The Funny Guild Name Thread

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A simple game. Here are the rules:

1. Add New Comment
2. Rate the Guild Name from the comment BELOW your comment on a scale of 1 to 10. The funnier the name, the higher the grade, all the way up to 10.
3. Give a funny guild name of your choice.

I'll start with a classic funny guild name:

Less QQ More PewPew

Please rate me and post a funny guild name!


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Been a While....LOL

I have to nominate my bank guild on Malfurion (/Trollbane).

I'm a huge Big Bang Theory fan and have seen that Bazinga is on several servers.  Had a friend suggest the new guild name:

Pennys Bazingas!


Funny guild name

Muffins of Mahem, guild leader rank: Muffin Man

heres an 11/10

This one is so awesome....

Come Honor Faces


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I had a guild I ran that went

I had a guild I ran that went under the name "Queues R Us," and after a while my friend came across someone with the guild name "Quests R Us." I thought that was mildly humurous. I'm wondering which of us made our guild first, lol.

I haven't seen too many humorous guild names on my realm, but I'm probably not noticing them. A few I've seen are:

  • PrettyPrettyPrincess
  • Brutal Noodles
  • Drunken Badgers
  • Exalted with Repair Bots

While doing a random dungeon run, I did encounter a rogue with the guild name "Nerfed and still OP."



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"AFK" This bait actually

This bait actually works sometimes.

"You Broke My Stealth"
If you're reading it, obviously.

"Vending Machine"
A Mage actually fulfilling this duty is rare.

"WAIT Ok Now"
Gotta fix my hair first.

"U Cant Touch This"
MC Hammer.

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Guild I'm In

Thought was pretty original, here it alot with new Tanks/Healers:

"Ok Who Pulled"

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I *just* saw someone from

I *just* saw someone from this guild in my HoR group.


thats too fuuny Smiling i am laughing out loudly Laughing out loud

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LOL thats really funny!

LOL thats really funny! Laughing out loud

I've got the CRITS that make them all TREMBLE!

LF Irl girl for our vent is

LF Irl girl for our vent is quite funny, 8/10

Best one I have EVER seen though, has got to be "Onyxia gives Epic head"

<LF irl Girl for our vent>

6/10 for the guild below my comment.

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"SheSaidSheWaslvl18" 6/10

player name: Cillitbang
guild name: And the dirt is gone

Incase you've got no idea what I'm talking about: might help explain it Smiling

Riders of Lohan was pretty funny aswell.

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6.5/10 for lon... She Said

6.5/10 for lon...

She Said She Was Lvl18

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"This Guild Name is too Lon"

"This Guild Name is too Lon" is my personal favorite.

I rate "Don't Kill Me I Have a Main" a 6/10. Smiling

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

funny guild name

i would say

"Don't kill me i have a main"


7/10 for 'Don't kill me i have a main', especially with all the firefest ganking going on right now!

we have a Horde guild on Earthen Ring called KITTENS OR ELSE! Now if only they'd pvp flag Lil Timmy so they could carry out their threats...

PvP guild name

I'd rate "I'm only here because my server is down" a 7/10, mostly for the unfortunate truth behind it.

I don't play on a PvP server, but if I did I'd be tempted to use "Gankster's Paradise" as a guild name

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Okay, I'm sick of fixing

Okay, I'm sick of fixing this and I don't know why I haven't just said it before.


It makes the name disappear because the browser thinks it's HTML. So don't do it. That is all Smiling

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Did I do that? Bad habit.....LOL


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Fat Kids Lag IRL 6/10

I was sitting in Dalaran this morning waiting for the server to restart and a guy started recruiting for "I'm Only Here Because My Server is Down". Not the funniest, but I thought it was worth a mention.


Fat Kids Lag IRL

I think one of the funniest guild names I have seen is:

Fat Kids Lag IRL

As for I'd Mana Tap That I give it a 7/10 and Schindlers Ignore List a 6/10, Not PC but made me LOL

More guild names

I'd Mana Tap That (for those of you that don't know, and are pretty new to the game, blood elves used to have a spell named Mana Tap, so yeah, thats quite funny)

Another one that made me giggle:
Schindlers Ignore List (there is a film named Schindlers List)

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funny guild

With the first guild I don't want to seem rude , it's called EXALTED WITH YOUR MUM when people ride past it just makes you laugh.

Anither guild is GO Gnome GO Home it's not silly but my guild finds it funny Smiling.

Haydn Eves >.<

Haydn Eves >.<

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, a pretty famous and

We Wipe On Trash , a pretty famous and succesful raiding guild.

Pony Slaystation, Well, yeah...

Player Names
Something I am better at:

Title: Private
Name: Parts
Guild: Taste good in your mouth.


