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So, you just hit 80. You're in greens and quest blues, and you're wondering...what next? Heroics, of course! This guide will not only show you how to gear, but will also recommend glyphs, talents, and gems/enchants. Please note I will be uploading these in Chapters.

Table of Contents
2.Talents - RELEASED Guide
3.Rotations E.T.A December 16th, 2008 POSTPONED, most likely the 17th.
4.Glyphs E.T.A December 17th, 2008 POSTPONED, most likely the 18th.
5. Add-ons - E.T.A unannounced as of now.

--Edit-- I'm so sorry I had to postpone these. I did not have enough time to write the 3rd chapter, therefore delaying the next. I'll delete this edit when I post them.


3. Rotations
Now we are onto rotations. What exactly are rotations? Well, the term rotation means using certain abilities in a certain way to get the most maximum damage output you can.
I will be doing rotations for all three specs. Please note - this will be a somewhat short guide.

Arcane Blast x 3 -> Arcane Missiles ->
Arcane Barrage -> Frostbolt x 3 Repeat.

Frostfire Bolt x 3 -> Fireball x 3 -> Fire Blast Repeat.

Frostbolt Repeat.

-End of Chapter 3-



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Frost Raiding Rotation

It is true that frostbolt is a majorly strong spell when full into the frost tree, but that should not be your only spell. For example when you think the time is right throw in a few ice lances. Also if you proc Fingers of Frost you should always fire an ice lance after your last frostbolt because it will proc with Fingers of Frost as well, so it should look like this,

Proc Fingers of Frost ----> Frostbolt ----> Frostbolt ----> and immediatly after the frost bolt an ice lance.

Hope this helps.

If you're reading this sig, you will be crushed by a giant albino unicorn.

If you're reading this sig, you will be crushed by a giant albino unicorn.

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... Frostbolt in Arcane Spec Rotation, among other things.

I think this needs a little work.

Arcane Spec needs just Arcane Blast x3 Arcane barrage(or Missles when MBarrage procs), Arcane Blast x1 then Arcane barrage when running low on mana, but be sure to stack 3 times for Missles when it procs.
Slow helps to throw in there when they aren't immune to it.

Frost has a bit more to it than just frostbolt doesn't it? I have never done frost, so I wouldn't know much about it, but isn't there an elemental, stun, and some buffs/debuffs to watch?

Fire? Living Bomb, Scorch, Frostfire bolt. When hotstreak procs, Pyroblast. I know there's even more than that even! Fire requires probably the most info to pull off successfully.

Jenkins isn't a title, it's a way of life.

Jenkins isn't a title, it's a way of life.

more rotations

You might consider putting in different rotations for soloing,raiding,aoe etc

other than that good guide Laughing out loud


Frostfire rotation

Well if Specced deep fire (all way to living bomb) and rest in frost. My rotation for a boss would be: Living bomb > Scorch > Scorch (Repeat for 5 stacks if you don't have glyph. If you don't have it get it improves dps alot.) Frostfire bolt ( after this called FFB ) > Living bomb > Scorch > FFB Repeat for duration of Living bomb then Scorch > Living bomb > resume FFB spam Sticking out tongue

What my point is that Living bomb and Scorch Should be main thing to keep up then when you get time over just fire FFBs and Use combustion + icy veins every time it's up.

Wise things get said, but Few get understod


I agree with the rotation but just could not figure out why my stats in raids have been so low compared to what others have said I should be at
My gear is good, actually better than good, but thanks to you I realise now I have been missing one essential element in my rotation - combustion Sad

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This guide could be

This guide could be improved. For example, frost mages can also use Water elemental, icy veins and cold snap for their rotaion. I also thought fire mages should keep the Schorch debuff up...

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The scorch debuff isn´t needed while fighting regular mobbs, just while fighting elits and bosses. But ofc that should be included in this guide.

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Scourch debuff is usually

Scourch debuff is usually not worth it on trash due to the fastness of their death. However, I do understand bosses. Frost was somewhat rushed and I am improving that today.

Comment me on my blog.

Comment me on my blog.