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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. D
  6. E
  7. F
  8. G
  9. H
  10. I
  11. J
  12. K
  13. L
  14. M
  15. N
  16. O
  17. P
  18. Q
  19. R
  20. S
  21. T
  22. U
  23. V
  24. W
  25. X
  26. Y
  27. Z


Have you ever struggled with understanding the many abbrevations and words used by WoW players, and people in the WoW community? I know I have. And I bet you have as well! In the urge of understanding words and abbrevations in WoW, this wiki-page is put up so that you can easily look up whichever word you need to understand.


You could also add 'kk' a

You could also add 'kk'

a lot of ppl use this instead of ok.

but great guide.


lol this would kinda be helpful as an addon if possible... i can never seem to remember any of this stuff... GREAT GUIDE!!!!!!!! love it!

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Another definition for RP

RP can also mean Runic Power for Death knights


I'm sorry, but this really bothers me. FTL means FOR THE LOSS, not for the lose, haha, my friend and I always fight over that. for the loss makes gramatical sense, like "I accidentally popped the cooldown early, my keyboard is for the loss." well never mind I guess neither really makes sense, but I think for the loss sounds better, and thats what the majority of people I know have been calling it for a long time.


You are correct. The 'the' (definite article) references a noun. 'Loss' is an noun, and 'lose' is a verb. For the loss!
'Loose' is also a verb, meaning to "unfetter", but many WOWers use it in place of 'lose'. It is wrong (and requires more typing).

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Oh the irony of arguing over

Oh the irony of arguing over the correct grammar of leet speak! Laughing out loud

I'm not sure which I prefer, perhaps both definitions should be noted? I've always heard "Lose" instead of "Loss" but the both seem to work.

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daily also refers to daily

daily also refers to daily quest, but that's pretty easy to figure out.

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Added IDC ( I don't care )

Added IDC ( I don't care ) Sticking out tongue

Murlocs eat cookies =P

Murlocs eat cookies =P

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Added some stuff

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I've added some stuff

I've added some stuff, such as WSG, AB, SotA, L2P, J/k, J/p, BC, MT, OT, Greed (to supplement Need), Darn, Anhk and some other. I'm going to add Patch and PTR after this comment.

I also modified the description for Melee, indicating that it can be used to describe classes.

There were also a couple formatting errors I fixed.

I've added a number of other terms as well. However, the page apparently timed out on me and then gave me a "duplicate Entry" warning. Everything looks fine, though.

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Two Points

Two Points:

1. For anyone who is contributing anything in the guide , please try to use good grammar and spelling as this will make the guide look more professional.

2. Something seems to b wrong with the letter "P" link because it sends me to the "M" section.

Go Horde ...Alliance Eye.

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The "P" link works perfectly

The "P" link works perfectly fine, it sends you to "P" section.

I don't know if anyone fixed it after your post, or if it never were an error, but it atleast works now Eye

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Nah, it didn't work, but now

Nah, it didn't work, but now it does Eye

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Some other items to add

Tundra - Borean Tundra
SB - Solizar Basin
DB - Dragonblight
IC - Icecrown
SP - Storm Peaks
HF - Howling Fjord
ZD - Zul' Drak
GH - Grizzly Hills

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Alright, for the last

Alright, for the last *swearword* time, add it yourself!!!!!!!!111!!!!one!11!!

And no, this doesn't make me a lazy little dipshit which is too lazy to do it myself, but everytime someone asks for words to be added, I'm too soft hearted not to add them; therefore it's like forcing me (and I have other things too do, sorry) Sticking out tongue

Still, I will not add these words to make my point. This is a wiki-page, and not my personal guide.

With that said, thanks for contributing, and I hope someone will add those words soon Smiling

not sure of the actual words

not sure of the actual words in this expression
BIO- "Biological" Break. Some consider to be a picture of a toilet.

A few more

I dont know if those are usuable but ill post them anyways PiU = Pick it up (for mobs that are on you)
Pio = Pull it off (for the same reason)
I hope they are gusefull

I've added and clarified a

I've added and clarified a few definitions, including a few instance locations and level ranges.

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Added "I5SR" and "OO5SR",

Added "I5SR" and "OO5SR", two important terms to know when talking about caster mana regen.

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Added 'Spriest' and 'Specc'. ^.^ Will add more when they come to my small brain.
Added more, such as Blizz, Blue Post, and.. Yeah. Adding more..



