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1) Talk to Deputy Willem

  • Accept "A Threat Within"

2)Talk to Marshal McBride

  • Turn in "A Threat Within"
  • Accept "Kobold Camp Cleanup"

3) Talk to Deputy Willem

  • Accept "Eagan Peltskinner"
4) Talk to Eagan Peltskinner
  • Turn in "Eagan Peltskinner"
  • Accept "Wolves Across the Border"

5) Kill wolves and get 8 Tough Wolf Meat

6) Kill 10 Kobold Vermin

7) Talk to Eagan Peltskinner

  • Turn in "Wolves Across the Border"

Sell and repair at Godric Rothgar

8 ) Talk to Marshal McBride

  • Turn in "Kobold Camp Cleanup"
  • Accept "Investigate Echo Ridge"
  • Accept your class quest. Turn this in when you go for training later on.
9) Talk to Deputy Willem
  • Accept "Brotherhood of Thieves"

1) Kill 10 Kobold Workers

2) Kill Defias mobs and get 12 Red Burlap Bandanas

3) Talk to Deputy Willem

  • Turn in "Brotherhood of Thieves"
  • Accept "Milly Osworth"
  • Accept "Bounty on Garrick Padfoot"
4) Talk to Marshal McBride
  • Turn in "Investigate Echo Ridge"
  • Accept "Skirmish at Echo Ridge
5) Kill 12 Kobold Laborer

6) Talk to Milly Osworth

  • Turn in "Milly Osworth"
  • Accept "Milly's Harvest"
7) Click Milly's Harvest barrels and get 8 Milly's Harvest

8 ) Kill Garrick Padfoot and loot his head.
Grind on Defias mobs in this area until you are just above halfway to level 6.

1) Talk to Milly Osworth

  • Turn in "Milly's Harvest"
  • Accept "Grape Manifest"
2) Talk to Deputy Willem
  • Turn in "Bounty on Garrick Padfoot"
3) Talk to Marshal McBride
  • Turn in "Skirmish at Echo Ridge"
  • Acceot "Report to Goldshire"
4) Go inside the church and follow the spiral staircase to the top. Talk to Brother Neals
  • Turn in "Grape Manifest"

5) Talk to Falkhaan Isentrider

  • Accept "Rest and Relaxation"
6) Run to Goldshire


Awesome guide

I just started leveling a human paladin, I actually hate leveling, but with this guide it made it much more enjoyable, especially because it is going fast, and with the 2 heirlooms for extra xp and the weapon I'm always 1 or 2 levels ahead, which makes the questing go much faster, and more fun.

Liked it

I liked it though I noticed you missed a few quests

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I'm skipping quests, not

I'm skipping quests, not missing them Sticking out tongue

If a quest is not worth doing, it is better to skip it than wasting your time on it.


when i try an addon, it doesnt work

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We'll need a bit more info

We'll need a bit more info about what's going wrong in order to help. Have you unzipped the addons into your addon folder? Does it show up in game? Do you have it enabled? Do you have TomTom? Check the troubleshooting page for the addon for ideas.

Not so clear in the addon


Just started a Human paladin, and on reaching Goldshire (and accepting a few other quests) the addon reports '! Lost Necklace' and the suggestion is 'Talk to Billy Maclure'. Not only is this suggesting the wrong person (as can be seen in the guide here) but there's no tomtom arrow/waypoint, and the farms aren't the sort of place you'll just happen across.

I appreciate the guides, but it seems I'll have to revert back to this version Puzzled

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Well, the addon-version

Well, the addon-version isn't my doing, so don't look to me for that. However, as I recall from doing that section in the addon, there was no such error. Make sure you have the newest version of tomtom, lightheaded, tourguide and the guide itself.


Hey guys, I created a new character today after a 10-month break (Had a lvl 70 druid).
I made human paladin. I wanted to see how fast I could lvl him up.
lvl 10: 2h 25 minutes 26 seconds.
I used questhelper but not this guide, I just came across this few hours ago when I lvl'd him already.

Well, 3 questions:
1. What are some things you should always do when lvl'ing?
2. How do I get better at lvl'ing?
3. is 2h 25 minutes 26 seconds good for someone who created a new char after not playing 10 months on the other side?


