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Step 1: Buy all the following items at AH/VENDOR/ Note: Everything marked with (*) can be bought from the trainer! So don't stress buying them now


100 Linen Cloth
20 Bolt of Linen Cloth
100 Wool Cloth
25 Bolt of Woolen Cloth
80 Silk Cloth
120 Bolt of Silk Cloth
50 Mageweave Cloth
80 Bolt of Mageweave
50 Runecloth
135 Bolt of Runecloth
150 Netherweave Cloth
160 Bolt of Netherweave
75 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave
75 Coarse Thread*
135 Fine Thread*
5 Gray Dye*
30 Blue Dye*
10 Bleach*
60 Red Dye*
45 Silken Thread*
60 Heavy Silken Thread*
85 Rune Thread*
30 Arcane Dust
30 Netherweb Spider silk
130 Rugged Leather
20 Knothide Leather

Step 2: Have a teleport to Shattrath(Ask a mage). Go to one of the inns and set your Heartstone. Now we are heading to Sanctum of the Sun in Shadowmoon Valley. If you dont have the FP you need to get running!

Leave Shattrath from one of its Eastern exits and start to follow the road east. If you havent already got the Stonebreaker Hold (horde) or the Allerian Stronghold(Alliance) FP's, take the south fork in the road when at Tuurem and pick them up, if you have or are not interesed, just keep following the road east, when the road forks again, take the southeren fork, and continue into SMV.

Again if you want the FP's here, take the first road north you find for Shadowmoon Village(Horde) or take the first road south you find for Wildhammer Stronghold(Alliance).

Carry on along the road and you will eventually find the Sanctum of the Sun, just south of the road. Buy Imbued Netherweave Tunic (or robe) pattern from Arrond.

Step 3: Use your hs to get to Shattrath again. If you have the flight path to Honor Hold/Thrallmar use it now. If not mount back up, leave Shattrath east and start following the road again, this time at the first fork, take the northern route into Hellfire, you will find the road dissapears though, so just follow the map below. The blue routes are the optional horde FP's. I Highly recomend getting the Falcon Wathc FP though as it is the connecting FP between Shattrath and Thrallmar.

Once you arrive find the Tailoring trainger (in the in for Horde) and start following the below guide! (Note: You will need to bank a few items and also vendor items you make as you are making them to conserver space. For this guide I kept all my 300-375 items in the bank and then picked them up.

1 - 50: Bolt of Linen Cloth
50 - 70: Linen Bag
70 - 75: Reinforced Linen Cape
75 - 105: Bolt of Woolen Cloth
105 - 110: Gray Woolen Shirt
110 - 125: Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders
125 - 145: Bolt of Silk Cloth
145 - 160: Azure Silk Hood
160 - 170: Silk Headband
170 - 175: Formal White Shirt
175 - 185: Bolt of Mageweave
185 - 205: Crimson Silk Vest
205 - 215: Crimson Silk Pantaloons
215 - 220: Black Mageweave Leggings/Black Mageweave Vest
220 - 230: Black Mageweave Gloves
230 - 250: Black Mageweave Headband/Black Mageweave Shoulders
250 - 260: Bolt of Runecloth
260 - 275: Runecloth Belt
275 - 300: Runecloth Gloves
300 - 325: Bolt of Netherweave
-Time to go to Shattrah, Lower City. Camp yourself outside Eiin and buy all of his recipes. You'll need to stay here until 375 because of the Mana Loom right next to him-
325 - 340: Bolt of Imbued Netherweave
340 - 350: Netherweave Boots
350 - 360: Netherweave Tunic
360 - 375: Imbued Netherweave Tunic

Step 4: Pick up one of the 3 Tailoring specialization quests and go complete it, there rather easy but check the rewards of each specialization before you complete a quest!


a little more info to help

I bought my recipes Netherweave, Netherweave Robe, Bolt of Imbued Netherweave, and Imbued Netherweave bag right in shat at Eiin next to the Mana Loom. There is also a lady there selling recipes for Primal Moon cloth and items you can make with it.

I think I had to buy some stuff in Thrallmar but, I can't rememeber.

Also if you go to Stonard in the Swamp of Sorrows I found some recipes there.

