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Levelling a Hunter from 1-80

Table of Contents

  1. Talent Build and Pet Choice
  2. Rotations and Abilities
  3. Glyphs
  4. Enchants
  5. Useful Addons

Talent Build
On the way to 80 there is one Talent Build you should use, and that is the Beast Mastery tree. This tree will focus on improving your pet, so that you can send it in and burn the mob down without it killing you. Here is the build you should use:


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Looking pretty good, I will

Looking pretty good, I will be using this for my hunter Smiling I agree with Trollvink's comments. You also should tell us where to get our gorilla at level 32 - I know there are some on STV at that level, but not everyone may know that or know where they are.

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Hi there, decent guide, but

Hi there,

decent guide, but there were some thing's I noticed:

- Rank 1 Steady Shot is trainable @ level 50.

- Rank 1 volley is trainable @ level 40, so you can't use it at level 32, maybe something to change at 'Pet Choice'

- At addons you could add a few like Bartender4, so you can make Trap, Aspect and Track bars.

- You might want to add color code's. Check Jame's guide's for an example. Scroll down a bit and you'll see.


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Thanks for the CC

Thanks for that, I fixed up the rotations section, added a note in the 'Pet Choice' section, included Bartender in the addon section, I kind of assumed an Action Bar addon would be a given.

Color Code added.