Forum Rules - Please Read

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Welcome to WoW-pro Forums!

We invite everyone to come and take part in discussions about WoW here on our forums. However here are a few rules to keep it enjoyable for everyone

  • Post in correct English. We are no grammar freaks, but we do ask you to make coherent sentences and take a minute to reread your posts before hitting the submit button. I know that many of you aren't native English speakers (just like myself) but everyone can make an effort by taking an extra 10 seconds to scan a post for errors. Use proper punctuation (commas, full stops), use capitals at the start of sentences and above all, please don't use internet lazy-speak like "hi m8, u have n1 wpn, luv dat it has blu glowz".

  • No asking for release dates. Guides published on this site are completely free and we try to provide a high standard of quality. This is why we ask you to refrain from asking release dates. If there is none posted then that means that we don't know or don't want to post one yet. Generally when our guides are done, they are done and daily posts asking us WHEN, don't help at all, they are actually more like a burden and create a certain pressure. This goes especially for people who are asking in an unfriendly manner. It is common sense to not bitch or whine for something that you get for free. If you ask for release dates, especially if you do so in an unrespectful manner you are going to get a warning. Two or more warnings result in a temporary ban for 1 week. Should we have to warn you another time your account will be suspended for good.

  • No Trolling. If you don't have anything valuable to add to a discussion and are simply here to annoy people, you can go back to where you came from. The forums and comments ARE moderatable, and breaking this rule will result in a warning and the second time in a ban.

  • No Insulting. We don't belong to the kind of forums where we laugh about people who make spelling mistakes or mock people for possible errors they make in posts and/or for their nationality, opinion, etc.. Of course if you disagree with someone's opinion you are welcome to discuss it, but as soon as you feel like adding insults or rude comments, either take it to private messages or just move on. Generally everyone is allowed to state his/her opinion here, and noone should be afraid of getting mocked/laughed at.

  • Stick to the Topic. Please try to take a look at the several topics we got for this forum and use the appropriate one for your thread. This makes it easier for everyone to participate in discussions. Furthermore try to stick to the topic, of course threads somtimes drift away, but in general try not to hijack too much Sticking out tongue

  • Use Search. Sometimes it can happen that posts about the same topic are made, but try to avoid it. Use the search function of the board (not the one of the site) and make a fast search if your topic exists already. We have nothing against "bumping" older posts if you feel you have something to add. We are not too strict about this rule, as sometimes you might not have the time to use search, but it helps, and the moderators will merge threads together if needed.

  • No Hacks, Cheats, Bots, unallowed Utilities for WoW As we all know, these things go against Blizzard's Terms of Agreement and we are a site that decided not to feature anything that Blizzard forbids. I am sure there are other sites which are interested in stuff like this, but we clearly are NOT. We will delete such posts immediately and warn the poster, the second time he gets banned.

  • NO SELLING OF INGAME CONTENT Pointed this out extra, see previous point.

  • No Advertising This is no advertising place. Of course if you know a cool site and you want to share it with us, you can, but any sort of excessive advertise and repetitive tries to make publicity for something will be cut down. People already experience enough advertise on the internet, no need to spam it into discussion-threads as well.

  • No L33t-speak, no caps, no spam and no (excessive) cussing. Ok, this is a really important point for us. If you intend to use L33t-speak (imitating letters with sings and numbers) or if you like to abuse the caps key to get attention, or if you like to spam and feel not capable of watching your language, please don't post. We really HATE this, it is nothing else but childish and does not belong into any discussion forums where people actually want to talk and have conversations.
    We are trigger happy on the bans for this, so don't even try it.

  • No Racist, Adult or Violent Posts/Remarks/Pictures Posting any of the above mentioned content will result in at least a warning, in certain cases even in an immediate ban.

Apart from this, have fun !