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The epic mount for warlocks, is attainable at level 60, as all other classes. However, for us is slightly cheeper, although perhaps more difficult. I am attempeting to write this guide as I complete the quest, so it maybe a little rough, and I would appreciate any and all input.

Upon reaching level 60 all warlocks should high tail it to the trainer for the usual even level training. While your there, pick up the quest:

Morzul Bloodbringer

This will make you next target Burning Steppes, coordinates 12, 31. Speak to Mor'zul and Gorzeeki, pick up:

Rage of Blood
Lord Banehollow

Once you have collected these two quests, head to Kalmidor. It is recommended you have a soulstone, healthstone, and a few health potions. Also, BE SURE YOU HAVE 150 gold BEFORE DOING THIS! Fly to Bloodvenom Post, and head to Shadow Hold(35,57). Drink your shadow potion at the beginning of Jaednar (no one will attack you except the oozes) and walk to Lord Banehollow at the end of Shadow Hold, which takes about 10 minutes or so. Talk to him and get the follow up:

Ulathek the Traitor

Go back to the hollow part of the cave where the bridges are and look for Ulathek(41,49) in one of the rooms. Take out your voidwalker, if you have not already. Talk to him and go through the dialogue. About four guards will attack you along with Ulathek. Focus fire on him and make sure voidwalker area taunts(suffering). When he is dead, loot him. You can keep taking out the guards if you like, but I just ran away. You don't need to kill them. I just sacrificed my voidwalker and walked away. Run back to Banehollow and turn in the traitors heart and get the follow up:

Xorothian Stardust

Purchase some dust from the guy behind him and we are off to Winterspring.

I hit up around The Hidden Grove(65,19) for these raging beast blood. Took about an hour.



since this shows up on google as guide for dreadsteed materials and might be useful for some lock playing on vanilla server 

at Nostalrius for example materials are different


Elixir of Shadow Power X 2Large Brilliant Shard X 6Dark Iron Ore X 25Black Dragonscales X 3Arcanite Bar X 1Crescent Key (or a 300 Locksmith)406 gold (156 gold if you know anther warlock who has J'eevee's Jar, Black Lodestone, and Xorothian Glyphs.)


Elixir of Shadow Power X 10Large Brilliant Shard X 6Dark Iron Ore X 25Black Dragonscales X 35Arcanite Bar X 1Crescent Key (or a 300 Locksmith)406 gold (156 gold if you know anther warlock who has J'eevee's Jar, Black Lodestone, and Xorothian Glyphs.)

And you also can only pick up Lord Banehollow quest AFTER you finish Rage of Blood

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If someone could confirm

If someone could confirm whether this guide is still valid as of patch 4.0, that would be awesome. Also if anyone knows whether this quest chain is going away in the expansion, also awesome.


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It is confirmed this quest

It is confirmed this quest chain is gone in the expansion. Moving it to the archive.

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A few links to help you out.

A few links to help you out. And remember, wowhead is your friend!

Bell of Dethmoora
Wheel of the Black March
Doomsday Candle

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

Sadly, I don't think this is

Sadly, I don't think this is very useful anymore. The quest was recently replaced by being able to get it from a trainer.

quest replaced?! I think not

The quest was actually not replaced, unless they just did it Monday. I just completed this quest Saturday night. There has been, however, an "easy button" added for any warlocks who are not interested in doing things the classic way. From what I understand, you must make 61, train for journeyman riding, and buy a mount. Then you may go to your trainer and learn the spell Dreadsteed. I think.

I said that because, in all

I said that because, in all honesty, I doubt anyone wants to do all of these old world instances again. You may want to do the quests, but are not able to. You only have to get journeyman riding to learn the Dreadsteed now, though.

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Even though its currently

Even though its currently not viable there will always be someone willing to try. Plus its just a lot of fun doing this quest, even though its very painful to perform the last step.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

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Wowhead tooltips


Replace the wowwiki links with wowhead tooltips. It's just more enjoyable for the readers.

Dreadsteed fixed

done. wish i could get a better explanation on adding pictures though. your guide guide was a big help, but i can't wrap my head around the pictures

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Hmm, how can I make it

Hmm, how can I make it clearer.

You go to file attachments (it's below the guide when you're editing it)

You upload the picture you want to put in the guide.

After the picture is loaded, you will see the link to that picture, still in file attachements.

Copy that link.

Paste that link inside the guide, where you want the picture.

Add the following tags around the link:

[ img ] [ /img ] (WITHOUT the spaces)

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First off, try using the correct name of the mount you're going to talk about. It's Dreadsteed, not Dresdsteed Sticking out tongue.

Also, the guide could use some text formatting. I recommend reading through Jame's Writing Guide for this.

You could also add an image of the Dreadsteed, just to show those warlocks how awesome the Dreadsteed really is! Smiling

Thanks for the critique

Sad Wow that is about the worst place to make a mistake Jawdropping!
i actually did you use the guide writing guide, couldn't figure out the pictures though...
still working on it.
anything else?

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Check my guide writing guide

Check my guide writing guide for the pictures, it's all explained in there.

check out the dreadsteed guide!!

this is my first guide. would love to know what everyone thinks. Puzzled Shocked

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A good start!

Its a good start. I say keep up the work and look it over a again. Just a few errors through out, and a few screenshots for the final event would be a good idea. Help show people what you're talking about.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous