Project Lore

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Does anyone watch Project Lore? How do you feel about their videos and blog posts? I came across that community a couple of weeks before the great 10 Days of Knight series came out and fell in love with the guys' interaction as they do instances etc. Watching their videos and reading their blogs are part of my daily routine now.

If you haven't checked them out yet, click here to get to the website.

So what do you think of Project Lore? What is your favorite video?


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Not Bad...

I stumbled upon them a while back and they are in my RSS feeds. If I see something that might interest me I'll check it out, unless it's written by Bastosa. I think IRL his name is Rick and he spells it with a silent "P". I can't stand him.

I've never watched any of the videos yet, other than some of BRK's, but I'd like to.


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I tried watching

I tried watching it for like the first minute or so and was faced with a bunch of trailing on sentences and stuff. I didn't really like it, so I exited it and did something else. I guess it just doesn't suit me. Sad

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I love Project Lore, they're

I love Project Lore, they're looking into instance from a whole different perspective. More with fun, rather then "KILL - LOOT - RESET - ENJOY"-thingy. And very well edit'd.

They're not the best players, though. But they bring the show very good, and that's what it is about.