Jame's Addon

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Hey there,

I'm currently working on an Addon for Jame's (and maybe other) Guides so I thougtht I make up a thread to get some feedback and construcitve critic Smiling

Well this is what it looks like at the moment (not anymore Laughing out loud):

A Beta Version: Download [Rapidshare.com] Smiling

What it does at the moment:

  • it displays the steps Eye
  • can display little icons in the text Laughing out loud
  • The Horde Symbol in the topleft ring changes to an Alliance-Symbol if you're following an Alliance gudie
  • jump to a specific step by entering a number in the Step-editbox at the top.
  • allows a keybinding for the next step
  • dropdown-list for choosing a guide
  • saves the last guide and step on logout and reloads it on login
  • everey step can have a coordinate. the little compass needle shows where to go (TomTom-like) Smiling
  • the "compass-arrow" change to gold if you're on the right way
  • the arrival at the coordinate is indicated.
  • Show Player/Traget Coordinates and distance to the target.
  • Toggle the visibility of the Window with the slash-commands "/ja" and "/jamesaddon"

If you have some ideas please tell me Smiling



Looks good to me. I use

Looks good to me. I use questhelper along with Jamie's guide which gives the direction to the quest - although it doesn't always send you to the same place.

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I'd really like to try that out ^.^

Good luck, and lets hope its out soon :]



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Would love to actually use it. This looks awesome. I have to bookmark my page when playing and what you are doing looks great!

When are you going to make it available to use (beta or otherwise).

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The addon itself is nearly

The addon itself is nearly finished (although I have some ideas for later versions Eye)but the problem is that all the guides have of course to be rewritten for the addon.
I think I will start with a highlevel Guide, probably on Horde side (because I don't have a high Alliance char Sticking out tongue) and if this one is finished I will release the addon. And the other guides will hopefully follow soon after


tracking your qyests

"Questhelper" off of www.curse.com does the "Turn in (quest)to (quest finish) and has an arrow + distance and eta...... if you can access the source codes for that you might be able to add to yours....??

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yeah I looked at the source

yeah I looked at the source of QH and its MASSIVE Eye but the arrow thing is already included, only the next step has to be opened manually

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Bwahahahaha! Yay Hordies

Bwahahahaha! Yay Hordies first Smiling Looking forward to it, thanks so much for putting your time into this, it looks simply amazing.

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D'oh? Who cares about

D'oh? Who cares about Alliance scum running around these days? Sticking out tongue


Let's stay focus on the thread...

For right now I can only bring some suggestions. I haven't teste any Addon of Jame yet.
But since I have experience with Zygor and QuestHelper, I can bring some suggestions which can be made.

Zygor has the ability to go to the next step as soon as all requirements are fulfilled for the present step.
In the minimized mode, the implemented small steps which indicates amount of slains or the amount of questitems.
They were light red and turned green as the substep was fulfilled.
With this method you can create one step to accept several quests in a town. example:

Turn in:
Quest 1
Quest 2
Quest 3
Quest 4

It's also a matter of waypoints you want to show. I guess one step = one coordinate. This would be finetuning the guide in my opinion.

Another thing is that the Waypoints don't work for heights. It can't tell you how much underneath you is the target. For this solution, they implemented a comment system which describes the NPC and his detailed location or whatever in the shortest terms. You can see that in minimized mode or buy opening the map and mouseover the button. These small things help you alot avoiding to go on wowhead or the online guide. Best example is a waypoint which is in a cave. Easiest way is you point the player to go to the coordinates in front of the cave.

The only feature I liked from QuestHelper was the mouseover feature. You could mouseover every mob or item and it would tell you right away if it drops a questitem or if it's a slain count. I just don't know if this would increase the size (MB) of the Addon, which should be kept very light in my opinion.

From reading the comments, I see a lot of poeple prefere different waypoints. Why not just making an option for TomTom-like, Jame-like or on the minimap?

I know these are a lot of suggestions and can't be done quickly. Just giving my two cents to make this community better. I'll test both Addons today and give a short feedback.

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Yea , thanks for the times u

Yea , thanks for the times u spended on it ... when
I will start WoW will definietly use it.

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