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If you followed my previous chapters, you should be in Amberpine Lodge, Grizzly Hills.

Get the new flight path.

Go to the inn and make it your home location.

Turn in [73] The Hills Have Us.

Get all the quests from here BESIDES [74] The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran:

[74] Local Support
[74] Them or Us!
[74] Replenishing the Storehouse
[73] Mmm... Amberseeds!

Turn in [73] Mmm... Amberseeds! at Master Woodsman Anderhol, get [73] Just Passing Through.

(circuit img xx)

==Note== Loot Blackroot on your way while following the next steps:

(img xx)

1. Go to the area north of Amberpine Lodge, kill Tallhorn Stags until you've looted 8 Succulent Venison.

Go back to Amberpine Lodge, turn in [74] Replenishing the Storehouse, get:

[74] Take Their Rear!
[73] Troll Season!

2. Go northwest to the river (29,56).

Gather 5 Blackroots Stalks and kill all the Grizzly Bears you see in the area.

3. Go west to the grey area in the woods (25,56).

Kill all the Graymist Hunters you see here.

4. Go further west to another grey area with Graymist Hunters (22,57).

Kill them and you should be done with [74] Them or Us!

5. Ride southwest to the Evergreen Trading Post (16,65).

Go inside the tower and loot the Cedar Chest:

(img xx)

Hearthstone back to Amberpine Lodge. (Or just ride back there if your HS is on cooldown).

Turn in:

[74] Local Support, get [74] Close the Deal
[74] Them or Us!, get [74] Eagle Eyes
[73] Just Passing Through, get [73] Doing Your Duty

to Venture Bay (22,80).

Grab all the quests:


Very helpful guides.

Your guides are excellent; very clear and easy to follow. I have recommended them to several guildies.


Just wanted to say that the coordinates for the vordrassil's heart cave are incorrect in the addon version, its actually at 40.7, 53.8. Thanks!

Complete Guide to Zul'Drak

Complete Guide to Zul'Drak

For players interested in continuing, I've written a complete guide to every quest in Zul'Drak.

Thanks to Jame and the WoW Pro community for all of the awesome guides!

crazed furlborg blood

Thanks for all your hard work on these fantastic guides.

I killed a frostpaw shaman and it also dropped crazed furlborg blood.

It might be worth mentioning as you go past blue sky logging camp several times you can do the pvp dailies again on another day and you can still get the easy xp not just rep and cash as on some of the other dailies . 80000xp not to be sneezed at especially on a quiet server.

Haze Leafs!

Just a small note:

==Note== From now on, look for Hazelwood Bushes on the way and loot 3 Haze Leafs:

I think you should scrap "from now on". It makes it seem like you're not going to be completing this quest straight after. So it'd look like this:

==Note== Look for Hazelwood Bushes on the way and loot 3 Haze Leafs:

Just cos wherever you've previously said from now on you don't complete the quest then and there.

But otherwise awesome guides dude. Been using them since TBC and they are the best levelling guide i have found so far. Very comprehensive and informative. Props Jame.


Hi Jame,

I've been following your guide all the way from 30 and I'm pleased to say that upon finishing the Grizzly Hills portion, I am exactly 952 XP away from dinging 80 Smiling

Thanks very much for all of these, they are amazing.

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Much Easier

For the Escape from silver quest, I messed up, but find an easier way to do it =P
It is partially exploiting I suppose, but was an accident =P
Any point after you get onto the back of his house, just hit the Red Arrow (leave Vehicle button) and then from there you can mount up and if you have an epic mount you can keep up perfectly fine. The werewolves stop spawning to chase you, AND if you ride close enough to the horse, you can even re-mount right before you get into town =)


Hmmm anyone?

Hello all,

I created a deathknight a while ago leveled through TBC until i hit 68, i arrived at Borean Tundra did some quests, went to Dragonblight did some quests, Howling Fjord and finally Grizzly Hills. However im 300K off lvl 76 with almost all quests done in grizzly, where should i go now?

Thanks in advance,


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Zul'Drak --> Sholazar -->

Zul'Drak --> Sholazar --> Storm Peaks --> Icecrown.

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On "Raining Down Destruction", it is now possible to pick up more than one boulder at a time.

Hey Jame! Keep up the good

Hey Jame!

Keep up the good work!

