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You have two methods of taking down enemy gates.
1) Siege tanks
2) Seaforium charges

Siege tanks—These can have 1 driver and 2 passengers. Your priority is killing gates, not players. You should be constantly moving toward the gates, only firing on players while your ranged attack is out of range of the gate. Note that defending turrets have a delay between aiming and firing. Use this to your advantage by moving in a constant direction until they fire the turret, then changing direction away from where you were headed.

Also note that 2 people, other than the driver, can ride in a siege tank. This is a great spot for a ranged class to dps from. Most players will be targeting the siege tank and not you, so you won’t be cc’d, interrupted, or damaged.

Seaforium charges—You can carry 1 at a time. The goal is to carry it to the wall and drop it. The defenders then have 10 secs to diffuse them before they damage the wall. If you die, the charge drops at your feet so teammates can pick them up and continue on. They can be picked up wherever tanks spawn, which is at the docks and at the goblin workshops past the first set of gates.

Most teams fall back immediately when a gate falls. Rush straight for the graveyard flag and cap it ASAP. The defense cannot recap the gy, so don’t defend it.


You want to stop the attackers from using their two methods of taking down your gates, namely siege tanks and charges. Everyone—especially turrets—should prioritize killing siege tanks.

Set up your defense fast. You can easily be at the docks when the round starts. I like to start by standing 3 people inside a siege tank, so we can start dpsing it as soon as the round starts. You can usually burn 1 tank completely down before it moves. An aggressive defense can really slow down the attackers.

Most players at this point don’t know about seaforium charges, so you don’t have to worry about defusing them much. Kill the tanks to beat most PuG teams handily.

If the green gate falls, keeping the blue gate up will still slow the number of tanks reaching the 2nd set of gates.

Ranged classes should stand up with the turrets and defend them from shadowstep rogues.

When a gate falls, turrets can keep dpsing for a bit, but players not in the turrets should fall back. Slow down graveyard caps and keep aggressively killing tanks. Again, you can play aggressive forward defense killing tanks and win most games, as many people don’t know how to use seaforium charges.


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Very Nice

Very Nice,

I dont know if this has a spot in this guide but you might want to mention that anyone who goes in a tank (Driving or riding) should grab a bomb because when the tank gets destroyed they still can run up to the wall wand plant them.

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I'm very impressed! This

I'm very impressed! This guide is very nicely presented and easy to understand, even for a PvP noob like me!

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Awesome. Good job

Awesome. Good job Eye