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Table of Contents

I. The Purpose
II. Addons
III. How to do it.
IV. Conclusion

I. The Purpose; Why You Should Read This

The reason you should read this is to learn some fairly basic gold making abilities where you can make gold, but not go out of your way. Most early quest rewards sell for 4-5g, and scale up to more, and even more, as you go along. This over time accumulates hundreds, if not thousands of gold. Without buying anything with material currency.

II. Add-ons; Helpers of the Questers

The biggest add-on for our goal is Rating Buster which will aid us by comparing key stats, such as, for a protection warrior, Block Value. This means we can decide if gear is an upgrade, sidegrade, or downgrade easier. To put it simply, it helps you make sure you always get an upgrade whenever possible, instead of a wasted quest reward.

B.Another good add-on is Sellfish, which tells you the amount of gold an item sells for. It is useful for when you need none of the gear for a quest, but want to pick what sells for the most. This is a great add-on because if used properly, it can help you make hundreds of additional gold.

III. How To Succeed; From Rags to Riches.

Now, on to the main purpose of this guide, which is fairly simple. The key things to do to make additional gold from your quests are to..

A. Make sure you're getting upgrades, using RatingBuster, not side-grades or downgrades when it could cost you gold, and waste a quest reward. Over time, this can add up to hundreds, if not thousands of gold.

B. When using gear better than a quest reward, mouse over each of them, and select the one that has the greatest number after the gold symbol. If they give the same amount, look at the number after the silver symbol, and so on. This may be after "Sells For:" instead, depending on your version of Sellfish.

IV. Conclusion; Why I'm glad I wasted time on this guide.

I'm glad I spent time on this guide because, if all goes well, this may help many people gain a lot of money. This way, they'll be able to get things such as their epic fliers, Grand Mammoth Caravans, and everything else without as much wasted time Smiling. I'm hoping for criticism, and for this guide to be actually accepted, and used, by the public. Ha!

Though, this guide is in no way or form complete. If it was that easy to complete a half-decent guide, the internet would be overflowed, no?


Sorry for the inactivity; I

Sorry for the inactivity; I totally forgot about the site because of RL and me taking a short reprieve from WoW since i hit 80; can't wait to update this a bit haha.

Darn. Was the previous title

Darn. Was the previous title offensive? Oh well, I guess I'm not good at creating amusing titles...

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Nah, I just changed the

Nah, I just changed the title to something clearer and more accurate Smiling

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I don't remember what the

I don't remember what the previous one was, but it was probably just changed for clarification. Jame is doing a mass cleaning of the site to try and make everything more organized and easy to find. He edited a few of my guide's titles as well.

Yeah, I made that post

Yeah, I made that post before I read the blog post and such. I usually disregard the front page. By the way, your Table of Contents guide is great! It's very useful, and am implementing some of the ideas into the guide and others I am working on.

Really nice guide, i mean

Really nice guide, i mean the tips in it . The sellfish addon is great, i estimated that i can make up to 3-5g for just chosing a different quest reward. I dont think there is anything to add to the guide because pictures arent needed, and all that stuff.
Thanks for writing it!

Thank you for the kind

Thank you for the kind comment! It's my first guide, so I do plan on putting more detail and such in. Sadly, I've been side-tracked by leveling a Warlock, ever since re-reading an epic fanfic about one Sticking out tongue


First guide? Really!?. Writed the name of the addons on a paper 2 install tomorrow! (cant play at night).

Hope U make more! Think it will really help me as i just look info at the addons... *how can i thank you??*