What do you think of the new logo?

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The old icon....

Wasn't the old icon the spartan-like helmet in profile? Like the favicon for the site now?

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Yes, precisely

Yes, precisely Sticking out tongue

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I love it, can only slightly

I love it, can only slightly remember the old one, but this new one is far and away better.

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I find it amusing that so

I find it amusing that so many people (myself included) can't really remember what the old logo looked like. I just remember seeing the new one and going "Cool, a Pandaran!" Eye

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Exactly, the old one sucked

Exactly, the old one sucked really bad! That's why nobody remembers it Sticking out tongue

And I'm really surprised it still got some favorable votes ^^.

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The new logo is awesome!

The new logo is awesome! Smiling.

Makes me wish I could use Photoshop and such.

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Hehe I'm really surprised

Hehe I'm really surprised some people liked the old one better. I mean it was barely wow-related.

I find this one much cuter and it's definitely representing was this site does: it brings game experience to people who read it, in all kinds of ways ^^

I'd love to hear opinions anyway Eye

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So it is a Panda bringing

So it is a Panda bringing you WOW Help & Guides?

Suggestion: A character looking in their mail (1/2 of logo), and the other half it shows a letter;

"From: Jame"
"Body: Welcome to WOW-Pro, were we bring game experience to you!"Illidan - Level 70 Hunter, OJman

Illidan - Level 70 Hunter, OJman

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It's actually a Pandaren

It's actually a Pandaren Eye (pretty close to a panda I'll concede that) and it's based on the april fools joke Blizzard made a couple of years ago about chinese food delivery you could order directly in-game by typing /panda

Pandaren Express