The Forums are back!

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The forums are back. I've cleaned them up, mostly because of a technical reason, but also because all the topics were outdated anyway.

So we'll have a fresh starts with the forums Eye

You can access them from the top menu.

I've already created a couple of forum topics and I encourage everyone to participate:

  • The lolcat picture thread - Every website needs a lolcat thread, right? It was high time we had our own!
  • The funny guild name thread - I'm sure you've sometimes seen guild names that made you chuckle. Share it with us and rate the funny guild name above your comment!
  • The Free RPGs thread - When I'm sick of wow, I sometimes play some free RPGs. And I'm sure you do too. So let's share our experiences with that and find out which are the best free RPGs out there Eye

Feel free to start your own forum topic if you think of something worth discussing!

Note: Only Trusted Members and above can create a forum topic. So if you want to create forum topics, work on your karma points Eye