't want us to conflict. There aren't any in there right now for leveling leatherworking through 375, and I know I could really have used one on my druid when I was leveling it! So I am doing that for now.

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No problem! Eye

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Great Idea


I really think that your new system of karma is a great idea, not only does it allow members to be rewarded with their hard work, but it also allows for great benefits of the viewers. I think that a lot more people will now feel more inclined to revamp some of the outdated or poorly done (or at times, both)guides. Also I didn't see anywhere on your blog post or on the comments (although I may have overlooked, and if so, I apologize) about a way to track your current karma points, and was wondering if there is currently a system in place to allow members to do so?

And if it's ok for me to address Pharoathy's comment here I would like to do so:

The purpose of having color in your text makes it look nice, and our eyes have a natural attraction to colors. You should really use colors for 'similar' things since it allows readers to skim over the bulk of he text to simply find the 'key' points of information that they need. Just make sure that all color relations remain the same throughout the guide or they make for large headaches Smiling

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Currently there's no way for

Currently there's no way for members to check their Karma, but there will be in the future (the site will get a major revamp with a lot of new features).

For now, I will simply release a Karma TOP 10 at the end of every month, so in 3 days you'll see the first TOP 10.

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Sneak Peak?

Any chance we could get a sneak peak at these mysterious new features? I am interested in the guide rating system you mentioned in your blog post. On a completely unrelated note, I noticed in your guide categories that money making guides are located in two different places - one in the main section ("Gold Making Guides") and one under general guides ("Money (Gold) Making".

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On the top of my

On the top of my head:

-brand new look for the site
-More customized user profiles / avatars
-A rating system for guides, every member will be able to rate guides.
-Guides with high rating will get different status according to their quality (eg. Bronze Guide / Silver Guide / Platinum Guide / All-star Guide / etc)
-Brand new forums (our current ones aren't that great)

Many other more technical changes I won't bother mentioning, but anyway, the site will run faster and will be a happier place ^^

And thank you for pointing out the menu error with the gold making guides, fixed it Smiling

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Member contribs

If there is a way to do this now, I am not sure. I was wondering if you were thinking of adding a "contributions" section to everyone's user page. So I could click on a user's name and see all the guides that user has written. It would be nice, if we find a guide we like, to be able to see more from that author Smiling

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That's also something

That's also something planned yes.

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I wish

Jawdropping! I'm going to have to think of some guides to make. I figure it's pointless to make a leveling guide since you have all those bases covered (and there's already two really good 1-21 guides). But first things first for me, level 70. I figure after I reach level 70 I can devote quite a bit of time to making guides. It would be neat to be a moderator, I was only moderator on one other site before and it was pretty cool. The site was bigger though lots of stuff to read but still fun. But I'll at least make sure to get to trusted so I can instantly post messages, that will be good. Though I do have one question, are those posts in the polls (particularly the poll by Snowflake on if the site should be like a wiki) that are over a year old not to be responded to. I don't want to necro those posts if it's not to be responded to =S

I couldn't think of a signature =(

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Yea, those polls are really

Yea, those polls are really old, I will take them down, don't bother Smiling

And don't worry, there is always a guide to write about something, provided you put enough effort. We have many many guides which have a rather low quality and I'd gladly replace them with an upgraded version.

With WotLK coming, there will be many new instances, reputations and other new things which will also require guides.

What matters is quality over quantity, just remember that. If you see a guide which looks rather outdated/low quality, feel free to make a better version.

The final goal is to have very high quality guides for pretty much everything in wow.

Perhaps its time to expand

Perhaps its time to expand Smiling

Not only guides but articles and features. I can see lots of people now scurrying trying to think of a guide to write which may not be top quality even though they may be good writers. Those same people could just skip the attempt to force out a guide and just write a nice article about game mechanics or class play or even a weekly pvp column.

Don’t take this idea the wrong way. This site is fantastic as is (I visit almost every day). I am thinking of a way to satisfy writers like myself that may not be able to come up with a concept for a new guide but still have plenty to say about the game and could offer advice and insight. Then again that’s what the comments and forums are for!


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I know this might be the wrong place to ask this but you're here anyways so here goes =S. How do I do the colors in BBC and what should I use them on to make the guide look nice. All names, places, items? Or just important stuff or how should that work. I've never really written a guide and I don't want to make a dull one so i put pictures in and stuff but I'm not sure if there's to many. Any advice/suggestions? If this is the wrong place or a dumb question then it's ok to ignore/remove it just looking for advice.

I couldn't think of a signature =(

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For the colors in bbcode,

For the colors in bbcode, simply check my Guide writing guide, you'll find a link to the firefox toolbar for bbcoding (makes coloring very easy).

You should just use the same color coding I use for my leveling guides if you want to be safe. Avoid colors which are too bright or hard to see.

Just check out one of my leveling guides and try to use the same text formatting style / coloring, you can't go wrong Smiling

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You just wait and see, Jame.

I will try to be the first one to get there Eye

I will succeed! Sticking out tongue

I am working on more guides at the moment, just need to find some free time Eye

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You sure are climbing ranks

You sure are climbing ranks quickly Smiling

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I will be revamping some more guides here, editing some outdated information, Text Formatting, etcetra. If you don't mind, that is Sticking out tongue

If not, I will let you know when I start on something and when it will be done Eye