Wow-Pro online comunity?

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Hello to everyone.

Wow-Pro's comunity is a very good and friendly ambient, relaxed and helpful to anyone - at least in my view. This happens at least on the site. I was wondering if anyone would like to see an in-game wow-pro comunity, more known as a Guild. My initial project is to gather a good number of players willing to re-roll on a server with the aim to make a guild for all the wow-pro members. Players will be able to exchange informations about guide , quests, instances and class strategies. It is of course another way to make a solid group of players and have good times.

Clearly you should see this as an alt project, don't take it too seriously, just see it as a bit different "alt". I will start to give some ideas about the server and faction...

Faction: both are good for me, having played a lot on both sides Smiling.
Server: I'd say PvE. This because wow-pro comunity is based a lot on leveling and instancing , more than pvping or whatever Eye

Thanks for your attention,



has this already happened?

I am reading these comments are about a month old, so I am guessing that the faction has been chosen (hope it was Horde) and that the guilds have been assembled, is it too late to join?

WOW Pro Online Community (Guild)

If I understand correctly a guild, made up of members of the Pro Online Community has been created. I have managed to get my DK up to 80 by grinding and through quests. I have no experience with Instances, Dungeons, Arenas, PVP, etc. I am finding now that this is hurting my chance to grow with my DK. I would really like to have someone that could assist in teaching me or join a guild that is patient and can stand teaching an old man new tricks or refence to online info that I could review. I spend about 6 hours a day at least playing, but at a point where I am just bouncing to different rhelms and characters. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My email is: and I check it often. Thanks for allowing me to have input with this site.

First Name: Darrell

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This project has been

This project has been somewhat abandoned, and as far as I know, at least on the Horde side, people have not been active in these guilds.

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It's sorta my fault for

It's sorta my fault for leaving. Perhaps I can get it started again, unless someone else has taken charge.

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Shinke! *hug attack* I

Shinke! *hug attack*

I don't think anyone else has picked it up, we've all sort of let it fall by the wayside.

I can't guarantee I would be on much, but if a community was started up again, I would at least stop by occasionally.

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As far as I know, EU side was just abandoned. I feel it's my fault for this, but anyway we were not more than 5 and then all of us pretty much busy so it was not that tragedy. But it's a thing I'd like to bring back. I'm busy as everyone outta here and I can't ensure enough on line time to manage the guild life. But if someone is willing to do that on EU servers can contact me here or watch @my profile where I play and contact me ingame. A few hours per week I can surely play.

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Hehe. Well this week I'm


Well this week I'm KINDA busy, but next week perhaps we can get something started up again, eh?

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I'd love to be a part of this although I'm a casual player. Who do I need to get a hold of in game? Sounds like fun!

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At the moment these

At the moment these communities are, as far as I know, inactive. I've got a lot on my plate right now, but it is definitely something we will look at reviving in the future.

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Thanks for the quick response! I don't know where you all find the time for this stuff, but I sure am glad you do! Thanks again and great work on the site! Smiling

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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This actually already sort

This actually already sort of happened, but I honestly can't recall which servers were chosen. I think Horde was Fenris, though. Anyone else remember? I have a toon "Jiya" on Fenris.

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... Hello Jiyambi. Fenris was one of the server american players choose for the community. There were about 5-6 players that applied for rerolling there, but sadly it was long ago and I'm not updated with the lastest news anymore.

About european players, I've sadly left wow since the time the community was seeing the light (personal life you know) and I was just at level 15 on Terokkar when it happened. Some players were actually rerolling seriously and maybe kept playing... I don't really know. I'm sorry Sad

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Sounds Great!

I would definately be down with a re-roll to make an in game community. Just let me know when and where. I play Horde more then I do Alliance, but I would be willing to reroll either side.

Might give me an excuse to roll a Night Elf Druid that I can tinker about with.

As far as server type, I agree, we should do a PvE server since that is what we all seem to gravitate towards most as far as the guides go. For those who are concerned about the PvP aspect of the game, they would still have the Battlegrounds option, and picking on Hordies or Allies when they occasionally raid the opposing faction (never a problem in the Barrens).

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I like it! Just tell me the

I like it! Just tell me the server and faction and im in! I think we, as a group, should start brainstorming for some names and then have a poll to pick a final name.

The problem would be getting

The problem would be getting enough players on the guilds, WoW-pro is a great community, but it is fairly small: When i look at the statistics it says:

There are currently 8 users and 1065 guests online.

Something just isn't right here, WoW-pro has the potential to become a great active community, but it needs to attract more of those guests who aren\t registered yet. Maybe an idea would be to make the last chapters of Jame's leveling guide, WoW-pro members only, so you would have to register to view them.