You can also make a cenarion herb bag if you get honored at Sylithus by doing quests there and it takes a good while but you can make good money selling bags.

I don't remember where I got my other bag recipes from but, the Soul Pouch sells for 20g and the Enchanted Mageweave pouch sells for about 13g or more. I am sure if you Google search any of them it will show you where to buy the recipes.

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Alliance cloth farming

spots i used for cloth farming

linen - almost any low lvl humonoid but i like the kobold miners in elwynn forest cause they are funny.

wool - furblogs around ashenvale. they respawn fast and i'd say i get about a 35-40% droprate on wool

silk - if you do linen in elwynn then the guys at angerfang in wetlands. if you farm linen somewhere in kalimdor then the sandfury trolls (lvl 42-45) in tanaris (just south of Zul'Farrak) have a decent droprate plus you get a head start on collecting mageweave this way.

mageweave - this is a tossup between the deadwood furblogs (around lvl 50) in southern felwood and the sandfury trolls in tanaris. i'm partial to the furblogs because of the added bonus of timbermaw rep for killing them and turning in feathers.

runecloth - furblogs in northern felwood and western winterspring (hot springs area). good drop rate and added timbermaw rep bonus.

netherweave - ogres (around lvl 65-67) in northern nagrand. awesome droprate and added rep bonus with kurenai and also powder samples for halaa badge things. so here you kill 3 birds with one stone.

*note about the sandfury trolls in tanaris* they drop flask of mojo quite often. don't make the mistake i made thinking they are useless and vender them. they sell for around 1G each on my server (Gilneas). this comes in handy for buying all the extra stuff you'll need.

Slight error

Nice guide, but there is a slight error. In step 2 when you say go to Shadowmoon to buy the Imbued Netherweave Tunic pattern, from sanctum of the sun (It's actually sanctum of the stars) And you also need to be sided with The Scryers to get the pattern. So I had to get someone who was with Scryers to get the pattern. I didnt realise this until I got there, so it will be worthwhile to mention this in your guide.

Is there anywhere else

Is there anywhere else besides The Stockades to go for Wool Cloth?

Shadowfang Keep and AH, but

Shadowfang Keep and AH, but besides that..Sorry

Cloth locations.

I'm raising tailoring on my horde character now so figured I would post the cloth spots I used.

Linen: Ragefire Chasm, got 120ish in a clear and it was pretty easy to clear.

Wool Cloth: The Stockades(not best for horde but I ran in without a death at 72), 30-60 a clear(15-20min for a DK at 72)

Sorry stopped keeping track of how many I got after those two.

Silk Cloth: Scarlet Monastery, A couple stacks I think.

Mageweave: Tanaris, Ogres or Pirates both drop it decently. Pirates seem better for AoE tho.

Runecloth: Hellfire Peninsula, Not sure if this is best or not but I killed at the expedition armory. Really easy kills there and you get some netherweave mixed in.

For netherweave I had so much from doing all the outlands quests for the achievments that I didn't really spend time focusing on it.

For frostweave I still don't know a decent spot and it seems respawn rates change alot.

Hope this helps somebody out, and if anyone finds a nice spot for frostweave I would love that info. Sticking out tongue

Another good spot for

Another good spot for Mageweave is the Deadwood Furblog area in South Felwood (47,88). The added bonus to that is you can raise your Timbermaw Hold rep quite easily. Just run the area in a circle a couple of times, irk the lvl 40-50s who are trying to raise their rep, collect some feathers, mageweave and the odd snazzy green (or even blue), turn in your feathers, rinse and repeat.

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I know it depends on the

I know it depends on the server economy, but isn't the Frostwoven stuff generally easier to make from 350 on? Frostwoven things take just 3 Frostweave bolts (15 cloth) each, while Imbued Netherweave Tunic takes a total of 90 Netherweave cloth each.

I would go with frostweave

I would go with frostweave bolts when you can train them unless you just have access to outlands stuff more than frostweave cloth. Good guide from what I see otherwise, thanks for posting it.

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Seems quite nice. Well

Seems quite nice. Well presented. I can't comment on the actual content though, so please people who've got experience with tailoring, leave some feedback!