"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

hi great thing u got going

hi great thing u got going here..
But the meaning "lag" for me is when u click a button on keyboard, and the time it takes for the character to execute the command ingame.. maybe add that to the lag description...
But that is just my 2 copper coins Smiling (fished out of the dalaran fountain myself) Eye

Adding info and fixing

Adding info and fixing spelling errors. Smiling

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A thing that I've never

A thing that I've never understood:


I'd give you some karma points if I could, in the case you add it Smiling

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I have now also added the words in skeppstedt's post.

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Thumbs up!

Thank you very much. This guide need to be always at the top of the page!

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Suggested to Jame that it

Suggested to Jame that it could be at the top line of wow-pro (next to "Needed Guides", "Forums", "Rankings", etc).

That's just an idea though Smiling

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Added it to the right side

Added it to the right side menu Eye

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Great! Smiling

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Added "Pew

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I just want to point out

I just want to point out that on RP and RPPVP realms the IC abbreviation is more commonly used for In Character than it is Instant Cast. The opposite abbreviation would be OOC (which is Out Of Character). Since I've been playing on RP realms all these years of WoW I have actually never heard IC being used the way it's described in this dictionary. Since it's a community thing, I added that information as a parenthesis.

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Okay... On the posts below,


On the posts below, you all suggest things that I should edit.

Well, to put it this way: there's one sole reason I made this a wiki-page, and that is for you to put your ideas to life and contributing to the dictionary, aswell as the wow-pro community.

So please, instead of posting a comment about what I should add or edit, add/edit it yourself. I'll add the things listed below when I get the time, but for the next time - please do it yourself.

Last words; dont get me wrong now and think I'm a lazy bum commanding you to do this because I don't want to myself, but if I wanted to make a dictionary myself, I would have made it in a guide format, and not in a wiki-format.

Thanks Smiling

I agree that it's a wiki,

I agree that it's a wiki, but I don't consider myself always good with choosing the right wording, so I'll just propose this:

Instead of telling that rezz is the situation when you as a ghost come back to your body, point res and rezz both to 'resurrect'

Then explain resurrect as the ability to 'return from the dead' by either bein resurrected by another player, or running to your corpse as a ghost.

As this article is made for beginners, it will clarify that bit a LOT Smiling

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+1 Wiki power!


Wiki power!

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Did that +1 refer to my

Did that +1 refer to my missing point to being a Revered Member? Laughing out loud

Missing rez :P

-- Res - (see Rezz)
Yet you don't have a mention of "rezz" in the dictionary Smiling

Some additional words

Good job, a dictionary can be a nice resource for the guides Smiling

I have some words you can add if you wish:

idd - Indeed
jc - jewelcrafter
j/k - joke
DE - disenchant
pug - "pick up group", e.g. pick up 4 random guys to clear an instance
qq - "whine"/cry
ftw - "for the win"
ftl - "for the loose"
MC - Molten core

Acronyms for wotlk instances/raids/areas:
UK - utgarde keep
UP - utgarde pinnacle
VH - violet hold
OK - old kingdom
AN - Azjol'Nerub
HoL - Halls of Lightning
HoS - Halls of Stone
CoS - Culling of Stratholme (in Caverns of time)
DTK - Drak'Tharon Keep
GD - Gundrak
WG - Wintergrasp
OS - Obsidian Sanctum
VoA - Vault of Archavon
Naxx - Naxxramas

That's all I got from the top of my head. I won't take it personally if you decide to not use it, I just wanted to contribute.

Also i noticed you had written, under R, "Res - (see Rezz)", but i didn't see any entry for "Rezz", so you might want to add that as well.

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Thanks alot for

Thanks alot for contributing! Smiling

For the next time, please add it yourself (that is the concept of this wiki-page). Read my comment above to fore more details about this.

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I found two abbreviations

I found two abbreviations which are not listed: DC could mean disconnected, also DW is often used for dual wield.

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VC (AKA Deadmines)

Might want to make a note that VC is also shorthand for Deadmines. DM usually represents Dire Maul and VC has become the default shorthand for a Deadmines run in most cases.

Otherwise, this is a very nice list. Will be glad to help find other stuff to add to this.

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I actually considered

I actually considered mentioning this, but ended up not doing it.

Edited now, though.

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Very nice idea, certainly

Very nice idea, certainly something that will be very useful!

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Great idea Maw. Many times

Great idea Maw.

Many times I couldn't use certain terms while writing guides because I was afraid some people wouldn't understand them. But now with this dictionnary that won't be a problem anymore.

So come on everyone, let's make this list as comprehensive as possible Eye

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I've been seeing: LFW -

I've been seeing:
LFW - Looking For Work
It's being used quite a lot (on my server) by people with crafting professions. Having said that before about 2 weeks ago I hadn't ever seen it so not sure if it deserves a place in the Dictionary.