Congratulations to Jiyambi - WoW-Pro's first Exalted Member!

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It was a very fierce race between Shikamaru, Souricette and Jiyambi for the first to reach 100 Karma Points.

But in the end Jiyambi beat them to the finish and became the first WoW-Pro member to reach the status of Exalted!

And with that, I'd like to introduce you to a new feature available on wow-pro:

You can now go to a user profile and see a list of all the guides he has posted!

Simply click on the user's avatar or on his name and you will be directed to his profile.

Then scroll down and you will see the "User Content" category, with the links to all the guide he has poster so far.

I strongly recommend trying out Jiyambi's user profile to give you an idea, as all the guides she has written so far have been outstanding.

I'm sure more members will reach the Exalted Status soon, so the race for the first person to become promoted to Moderator status is still open!

Update 10th December: Shikamaru just reached the status of Exalted Member as well! Congrats!

Who will be our first Moderator? Eye


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Grats and thanks for your

Grats and thanks for your guides ! Smiling

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As we say in France:

As we say in France: Bravo!!!

Keep your good work!

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And poor souricette is stuck

And poor souricette is stuck at 99 Karma Points since her last translation ^^

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Wow, sounds like it has been

Wow, sounds like it has been a fierce race indeed!

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Congratulations Jiyambi!

Congratulations Jiyambi! Laughing out loud

I'm feeling so stupid right now, but I just don't have the time to be that active anymore Sad


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And you quickly scored those

And you quickly scored those two points, grats on Exalted status Shika!

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w00t grats!

w00t grats!

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Thanks Laughing out loud

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Not to mention, you're just

Not to mention, you're just 2 Karma Points away from Exalted Status as well ^^

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w00t! Then I won't have to

w00t! Then I won't have to be all lonely Eye I bet you'll make moderator before me Sticking out tongue

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yay! Smiling

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Oh Shika, don't feel stupid.

Oh Shika, don't feel stupid. If anything, you are much smarter not wasting time writing guides all the time! Besides, you have contributed so much to the community, I for one am very happy you are here Smiling

If it makes you feel any better, I will probably not be coming out with a new guide for quite a while, I have a lot of RL and guild-related stuff to take care of, not to mention leveling up my rogue to 80. So *hugs*!

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Well deserved indeed, Jiyambi, your guides are outstanding and you can see the amount of effort put into them.

Good luck to everybody on the race to become Moderator!

Have no fear, from this day forward you too can experience the overwhelming amounts of power and superiority that my beloved iWin button can bring you!

You are just one click away.