Guide Etiquette

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I wasn't absolutely sure where to post this so I'll start here where any subject goes. This is a touchy subject and as such I shall not name names but will speak openly.

When we write guides we feel we are providing helpful information and knowledge we have gained through our own personal experiences. We have to remember that our personal experiences in these cases are subjective and not objective. I hope I'm using the correct pretense with both those words, but correct me please if I'm wrong. We are all going to be subjects of criticism at the completion of our guides and need to take all such comments with a grain of salt and accept them graciously. Be mindful that we all feel we know the best way to do something for ourselves and passing on this knowledge does not make it the right way for someone else. I would hope that all the guides I've created have spurred some creative thought into ways to improve my guides for the people that use them. I don't expect anyone to follow them to the letter and would greatly appreciate any creative commentary as to how I might improve my work or how you found a way to improve my work for your case.

Personally! I always feel bad when I write a guide and try to be mindful of others that have written a guide about a subject I wish to talk about. I will often times feel guilty and that I'm infringing upon another's rights because I might use something they did in my guide even though that is how I did it personally without knowledge of their own experiences. Often times our experiences will overlap with others and seem to impose upon what they've written, be mindful of this and give credit where credit is due or acknowledgment of someone else's work that bears similarities to yours.

At this point I feel I'm rambling, I'm working overtime and have almost nothing to do waiting for this maintenance window. I wish the best to everyone writers and readers alike! And remember...

Don't be famous, be infamous...


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Well I don't guess that there

Well I don't guess that there is something to feel bad about it.. Just keep rocking..