Just a little note: When I first quested with my mage, I found it annoying that the 2 quest items' droprate from 'Longhoof Grazers' and 'Duskhowl Prowlers' for the quest '[75] Nice to Meat You' was very low, but now it drops with 100% chance!


Other zones?

Hi Jame, I love your guide and I've posted before with good feedback. One question though, why are you not writing guides for Icecrown and Storm Peaks? It would be very useful...

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Jame is planning to write

Jame is planning to write these guides, but he is currently working on the addon. Check out the release dates page for a list of what he's planning to work on in what order, and follow Jame's blog for updates.

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Mr. Floppy

First time I saw this quest, there was a little girl standing by while a bunny fought with a bear. I eventually killed the bear while running around trying to find the quest giver. No loot, but the girl and bunny disappeared. Then they showed up. I'm not sure exactly what was going on, but I suspect someone started, then abandoned the quest.

Then I got the quest. Mr. Floppy was rescued from the Worg with plenty of life left, then he flops down dead. Ok, I keep waiting, he never revives. Dang. So I abandon the quest.

I picked it up again, this time when she tells him not to go toward the light, and then thanks me for saving him, he comes back to life. (I got the dialog before, just no Mr. Floppy back to life).

One neat thing is the number of locations with "inns" (where you can sleep for XP boost). E.g. Westfall Brigade Encampment. I always sleep on beds or rugs in tents if I have to log out near one, just a habit I've picked up, was neat to see the zzz spring up. I've noticed that several places in the zone, no standard inn, but an "inn" location (with an innkeeper/hearthstone set).

Nice touch they added.

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Hit 77 and got cold weather flying

Right about the Vordrassil quests. It is frankly amazing what it is like to use my flying carpet and zip about.

First time I've had a very fast flying mount (never did afford one in Outland) and man, does it make a difference.

I'm really enjoying the guide still.

Thank you.

Though for my alt, I'd love an "alternative route" guide that basically might be slower but picks up all the quests that usually get skipped. Kind of like my Deathknight is in Slithis right now.

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And hit 78


Go to Hierophant Thayreen, turn in:

* [74] A Possible Link
* [75] Children of Ursoc

Get the two follow ups:

* [75] Vordrassil's Seeds
* [75] Vordrassil's Sapling

Really neat.

Minor corrections..

Cool, I finally get to help!

At the beginning you say:

Gather 5 Blackroots Stalks and kill all the Grizzly Bears you see in the area

But you haven't gotten the quest for the Grizzly's yet (and you do them later..)

riding the red rocket+dailies

i'm not sure if you mentioned this in your guide, but you should add that you should do the dailys every day, its 2 bars in like 40 mins. Also, riding the red rocket is like a 3 minute quest, if you have control of venture bay, i dont see why not do it. there's a youtube video (search riding the red rocket), you could link it but idk if theres copyright or something.

last but not least, id like to say THANKS SO MUCH JAME, your guides are awesome, I've been following them since level 58 and I've been leveling so much faster.

Elite mob @ venture bay

Hey james,

Once again your guide rocks! I'm lvl 77 atm, leveled 2 levels in just 1 day with this guide.

Well, in venture bay you got to kill an elite mob. And you didn't know if she could be feared. So yes, she can be feared.

Keep up the good work!!


3. Go southwest and kill Captain Zorna (13.5,80). She stands under a canopy, on the docks next to the westernmost ship.

She's elite but she's quite easy for any class.

HP: 30,000
Avg. Hit on Cloth: 800
Can be slowed and stunned (haven't checked fear)

LvL 65 Warlock [Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide ROCKS]

Awesome Guide

James your guide is fantastic!

I started my first ever Alliance and from Deathknight starter zone I have followed all your guides after that.

To try for extra gold I did level mining, skinning and finished the Netherstorm quests + half the Shadowmoon Valley.

In Grizzly Hills I hit 80 with enough Gold to buy my fast fly mount + riding skills.

Thanks mate!


Short note to finishing up

I've used this guide for my mage and warlock. Any issues I've found were minor. In both cases I ended up with a decent set of green and blue armor and well over 2000 Gold.

As of the posting date, levels 78-80 have yet to be completed. I took the initiative and found that if you complete all the quests you can find in Zul'Drak and after that go to Sholazar Basin, complete all those quests and then to Ice Crown (Argent Vanguard and Valley of Echo's), you'll easily be in striking distance of level 80. All these quests are easily solo-able.

