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I have some reflections about the WoW-Pro ingame community from watching the poll currently going on.

It seems there are about equal interest for Alliance and Horde factions and I think this is solved best this way:

We roll on a PVE realm (on both the US and EU versions of the guilds of course). One Alliance member creates a guild called something like WoW Pro Alliance and a Horde member creates a guild called WoW Pro Horde. As far as I know, you can create characters from both factions on PVE realms and you can therefore be a member of both guilds (this haven't been changed, have it?). The guild can then have the same ranking system like the website: Trusted, Honored, Revered, Exalted etc and the members have their ingame ranks accordingly.

With the amount of members who have voted in the poll I'm sure there is enough interest to create these guilds with pretty good activity on both factions. What are your reflections?

In-Game Community Wiki

Realm suggestions
Terokkar (Normal - Recommended) - EU
Bladefist (PVP - Recommended) - EU
Borean Tundra (Normal - NEW!) - US


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Hey I'm with ya for the US

Hey I'm with ya for the US server. let's pick a realm and get started!


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I used to play on Fenris a

I used to play on Fenris a long time ago, and I don't really see a problem with that. But let's just see if anyone else feels strongly about it or another server before rushing in maybe.

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It seems to be about an

It seems to be about an equal amount of players wanting to go PVP as there are wanting to go PVE. If this will happen, we'll probably end up dividing the community over several realms.

For you who wants to roll PVP, what realms are you suggesting? Bladefist? Spinebreaker?

And for you US players, what PVE and PVP realms are attractive to you? We could make a realm poll as well. Four options. 1 EU PVE realm, 1 EU PVP realm, 1 US PVE realm and 1 US PVP realm.

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I don't think it makes much

I don't think it makes much sense to have 8 different guilds Laughing out loud

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I agree, I want to roll

I agree, I want to roll Terokkar! Who's with me? }:)

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Me I'm currently online

Me Eye I'm currently online there with my lvl 3 nightelf Laughing out loud

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Following my guide, I hope.

Following my guide, I hope. Eye

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No, because it's not

No, because it's not available in an addon, yet Sticking out tongue

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aww I'm in on a character


I'm in on a character called Manovan now. Tell me if you're about to purchase a guild charter later so I can sign it.

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You guys have fun with that

You guys have fun with that now Smiling

I think for us NA players we should choose a medium pop'd realm like Fenris or something. But preferably Fenris Smiling

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Terokkar is a good choice in

Terokkar is a good choice in my opinion. What about Azuremyst (been on line the same day as Terokkar) and Blade's Edge (it has 2 months more of life)? My opinion is that Terokkar will be good. New server means also a lot of "fresh" things: economy, number of leveling players and other things.

I think a lot of players will suggest PvP but I don't see the point of rolling on that kind of realms. Doing a "both-sided" guild on a single server would be better. I have nothing against those players, but for the project we want to do it would be a better choice to roll on a PvE server.

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I totally agree

I totally agree Smiling

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Great ideas guys. Honestly,

Great ideas guys.

Honestly, it doesn't have to be a moderator or admin running the guild and assigning ranks.

I can also be an honored member or above. That's enough Eye

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Are you sure that most

Are you sure that most people want a PvE realm then?

I think it's in place for a poll to that aswell.

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No, some people want to roll

No, some people want to roll PVP and I can't blame them (I prefer PVP realms as well). However I want to recommend a PVE realm for the sake of being able to join both factions' guilds without multiple accounts. We could do another poll though.

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Hmm.. I can't see the big

Hmm.. I can't see the big advantage of a PVP Server for a "leveling-alt" guild...

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Some reflections :P.

Good post Manovan.

I had the same thoughts. In fact, as we look at the results we see:

132 players have chosen alliance;
166 players have chosen horde.

This makes a good 300 users willing to join the online comunity. It's a very good number of players for a "new" guild, and the guild will immediatly start to work. The application of the site's ranks to player's ranks is a good idea. But then the Guild Master can be only a moderator and / or some high ranked user. For this reason I think that in the guild it's better to "limitate" the difference between ranks, that are clearly good for the site. Another thing, I had this idea: only REGISTERED members can join the guild, while it's not obligatory to use the same username used on the wow-pro site. That name will be thus written in the char info.

Also, if we find some wow-pro users that are not registered, we can suggest them to register and join the guild!

I think it will be hard to choose the realms, so if you came up with an idea let me know.

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Checking the European PVE

Checking the European PVE realms today only Terokkar is marked as Recommended. That would be my suggestion. I checked Terokkar's realm forums and saw this post:

So far i've seen this realm as a possitive and good realm, except the mindless goldseller spamming in the trade channel, hope its better on horde side.

Its a new server so a fresh start for many people. Keep that in mind as you lvl up, also theres a high amount of people lvl'ing and hopefully stick around and help make this server into a good one.

This realm is my suggestion for the European WoW-Pro guilds.

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yeah I think Terrokar would

yeah I think Terrokar would be just fine. After all we don't search a realm with super-duper progressed raid-guilds, but a server that works pretty stable. So I think a decision shouldn't be too hard to find.