Title: Knight
Name: Rider

Name: Victor
Title: ... The Flawless Victor

Name: Vanquisher
Title: Twilight Vanquisher


Name: Ellipsis
Class: Warlock
Free cookies to those who get it!

Name: Nintendot
Class: Warlock

Name: Priestitute
Class: Priest, obviously


Name: Hearthvader
Name: Bravehearth
Class: Paladin

another guild name

a little messed up but i saw a guild called
"kennedy was flagged"
i loled for a while


7/10 for "Kennedy was flagged"
One on my server was named "Me so Hordey" Haven't seen it in a while though.

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On my realm.

Those are the funniest guild names I saw on my realm:
"Random Retards"
"Gnomes on Steroids"
"General Goods"

My old guild was "Gaozari si Pasarici" the name its in Romanian. But a ruff translation would be "Ass holes and Pussies".

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< Bites When Picked Up >

< Bites When Picked Up >


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I wish I was the one that could respond to this when I found a funny name, but just in case....

That's friggin' hilarious!!!!!


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7/10 for "It Burns when I PvP"

One that really made me LOL was:

"Don't Daze me Bro"

And in case you don't get it, it's referring to that student who got tazed during one of senetor john kerry's speeches a few years ago. The student yelled "Don't taze me bro!" while being manhandled by the security, and this of course went on national TV and created a big YouTube trend of videos remixing the "Don't tase me bro!". Anyway, I thought the guild name was funny and clever ^^

If you still have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the original conference:

And here is one of the many remixes ^^

3/10 for That's just,

3/10 for Epic Failaroony Boys
That's just, meh.

I do however think
It Burns When I PvP
is a pretty good one.

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8/10 Baby Oil Vendors for

8/10 Baby Oil Vendors for lol-value

New one, guild on my realm...


Epic Failaroony Boys


The funneh guild name is: "Epic Failaroony Boys"

guild name

Got my buddy into WoW, poor thing. Lad decides he wants a guild, get back from work and he's got his guild

7/10 for the sapped

missing link

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Leveling is the real part of

Leveling is the real part of game!.

THE KNIGHT SHIFT Sticking out tongue. You better tell him to make you the GM for a sec, and then /gdisband ^^. Anyway 7/10

My funny guild name: Baby Oil Vendors

Leveling is the real part of game!.

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6.5/10 Best Guild name,



Best Guild name, EVER!

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Defenceless Old Ladies 7/10

I was getting stuff out of the mailbox at Valiance Keep and saw the guild name "Go Big or Go Gnome." I didn't look to see if it was a gnome or not though.


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gets an 8/10 for

< My Server is Down > gets an 8/10 for originality.

Saw a PvP guild called < Defenceless Old Ladies > the other day, which was quite amusing Smiling


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- 7/10, pretty funny Saw

"Is Warhammer Out Yet?" - 7/10, pretty funny Smiling

Saw someone today in "My Server is Down", level 13 Eye I almost asked to join, it was on Mokrana, my speed testing toon. It gets lonely sometimes since she's on a new server.

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Finally!!!! LOL

No Mom, Not the Belt 6/10

I was browsing through the screenshots on our guild website and I found one that I'd forgotten about. My Lock was flying around Netherstorm (back before Wrath came out) and I snapped a screenshot of a guy in a guild called "Is Warhammer Out Yet?"

I've been waiting for someone to reply to this so I'm not rating my own guild names....LOL

Now I just have to wait for someone to reply again, I saw another funny one a couple of days ago.


Edit: I just looked that guild up on the armory and they don't have anyone above 70. Maybe they did leave Warcraft for Warhammer....LOL


Saw a funny one the other day:

< No Mom, Not The Belt> or

< Get Mounted>

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Wait....Im in a Guild? 6/10

I was in Dalaran leveling my Enchanting and Idodgealot was recruiting for TrashMobWipe (Malfurion server). The guild name was pretty funny and I liked the toons name also.


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Wait...Im in a Guild?

Ctrl Alt Elite 7/10

One of the ones i created was ''Wait... Im in a Guild?'' unfortunately most players where am are already in tribes Sad so i was left with the players who cant be bothered to put effort in

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Ctrl Alt Elite

I have to give the three guild names below a 6/10 each. They just dont do it for me.. =[

Here's mine:
Ctrl Alt Elite
Rogues Do it From Behind.




"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

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Cheater! I already said Ctrl

Cheater! I already said Ctrl Alt Elite. But it is full of win! Laughing out loud

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You did?

Ctrl+F said you didnt >_>




"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

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Hah, previous page I win.

Hah, previous page Sticking out tongue I win.

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You musnt win.
You cant win.

Damn pages.
Who invented pages!?
Stupid idea, I mean, honestly. Whats wrong with one page? Whats so good about two pages?



"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

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What's wrong...

What's wrong with 2 pages? What's wrong with just going to 10?

These go to 11!