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broken isles pathfinder

Would be great to have one just to track the pathfinder requirements.  Best addon i have ever found thanks guys



Any chance of updating the whole site or is it too time consuming? I was looking at this page

but suspect half of that information is old as most of the guides are complete?

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Re: Update?

Wow, I did not even know this corner of the site existed!

The contingent that used to write the website guides went off to do other things and left the contingent that put the know-how into the addon.

I have to figure out how to archive this stuff.


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List Updates?

How is this list updated?  I see quite a few listings to guides that on this page state they are in progress but that may have been from over a year ago.  I would love to be able to do guide updates but am unable to.  I'm dyslexic bad enough that I am unable to keep things proper.  Even for my own sites I have to use wysywyg editors and freinds.  I can collect the information and pictures but wouldn't be able to format.

Deepholm Dailies horde

I am going to try and write a guide for the deepholm dailies on the Horde side.  I hope it will be finished soon-ish.

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I don't think there's a

I don't think there's a difference between Horde and Alliance concerning the dailies, so you can use the guide that's already there:

Life isn't like a box of chocolates, it's more like a jar of jalapeños: What you do today might burn your a** tomorrow.



I am currently working on Priest Guides (leveling and shadow) for my guild, will be more than happy to adapt them for use here. I am also thinking of doing Tailoring and Enchanting guides. If you want any of them let me know and I will try to make the proper adeptations for use here. 

Want to make a few guides

I wanted to make a few guides but i couldnt figure out were to start them (I have a mining guide done already but i still wana revise it and put pictures)

I cant figure out how to start posting the guides


but as of this moment the guides i would like to do are


Mining 1-525

Rogue Sub

Rogue Assassination

Rogue Comb

WG Guide

AB Guide

Eots Guide

Honor points guide

Conquest points guide

Lowbie basics guide

Enchanting and you (enchanting weapons to best fit your class/situation)

and a couple others later on.



unlocking Firelands dailies

I think a guide to unlocking the Firelands dailies would be useful.  It shouldn't be hard to produce one from the existing Mount Hyjal leveling guide.  Read wharris's comment on the linked page to see which quests are optional.

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Probably not, I'll take a

Probably not, I'll take a look at that when 4.2 comes out and most likely make a guide for it (or try to).

Will do Profession Dailies to

I'll do the profession dailies to since it's a WIP


EDIT:  Would also be happy if a mod/admin could look in on my daily guide and give me some hints :)

EDIT 2: It's complete will most likely have to revise some parts of it but that will have to wait abit.

Tailoring (Specializing)

Tailoring (Specializing) Can be removed from the list since in Cataclysm there's no such thing :)


Can also Share that I'm working on a guide for the Alliance Daily Quests and it's current state is almost all non profession dailys are added (Tol Barad Peninsula missing) but at the moment it's just spinning quest mobs around my head so will continue later this weekend

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Corrected guide and removed

Corrected guide and removed the relevant specializations that were removed (BS/LW/Tailor). Also added you to list for dailies. =)

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Hahaha, I know that feeling!

Hahaha, I know that feeling! Thanks for the work you've done so far, looking forward to the dailies guide!

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Holy Priest guides

I have tried in the past to get a guide written and up on here for priests, but last time (2 years ago) I quit the game soon after starting the guide.  I would like to try again and get something working for Holy Priests.  I think I would prefer putting up something on pre-raid holy gearing and general raid preperation information, but I could also try and do something more general to priest healing.  I know this needed guides page was pretty recently updated, are there any people working on priest guides that haven't updated it on here? If not, which type of guide would you all prefer?

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Nobody else has said anything

Nobody else has said anything about this, so I signed you up for holy priest guide for now.

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Affliction Guide

Since, there's already the updated pre-raid gear guide for affliction, I'll work on the class mechanics guide for affliction.


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BAM! Up-to-date Needed Guide page =)

Got tired of seeing this as a stub, so I did the entire needed guide page. I don't know who's a girl so nobody got the girl icon though... >_>

Well, actually, I know two girls, but they weren't on any of the WiP guides.

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Holy poop, you rock kayeich!

Holy poop, you rock kayeich! Thank you so much, I've been meaning to fix this page for a long time but have been putting it off. Looks great and should be a big help to everyone :)

Resto Druid Pre-Raid Gear

I've got an initial guide up here.  Covers most armor slots, still needs jewelry, weapons and relics.

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Guides updated

I've updated my Balance Druid Guide and my Newb-No-More Guide.  Anyone who wants to look them over and leave any suggestions or comments I'd appreciate it.  Thanks.

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Cataclysm 80-85 Dungeon Guides

If any of these are needed, let me know. I'll gladly start working on one.

