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The Karma System is not completely integrated in the site, which means that every user can check how many Karma Points they have themselves.

Even better, the rankings are now updated automatically! To access them, all you have to do is to click on "Rankings" on the top menu bar.

And there's more coming! Check my latest blog post to get all the information.

I hope you'll like the changes, and I must say I can't wait for a few users to reach the status of Moderator, so that they can start to help me with awarding points and moderating comments Eye

Finally, I won't have to keep that excel sheet updated anymore!



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Yes, thank you for your help, I hadn't checked the ranking page and I don't know why the details link didn't appear in my profile.

I'm sorry if it sounded a bit selfish or egoistic but it wasn't meant so. It's actually true that I like competition but I will never be able to be a perfect contributor (like our 5 exalted members for example) so it's not that I want to 'grind' wow-pro rep Laughing out loud It was more of curiosity I asked and to know what comments are appreciated or even more if I had any comment which was regarded as useless.

So thank you and sorry again Sad

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That's good news it will make our life lots easier checking it directly (and probably yours too Smiling)

One thing I wanted to ask, in the lots more you still don't want to reveal is there any chance that there will be a way of knowing how many points you've got (or lost) for each post?

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As Manovan said, if you go

As Manovan said, if you go to your profile, look next to your points and you'll see a link to "Details".

That's where you'll see exactly what you got points for. Smiling

And as Maw and Manovan said, the Karma system is in place for many reasons:

  1. It gives wow-pro contributors some much deserved recognition for the hard work they put in
  2. Competition brings the best out of people, and it's fun Eye
  3. It helps each member to assess how much of their contributions are seen as useful or very useful, and pushes them in the right direction
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You know, there actually are

You know, there actually are other reasons to comment or contribute things to wow-pro, than just to earn karma points.

If I'm right, then karma points is just a nice little add that comes with helping others, and supporting wow-pro. Karma points makes it possible to give those who are active, and helps the community alot, more options and privileges to help them on their way to contributing the community.

There are two practical reasons for gaining karma points (aswell as ranks), and that is:

  • Taken seriously when posting or contributing
  • Get more options and tools as help when contributing

Really, putting as much focus as you want to karma points will actually make contributing a more or less competition to earn karma points. Ranking everything everyone does is also something that will remove alot of the important sides of commenting and contributing. You would also end up with hundreds of people wanting to make a best-seller novel when commenting/contributing.

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As much as I agree with you,

As much as I agree with you, I still do think he's entitled to a clear answer. The idea of karma points and knowing what makes us earn them is not out of egoism but curiosity.

To answer the question, honj93: if you check your name in the Ranking page and click on the Details link you will see what you get points from (it being guides, comments or other contributes). You won't see exactly which comment you have earned a point from but you will see which kind of contribution you have added that makes you entitled to added or subtracted karma points. If you see that you have many +1 from several comments you have made that will pretty much tell you that you're a positive influence to the community and that your comments are good contributions to the site.

The system can motivate more contribution and more dedication to this community.

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This is great! By they way,

This is great!

By they way, not to ruin the moment or anythng, but you got a little typo up there. It should be "IS" instead of "IS NOT" right?

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I'm hedging my bet with 'is now'.

EDIT: Oh, and my email addresses won't let me get an OmniKey or whatever those blog accounts are called, but 'privileges' is spelt with the same pattern as 'advantages' not 'ledgers', i.e, no 'd'.

I make no apologies. Pedant, over and out. =P

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Good bet! Fixing the typos.

Good bet! Sticking out tongue

Fixing the typos.