As for the guild:
I like the idea, but it is doomed to fail if it isn't advertised enough, very few people read these forums, so in order to make it an succes, it has to be advertised on the main page and even have it's own section on the website, otherwise it will only exist for a couple of days and slowly die.

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Hmmm, these are very good

Hmmm, these are very good points!

The guilds, as far as I know, are pretty much defunct. We'd need to revisit this if we want to revive them.

As for making Jame's guides available to members only - I'm not sure how Jame would feel about this. Perhaps the paper guides should be free to all, with the addon requiring a member account? Since it's free to sign up, this probably wouldn't be a big problem for people. But it might decrease users a little. I'm just not sure.

Ultimately it's up to Jame, but I do think it's worth considering. Thanks for the idea!

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I like the ''Addon = member

I like the ''Addon = member only idea''
In fact that will make it alot easier to do projects like this one.
By time time im writing we are 5 members and 709 guests...

When talking about other guilds made up around sites etc. there is The Project Lore Guild which both has an Alliance and a Horde side.

IF we are getting to a point where a guild is created, i would love to reroll hopefully among alot other wow-pro members.

Gift of the Naaru

Dear All,

I am a Draenei holy priest and I like doing dungeons. But I confused about the gift of the Naaru. When I am in a party doing a dungeon I can only cast gift of the Naaru on myself when my party is in combat. When not in combat I can cast the spell on another member. Does anybody know why this is?


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This question does not

This question does not belong in this section.


I don't even know where to post, but, i messed up and need help. I hearthed out before doing the quest Stematank Suprise and don't how to get back. I have tried running back and can't find it. I have tried dropping the quest to get the free ride from Wintergard and that did not work. Does anyone know the coords. for where that quest starts. I am really stuck. As you can tell, I am not a Star Player. Just a stuck grandma. Thanks to anyone who can help me out.
Barb Shocked

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A good idea. Unfortunately

A good idea.

Unfortunately I don't play on neither PVE realms or non-RP realms so I would probably not become an active member. However, I could choose the realm and the guild if I am to level up a casual alt for the sake of creating something of a guide in the process.

Choose one of the Recommended realms. A lower population usually means a nicer and more friendly community.


I have my bank toon(Dakaalania) on Eldar'Thalas who has her own guild and bank with 2 tabs. I just bought it for the storage. She is the only member. If your interested, we could make that our guild and bank to save money. I have a full load of toons, so could not create a new one, but I do have a few low level toons (22-48) besides my big toons who are in a family guild.
I would love to be a part of this.

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Excellent idea!

This would actually be a very nice idea if only to get together once a month to shoot the breeze. The breeze was on my lawn last week and I really want to use my Boomstick to blow it into next Tuesday's service maintenance.

Sadly I have a guild that I help run though I'm not the real guild leader. Things have been really light lately, no heads to step on, but I like this idea. I'm on US servers.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

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I'm sure we have lots of

I'm sure we have lots of European and American WoW-ers here. So would have to have a few WoW-Pro guilds going if we want to include everyone.

Just a thought.

Tag. Smiling

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Yea, we'd need two guilds.

Yea, we'd need two guilds.

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Thanks for the replies. First of all, I'm pretty much busy too, in fact last time I played wow was 1 week ago. But with the upcoming patch I'm planning to get more time for the game and playing.

A poll for the faction would be the best choice, but I think that only a very few users browse through the forums of this site, thus less people will know about this project. On the other hand, I think that a lot of players will choose the "dosen't matter" option, so I'm aware that the poll could be useless.

I think we should choose a server where one of the users has a main in order to provide golds for the charter, the bank and other guild-related things. My intention was to change server, so I can't help with that but I surely will be able to manage the guild, as officer or whatever.

While browsing through the offical forums, I have some servers that seem more friendly and stable than others:

-Emerald Dream;

Thunderhorn and Turalyon are also less populated than ED, thus less queues and a general stability. I have a level 21 Warlock on ThunderHorn but I don't play him since wotlk came out , I have anyway a bit of gold to start out. Let me know if you know other good PvE servers Smiling


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Nice idea

Nice idea! I'd join for sure and slowly level a character Eye

Of course, I wouldn't play much, since I'm already a little busy ^^ But still, it would be a nice way to strenghten the community.

I wouldn't have the time to manage the guilde or anything myself, so someone else would have to do it.

I really don't care about factions, Alliance or Horde is fine with me. Maybe a poll is in order?

And yea, I guess PvE would be best.

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I think this is a really

I think this is a really nice idea, although I'm currently not playing very much, mostly I'm standing around with a lvl 1 alt and work on my addon Laughing out loud. But a bit company while working would surely be nice Eye

I'm okay with both factions, too, but maybe I prefer alliance a bit, because I never played that side a lot. And I'm efinitely for a PvE server.