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Hey there,

I'm currently working on an Addon for Jame's (and maybe other) Guides so I thougtht I make up a thread to get some feedback and construcitve critic Smiling

Well this is what it looks like at the moment:

What it does at the moment:

  • it displays the steps Eye
  • can display little icons in the text Laughing out loud
  • The Horde Symbol in the topleft ring changes to an Alliance-Symbol if you're following an Alliance gudie
  • jump to a specific step by entering a number in the Step-editbox at the top.
  • allows a keybinding for the next step
  • dropdown-list for choosing a guide
  • saves the last guide and step on logout and reloads it on login
  • everey step can have a coordinate. the little compass needle shows where to go (TomTom-like) Smiling
  • the "compass-arrow" change to gold if you're on the right way
  • the arrival at the coordinate is indicated.

And what I want to add:

  • Show Player/Traget Coordinates and distance to the target.

If you have some ideas please tell me Smiling



Cannot find any Quest Guide for Shadowmoon

I'm using wow-pro addon but it does not list shadowmoon, please can you tell me when this might be available please?


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Holy poo this is an OLD

Holy poo this is an OLD page, not sure how you got here. Our current addon page is here:

To answer your question - I don't believe there is an addon version of the Shadowmoon guide yet, sadly! We intend to eventually make one, but it make take some time before we get to it as Cataclysm guides are taking precedence right now.


Hi! I was using Jame's Tour Guide - Addon version. Than i reinstalledmy wow. Now it dont works. So my general question is that, for which version is this Alliance leveling addon?

Can't load guide?

This addon used to work fine, but I stopped using it for a while. Now I've started another alt and turned the leveling guide back on. But it just won't load correctly... when I go into the interface options for the Wow-pro leveling guide, there are no guides to enable! I've tried everything I can think of, it just isn't working... sigh. Any ideas?

i was going to make a post

i was going to make a post alerting as to a possible bug or maybe its something wrong on my end but it said i cannot make a new topic. where would i post it then?

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If you are using the addon

If you are using the addon pictured above, it is no longer supported. The current addon's page is linked from the main page of this site. You can post bug reports as comments there.

Very Nice Add on

Thanks so much for this add on. I hate lvling my toons but love the benefits of it. My crazy new goal is to get one of each class to 80. Wish me luck! I am downloading now and will definitely use it. Thanks again!

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Not Supported....

Jahwo's mod is no longer supported. Everyone has thrown in support to the TourGuide mod. If you are talking about the Tourguide mod, ignore this. Smiling


Please help with DK talent tree for Alliance

Hi Jame,

I'm not sure where to post this - hopefully this is the right place. I just downloaded your Death Knight leveling guide (for Alliance) on Monday and applied the talent points as you instructed. Now, however, with the new patch, it seems the talents have changed. For example, "morbidity", which you instruct to place the first points in, now requires 5 previous points. I have found your instruction to be extremely useful and am very grateful for the service you provide for us. Would you be so kind as to give me some advice on applying points to the talent tree taking into account this new patch? Also, do you still recommend "pestilence" now that it no longer does damage?

Thanks so much,



Ditto on a Unholy Talent Tree

I would also like to second Talamoth's request for an update on the Unholy Talents. With the new update patch our DKs are reduced in power and dps ability. Your guides are exceptional and well thought out, and I really look forward to the updated talent tree. PLEASE!!!! Smiling



So, I sure wish I could just

So, I sure wish I could just start a new thread, but I can't. But, can anyone tell me if tourguide is working for 3.1? I can't seem to get it to work... Thanks a lot!

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Not Sure....

love the addon!

Just wanted to say i love the addon, i cant stand to level a toon, but this guide makes it go pretty quickly.

I have just one question. While using the addon version, I am level 43 and almost 2 levels ahead of the level checks in the addon version. What would be the best way to get back to the level of the guide, so i dont end up so far ahead that the quests are too low or just not available anymore? I would like to jump ahead in the guide but I'm afraid I would miss some pre-quest and the addon would have me running to npc's that wont offer me new quests. Any suggestions?


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This mod is no longer being supported. All support has been thrown behind the TourGuide mod.

As far as leveling, I don't think it will be a big deal. You won't be so far ahead at 60 that you'll be doing grey level quests, at least I don't think so. At 60, I'd just abandon what quests you have left and head for the Dark Portal. Same thing at 70.

Hope this helps.


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hey nice 1 bro looking good,

hey nice 1 bro looking good, i beleave you should add 1-10 11-20 21-30 ect so its for all levels and if u can add it to auto update so say if u are level 13 and u missed some of the quests it will show u what ones u havent done for the guide


Are the there supposed to be coordinates displayed in the guide addon for the quest objectives? Not seeing them if they are. The arrow points the right way but coordinates help. just curious thanks

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in the current "wow-pro

in the current "wow-pro addon" version you can see the coordinates in a tooltip by moveing your mouse over the arrow-circle.

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Currently working on: - easy

Currently working on:
- easy implementation of new guides of whatever sort
- options frame in the WoW-Interface Menu
- probably easier formatting for the guides (BB-Code like)

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New looks It's sizable by

New looks Smiling

It's sizable by dragging the top or bottom of the textarea.
Opacity is chossable by 30, 50 , 70 or 100% Smiling

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I'm currently reworking the

I'm currently reworking the addon while I'm writing on the guides for it. It will be sizeable in heighth, will have a uniform background for better readability , the text will be scrollable (hopefully Smiling ) and probably there'll some way to change the transparency.
But sadly I have to "redesign" it completely so it will take a while Smiling


how to use

when I download it comes up as a RAR file, can someone tell me how to use it? I know I need a program like winrar but what do I do afterwards? Please help I really want to use this. Puzzled

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You can find the released

You can find the released Addon with an explanation here:

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Yesterday I tested this addon with my horde rogue, just in time to start Dragonblight. I will try to give feedback, but please remind that I'm not expert in addon writing and maybe some of my hints will be impossible to realize.

Good things:

- Great arrow pointing system, way better than the separate arrow that just wastes screen space;
- Nice design, it makes sense with the wow design ^^;

Bad things:

- The size. I mean, the big size is good because there are sometimes a lot of infos (I.E.: how do to a quest - instance suggestions and so on), but you should add a way to minimize - maximize the window. Just like the Zygor's addon, where you can keep it small in order to save screen space when killing or traveling and maximize when you will read the quest infos;
- A thing that is pretty much annoying is that when you are on a gathering / killing quest, you have to open up the quest log and shift click the quest to activate the tracker. You should add an automatic popping of the tracking whenever someone gets on the page of quest gathering / killing... well I guess I was clear Laughing out loud

Other than that my leveling speed increased by 3X while using this addon, too bad it lasted for only 35 steps. And I dinged level 75 just at step 35 Laughing out loud

Keep up the good work, I think you are on the right way.

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Thanks for your feedback

Thanks for your feedback Smiling

I don't know if that's a option somewhere in the interface options of WoW, but if i start killing or gathering stuff for a quest, the quetstracking shows automatically Eye

And for the sizeing, i'm still searching for a solution there ^^


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this addon looks great!!! I would love to use it. Is it already up and running or not yet? If so where can I get it... Also Is it gonna be up to date? like if Jamie changes something will it also change on the addon?

very kool

Looking forward to Finished version!! Ok few thoughts i had, would it be possible later to add in option to choose transperacy and color of the text? I use Lightheaded and cartogropher and uber quest, for my questing needs. Nice work so far, as for the comments on the direction arrow, maybe at a later version an option to choose for it to be on the addon or detached, like cartogrophers way point arrows.

also a minimap button would be nice

keep up the excellent work!

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There's a link to the beta

There's a link to the beta version in the guide.

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I added a Download Link for a Beta Version so you can make yourself a better image Smiling
A few steps for Tauren Noobzone and the first ~40 steps for Dragonblight on Horde side are included Eye

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Downloaded it and installed

Downloaded it and installed it into my WoW-folder!

Going to test it when my account gets off it's 72-hour ban.

Still wondering why my account got banned though, doesn't make any sense, AT ALL. Sad
Bah, never liked Blizzard.