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For leveling tips, check out

For leveling tips, check out our leveling tip wiki.

2h 25min is indeed a good leveling time for 1-10 - pretty much anything under 3 hours is good time for those first 10 levels.

Nearly 4h lvl 12 oO

3h 55 minutes, lvl 12 10%
Although I have 2 completed quests in my log, I'm slowing down way more than Jame =[

Oh that's cool =D

Well, that's cool
Considering it's my first time I level alliance side and first time I lvl a paladin, I'm happy =]
I will check out the leveling tips.

Thanks for the help

Question About This Great Guide

and it is a terrific guide! however, on the road to Thesalmar (sp?), should i be encountering lvl 20 npc orcs at the entrance/exit to some of the tunnels?

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Nope, that's the tunnel

Nope, that's the tunnel to/from Wetlands, and you'll not go there until around level 23 in Boston's 20-30 Alliance Leveling Guide.

Just follow the steps in this guide correctly and look at the maps, and you should have no problems coming to Thelsamar.

Thank Ya Kindly!

dunno how i kept ending up in those tunnels, but after reading your reply decided it was time to stop indulging in madness--doing the same thing over and over expecting different result--and try slicing just a tad to the right...or left or...well, you get the idea.

found the npcs just where you said they'd be.

fab guide maw and thanks for replying!

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic guide, very easy to follow - very clear & precise! My only two suggestinos might be
a) Co-ordinates wouldn't hurt Smiling (but not necessary)
b) The drop rate on the last quests is tediously low! Very slow! Took a LONG time to get those!!!

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The time for using

The time for using Hearthstone for the second time, is now changed from after clearing The Fargodeep Mine, till after "Collecting Kelp" is completed. This has been done because you can have cleared The Fargodeep Mine, and all quests in that section, and still have Hearthstone on a cooldown of more than 15 minutes.

The 12-20 it's wrong at the start

why nobody mention it, it says:

) Talk to Mountaineer Cobbleflint

* Accept "In Defense of the King's Lands"

2) Talk to Captain Rugelfuss

* Accept "The Trogg Threat"

3) Kill 10 Stonesplinter Troggs and 10 Stonesplinter Scouts, and get 8 Trogg Stone Tooth.
Hint: Use the Explosive Rockets when you have to fight two of them at once.

4) Talk to Mountaineer Cobbleflint

* Turn in "In Defense of the King's Lands"

5) Talk to Mountaineer Gravelgaw

* Accept "In Defense of the King's Lands"

6) Talk to Captain Rugelfuss

* Turn in "The Trogg Threat"

He doesn't mention to go Loch Modan and accept those quests (I know where the NPC are and I know very well those quests, but a new player can be confused).

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What about looking at the

What about looking at the map?

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Actually it does practically

Actually it does practically tell you to go to Loch Modan. It says to follow the 10-12 section of this guide at the start of that one, and in that section we have this phrase:

14) Run through the tunnel, and enter Loch Modan.

Of course, if you had followed the whole 1-12 guide you'd already be in Loch Modan as it is (or maybe Ironforge if you went to train, but still). Since the guide never says to leave Loch Modan, one can probably figure out we're supposed to still be there.

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Those quests is turned in

Those quests is turned in later, in the 12-20 Guide (reply to "mnbv").

To all the people complaining about bad drop rates at the last quests in Loch Modan, I really can't agree in that Sticking out tongue
I never have to spend alot of time on that part. It really depends on how good you are at grinding, and following the correct route.

I see Great guide by the

I see

Great guide by the way Smiling


As I was going through this guide I noticed that the guide doesn't tell you to turn in some of the quest, like "The Forgotten Heirloom". Are you supposed to do them anyway and turn in them in, or are you not supposed to them?

Awesome Guide.

It's fantastic, but I had a little trouble in the last quest Sad took ages to get it finish.