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That would be

That would be awesome!

Blizzard has focused a lot on tactics in Cataclysm, and knowing what to do in dungeons is essential for a successful run. I know that wowwiki has a general overview of most dungeons in the game, but rarely mention specific tactics, so guides that give you hints and tips about boss fights and other encounters are much needed.

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Yes! That would be great! I

Yes! That would be great! I know wkjezz worked on some dungeon "preview" guides, so you can check those to improve upon them or work on other dungeons not covered by him.

Also, if you don't mind, I'll want to adapt your dungeon guides to our addon:

With ample references to your "paper" guides.

Plate Tank pre-HC gear guide

Before the expansion hits, I want to figure out what the best gear is and where to get it before entering heroics for my Pally tank. I thought it'd be a nice idea to share my findings here. Also, maybe, I will do the same for pre-raid gear!

Will try and upload a guide ASAP!


Guide ready!

And the guide is ready! Check it here!

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Do you mind if I move it to

Do you mind if I move it to the Paladin Guide Section? I found it via Recent Activity. Try this link.

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

not just pally

Well, it's meant for all plate tanks, so also warriors and death knights.  Is it possible to put that guide in the warrior and dk class section? And I have no idea why the link didn't work :S

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Maybe I'll just put it in the

Maybe I'll just put it in the General Class guides. I just want to be sure that people can find it easily! I'm not sure If I can add it to multiple class sections or not. I'll ask Jiya when I talk to her.

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Bad Link


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Hey Anaroth! The link didn't

Hey Anaroth! The link didn't work for me. :(

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

Hhmm ... I think this one

Hhmm ... I think this one might work!

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Tanks A lot!

 (yes it is another poor pun from me)


Thank you for your contribution, I will take a closer look at it probably on the 6th



I noticed there is not a guide for EPL, since i will be questing there anyway, I am going to download the recorder and see if I can get a good looking guide. I understand optimal flow does not go through EPL, but as an 80 who is working on Loremaster, I think the more areas that have guides the better.


edit - this page also has no guides listed. Don't know if that is intentional or not. 

And the guide is ready! Check

Sorry! Wrong message to reply :P

Boomkin Guide

Looks like we're missing a Boomkin PvE guide. I'd be more than happy to write up a leveling/end game guide for Boomkins. It'd be for the 4.03a changes that are coming today, and then I'd update it for Cata's end game when I get to that point.

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Excellent, I'll look forward

Excellent, I'll look forward to it! I was planning on tackling this task if no one got to it before hand, as I've just switched my main spec to boomkin, but I'm happy to have someone else working on it - there are lots of other interesting guides I'd like to write Smiling

Insane in the Membrane

I haven't found any guides for this on the site and in patch 4.0.3a there will be some significant changes to the achievement. I have does this feat once before and I would like to submit an updated guide for Cataclysm if nobody else is currently working on one.

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That would be an awesome

That would be an awesome guide to contribute, very much looking forward to it!

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Elemental Talent Guide

I noticed that you're "Elemental Shaman Talent Guide" is a bit out-dated and it isn't listed here. I was wondering if it is going to be available for an update any time soon?

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Paladin 4.0.1 PVE Holy Guide

I have been testing my paladin on the PTR and have constucted a guide based on the formation of a PVE Healing paladin for 4.0.1

It's not listed as needed; but I assumed with a major overhaul just weeks away it would be handy.

Oh... and here is a feather in our caps... our information is more up to date in my guide than it is on MMO Champion. Muahahaha


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Nice! Too bad not all the

Nice! Too bad not all the guides here are that up to date Sad I haven't had time to work on my tree guide for some time now...

Manovan NE 13-20 Guide

I see here that Manovan had started a guide to continue on his 1-13 guide. Did this get finished or was it scrapped in favor of Hairbo's?

Sub rogue leveling guide

I'm starting to level a rogue sub and i was wondering if you needed a guide for this?

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A subtlety leveling guide

A subtlety leveling guide would be great Smiling

Best Gear Outside Raids - Elemental

I am in progress of writin a guide for Best Gear Outside Raids - Elemental, its based on actual theorycraft

the guide is posted and 100%

the guide is posted and 100% done

DK Shopping List

Hey WP team, my old main character, now a farm mule, is an 80 DK. i have raided with him successfully up to ICC 4/4 before the recent patches. i can provide shopping lists on both Tanking and DPS on all specs. Also, i can add in a new guide for DK end game raiding. If you need me to help out with these things, just holler at me.


I can see that there really isn't a lot of rogue guides out there, if ud like me to i could write one about raiding specs and all that.