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Ask them and if they can't

Ask them and if they can't give you a reason or you can give an "alibi" you can get free palytime Smiling

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Asking Blizzard for a

Asking Blizzard for a reason? Get real Sticking out tongue

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Sue them! Haha

Sue them! Haha Laughing out loud

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Also, I could help you write

Also, I could help you write the guides into the add-on if you want to Smiling.

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That'd be awesome But I

That'd be awesome Smiling But I warn you. It's damn much work Laughing out loud becuase the way it is at the moment you'll have to add the coordinates for every step by hand.

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I'll write the guides, you

I'll write the guides, you can put in the coordinates! *evil grin*

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well even the guide writing

well even the guide writing sucks because you have to do color formatting like "|cFFFF0033Text|r" and you#re not even allowd to make newlines other than with |n Laughing out loud But with a texteditor that supports macros (NotePad++ best out there! Smiling ) it's pretty easy.
If you still want to do it I can explain it to you tomorrow or after new year Eye

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I might be willing to help

I might be willing to help with this project as well. Also, I'll check out that text editor, thanks for the tip!

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Wow... that is awesome!

Wow... that is awesome! Looking forward to try the final product! Big thanks!
Have no fear, from this day forward you too can experience the overwhelming amounts of power and superiority that my beloved iWin button can bring you!

You are just one click away.

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That's neat! *drool* Got a

That's neat! *drool*

Got a couple of suggestions assuming you have some programming experience:

1) I'd make the pointer for the coords an additional addon and link it to Jame's guides. So you'll just get a Tom-Tom like thingy including the distance to the target.

2) I wanted to explain something here, but I don't know how *sigh*

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1) Why external when its

1) Why external when its inluded? Smiling The Arrow in the topleft circle points to a coordinate which is given with the actual step and the distance is in my current version shown at the bottom of the window (but it does not look very good ^^).

2) Laughing out loud

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I know it's included, but

I know it's included, but it's very small and tiny, and small!

You could buff up the size a little bit if you don't want to the external arrow.

2) Still don't know it, this is going to keep me awake whole night thinking of it, I'm sure Sad

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I'll think of makeing it

I'll think of makeing it external, I was just so proud of me that I got it working that way Laughing out loud

2) it can't be so hard to explain, can it? Laughing out loud

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2) It is! I'll think of a

2) It is! I'll think of a way to put it. Guess it'll be sorted out tomorrow *sigh*

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Looks very promising, Good

Looks very promising, Good job!

An idea from me: Could you do this with an tomtom-like system? A system that automatically detects that you completed the steps --> sets the tomtom pointer on where to go (as in coords).

- Magekíd

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A Pointer showing where to

A Pointer showing where to go is already included Eye
But an automatic detection if a step is done is quite hard because just checking if you reached the actual coordinates would not be enough. You would have to check for things like if a quest has been accepted or if you have a certain amount of a certain item before going to the next step... But I have it on my ToDo list Smiling


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A simple and easily located

A simple and easily located button should do the trick, really.

One other thing - it might be nicer to have this transparant-looking so it can always be o the screen, sort of like quest tracking. But not necessary.

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Yees I tried that already

Yees I tried that already but depending on the background the text becomes hard to read Sad
I also thought of making it possible to shrink the addon to a smaller version so it does not fill so much of the screen all the time. But that would mean that the notes have to be written twice, one for the large and one for the tiny version... Shocked

Oh, and it's possible to bind a key to get to the next step Eye

Edit: and the Addon s not as big as it looks on the screenshots (it's not the size of the Questlog (where the textures are from Eye ))

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Otherwise maybe you can try

Otherwise maybe you can try it the way that Zygor does it with his ingame guide Smiling Take a look at that Eye

- Magekíd

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Hehe, the problem is that

Hehe, the problem is that Zygor's guide is really really professional and I'm not able to get close to that... But the shrinking of the Addon like Zygor has it is what I mentioned before... Well I'll see what I can do Smiling

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Good luck, I'm sure you'll

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine. For now, it looks very very good Smiling Looking forward to it!

- Magekíd