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I tested this guide in tourguide addon. Very very good, as I state some post below. I took my time to level a bit my professions, even though on the new realm mineral veins were so farmed that it was hard to find a free spot to mine. I finished the guide and was 82% into level 12 because of the horrible drop rate of Thelsmar Sauge and Rat Catching, then I did the class quest (I'm a Paladin too... I think that Jame's blog post has incresead the number of paladins by A LOT) and I'm actually 30% into level 13. I will now wait to test the second chapter of this guide, already knowing that is good in e-paper shape Smiling

5 stars!


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Glad you liked it! The

Glad you liked it! The Tourguide 12-20 of maws guide should be up tomorrow by the way Eye

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awesome guide. just dinged 9

awesome guide. just dinged 9 at less than 1h30m played

EDIT: Just finished guide. Played time just over 3 hours. Couldn't beat Holyjame. Sad

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Mwahah, Holyjame is the man!

Mwahah, Holyjame is the man!

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In my defense I took about

In my defense I took about 20 minutes of time buying a Guild Charter, talking to the few US players that rolled on Fenris with me, and on top of that....


But yeah, Holyjame is the man!

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Very nice guide. I

Very nice guide. I personally stay to Westfall a while when levelling humans, but you got the best cycle. I've found that this guide usually takes me almost a level higher due to 200% xp on kills (rested bonus). For faster levelling, people should add "park character for a week and go farm deathcharger" then continue with guide for xp bonus. Just Saying. lol

Jenkins isn't a title, it's a way of life.

Jenkins isn't a title, it's a way of life.

Really great guide!

This leveling guide was really fun to play through, there were some quests in it I hadn't even considered doing but they ended up giving some fast experience. At the end of the guide, I was nearly halfway through 13! I guess this gives me a head start into your 12-20 guide. Laughing out loud

Great Job!

I enjoyed reading the guide, and it follows so much the route I run with my human alts. Very easy on the eyes, and excellent information!

To do is to be - Socrates
To be is to do - Voltaire
Do be do be do - Sinatra

To do is to be - Socrates
To be is to do - Voltaire
Do be do be do - Sinatra

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well set out


very nice guide just about to try it out with a human warrior now Smiling

excellently set out, easily one of the easiest guides to read. your colour coding seemed very Appropriate and very easy to relate to.

all the best with any guides in the future Smiling

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Windows Vista Airlines:

You enter a good looking terminal with the largest planes you have ever seen. Every 10 feet a security officer appears and asks you if you

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That's great! There are

That's great! Smiling
There are some parts of the guide that I thought might be a bit difficult for especially warriors (they are the worst class to level 1-12). Let me know if you get stuck at some hard areas. I have Goldtooth and Rolf's Corpse particular in mind when saying this.

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much Appreciated

thanks maw, very nice of you to offer that Smiling i let you know how its going and im early awaiting whatever you decide to write in the future

all the best Smiling

If operationg systems ran the airlines-

Windows Vista Airlines:

You enter a good looking terminal with the largest planes you have ever seen. Every 10 feet a security officer appears and asks you if you

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Very nice, very nice indeed.

Very nice, very nice indeed. I will have to make another Human just to try this out! Great job.

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I'm going to make an

I'm going to make an Alliance 12-20 guide, a Night Elf 1-12 guide, and a Dwarf/Gnome 1-12 guide. Will take some time, but I guess it'll all be done within a month or so.

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This is the very same route I do for leveling human characters Jawdropping!

Wonderful formatting and map editing, thumbs up. Anyway, I suggest you to do only the 12-20 version of the guide because Boston's 20-30 leveling guide is good enough for every alliance race. Even though it is a little outdated right now, there are no problems while following it, just remember that there is the SW Harbor for quicker traveling Eye. Maybe some good writer should update that guide, but it is definitely good!

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Yeah I agree, although I

Yeah I agree, although I haven't personally leveled an Alliance character, Boston's guide should be fine, no need for a 20-30 guide.
BTW NICE GUIDE going to level a human soon. Smiling

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I don't play alliance but

I don't play alliance but this is very nice work.

Good job Smiling

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Wow, seems to be top notch

Wow, seems to be top notch quality. Thumbs up! Eye


sorry i found it never mind about my last post thanks Smiling

next part of the guide

I have completed the 1-12 part of this do i get the next section?