Thanks for your guide, it made the game fun and much less frustrating.

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Thank you Jame! Your guide

Thank you Jame! Your guide is awsome! I really love it, ive been using it for a long time and got 4 80lvl chars with ur help Sticking out tongue And I'd like to see the rest of your guide. thank u))) Smiling


Hi Jame,
Im guessing english isnt your first language.
Just thought id bring to your attention your usage of "BESIDES" throughout the guide (not just Grizzly Hills) instead of "Except"

For example, right at the beggining of this guide:
"Get all the quests from here BESIDES [74] The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran:"

Besides means: along with
Except means: all but this one

Big difference, and it might confuse others while reading your guide.

On the other hand, great job keep up the good work. Smiling

Besides is Except

And i'm guessing english isn''t your first language either Arkan.

Just thought I'd bring it to YOUR attention, used as a preposition, "besides" means other than; except:

An example, There's no one here besides Bill and me. Or, "Get all the quests from here BESIDES [74] The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran:" is perfectly correct...

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While you are right, you're

While you are right, you're sort of beating a dead horse here, we're already sorted this out.

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Actually, you're ALL WRONG!

Actually, you're ALL WRONG! MUAHAHA!

'Beside(s)' can also mean 'along with' when it is used adverbially, such as 'I can eat this food, and a lot else besides'.

However, the usage of 'besides' we have here is a preposition, and as such can either mean 'compared with' OR in addition to, which is the meaning used here. Smiling

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At least I learned new uses

At least I learned new uses to the word "besides" today! Sticking out tongue

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Heh, I didn't think of that.

Heh, I didn't think of that. The point is, the usage in the guides is in fact a correct way to use the word.

Brune's picture

Indeed I probably should

Indeed Sticking out tongue

I probably should have made that clearer.

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I have to agree with the

I have to agree with the other posters, besides is used correctly throughout Jame's guides.

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be·sides (bĭ-sīdz')

be·sides (bĭ-sīdz') Pronunciation Key

1. In addition; also.
2. Moreover; furthermore.
3. Otherwise; else: has been to Mexico but nowhere besides.


1. In addition to.
2. Except for; other than: No one besides the owner could control the dog

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Just to add, I've never

Just to add, I've never heard besides used to mean along with.

[75] Raining Down Destruction

"Right-click the Boulder from your inventory and aim for a dwarf down in the trench.

Repeat 5 times.

==Note== You can only carry one Boulder at a time."

This has been changed recently, you can now carry as many boulders as you need to complete the quest, just a heads up!

Thanks for these awesome guides... I really don't know what I'd do without them Smiling!


Just finished Grizzly Hills! Thanks to your guide and lots of rested XP I hit level 80. Wanted to post a thank you and add a suggestion. Not sure if you will cover this in your Zul'Drak guide but you may want to mention to speak to Capt Stoutmanlt in Westfall Brigade Encmapment to get the quest Reallocting Resources that sends you to Zul'Drak. There also should be a warning not to pick up any other quests that send you to Light's Breach as that will make this quest unavailable unless you abandodn the other quest.

Thanks again!

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Well, the problem there is

Well, the problem there is that the Dragonblight guide already says to pick up the quest that sends you to Zul'Drak, "Into The Breach!" (not to be confused with the totally different quest of the same name in Grizzly Hills). So if you following the entire guide exactly, this one in Westfall won't be available.

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Eagle Eyes

"==Note== From now on, kill Imperial Eagles on your way. We're not in any hurry to finish that quest, so don't go out of your way to hunt them:"

Yet in the next but one paragraph you're telling us to finish the quest already? Kill the note maybe, or just leave it at "From now on, kill Imperial Eagles on your way"

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Good point. It's just

Good point. It's just something I forgot to erase, because at the start I had decided to finish that quest much later on, and then I changed my mind.

never mind

[removed duplicate posting]

a typo

hey jame,

wonderfull guide btw. just found a typo here

Get the two follow ups:

* [75] Vordrassil's Seeds
* [75] Vordrassil's Sapling

1. Follow the road a long way east until until (51,51).

Look north and you should see a big opening inside this huge tree called Vordrassil.

Once inside the tree, you should see a small tree down below:

as you can see. until is put two times Smiling

Achieve Daily PVP

hey Jame thanks for what you do. i have been using your guides since level 40 and i honestly do not know if i can play without it now. it has become my security blanket. i just thought i'd mention at the beginning where you say you are leaving out the daily pvp quest riding the red rocket, that you might mention that there is an achievement for completing all the daily pvps in grizzly. that in order to get it you have to complete this quest. thanks again
BM Hunter

Grizzled Veteran

Agreed. The Achievement's title is "Grizzled Veteran." You don't have to do all the quests the same day, and the Solvent quests don't count toward this goal. As of 3.0.3, "Always Seeking Solvent" is an infinitely repeatable quest, not a daily, and while I'm not sure about the original, the repeatable version doesn't flag you for PvP because it's just a delivery, like "A Donation of [Cloth]" (no EXP, no rep as far as I know, but 2 Venture Coins per turn-in.)

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Thank You

Smiling I wish I had discovered this guide on my first trip through Northrend, it has been very useful and I'd never have thought to follow certain routes you listed. It's saved me a great deal of time, thank you again.

Wondering what i should do.

Ok,i ahve been following your guides since i got wotlk.I have done several instances and the amphitheater in Zul'Drak and im just starting on Grizzly Hills.I am about 5 bars from 78 atm and was wonderign wheter i should just keep doing Grizzly or just do instances?

The Lag teaches patience and temperance.Embrace the Lag,for it embraces us indiscriminately.

Now with that said...YOU WANT TO 10 MAN JESUS!!??

The Lag teaches patience and temperance.Embrace the Lag,for it embraces us indiscriminately.

Now with that said...YOU WANT TO 10 MAN JESUS!!??

Stick With It

It's your choice, but if you want the gold and the Achievements that come from completing these quests, you may as well do them now. I just hit level 80 in Grizzly Hills, right about where the guide predicts hitting level 76 (I stayed in Outland well past 70, plus I run lots of instances.) At level 78, you'll still get full EXP for all quests in Grizzly Hills; if you ding 79 early on, you'll only get 80% EXP for the level 73 quests, but there aren't many of those here (the last one is about 1/4 of the way into the guide.)

In other words, there's little harm in questing, and there's little harm in instancing. However, if you don't have any outstanding quests for those instances, and/or you're instancing with a series of pickup groups, your EXP/hour won't be nearly as good as you'd get by following the guide.

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... Or Maybe We Don't

Might want to note.. the war golem summoned for this quest is a Companion, or vanity/non-combat pet.

If you summon another vanity pet from your collection while the golem is out, you'll lose the golem (thankfully not your progress) and have to re-summon it.

Captain Zorna

Just gave it a try. She is not immune to a priest's fear! She ran everywhere, unfortunately for me she ran up onto the ship and brought friends but it is random where they run so just my bad luck. Sticking out tongue

78 Priest Eonar

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A couple of things

First, for Heart of the Ancients, there's no warning on the guide that fighting anything to clear to the top of the pumping station will flag you for PvP.

Second, why not grab the PvP dailies before doing just that? That way we'll get credit for the Horde kills on the way (Kick 'em While They're Down, I think).

Lastly for now, while gathering Ice Serpent Eyes for Shimmercap Stew, I'd suggest you change the instructions a bit. Currently you have it so that we're trying to get all 5 along with the mojo before turning in Subject to Interpretation. However, Ice Serpents Eyes seem to have a worse drop rate than the mojo does, and there's plenty of Ice Serpents around the Shimmering Snowcaps we're after in the next step. I'd make step one a "start killing" and step two a "keep killing until".

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And one more (again, for

And one more (again, for now)...

After we turn in Mounting Up, you advise us to re-equip our main-hand weapons. The item used in the quest, Stick, is a two-hander, so we have to equip main and offhand both afterwards.

"Go next to Iron Thane

"Go next to Iron Thane Furyhammer and The Anvil, which should be in the same room.

Now do this:

1. Use Ability #2
2. Cancel the Overseer Disguise buff.
3. Target Iron Thane Furyhammer and use Ability #1 whenever it's up. Also use Ability#2 again whenever The Anvil recovers from the EMP."

I found number 2 not possible whilst in the Golem suit, the buff disappears although you are still ' wearing ' it and unable to attack either Thane or The Anvil.

You can cancel the buff quite safely if away from Thane, the Anvil and 1 overseer who stands next to the power core, then click on the golem control and continue as above.



Confirmed - you can't cancel

Confirmed - you can't cancel the buff with the golem suit on. You need to do it before you summon the golem suit.