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I ran this with a group of newbs (myself included) -- we were clueless about the Emerald drake's inability to heal others' until the final boss. It didn't make sense as everyone referred to it as the "Healer" drake - what use is it if it can only heal itself, hah. Time to run (and finish) this thing.

Thanks for writing the guide for this peculiar dungeon!

More Drake Info

This is a pretty good guide, especially for someone who hasn't had the chance to run this instance yet. Gives a great overall view of what happens in this instance from beginning to end.

One suggestion I would have is adding more info on the Drakes and their abilities. Because this is such a unique aspect for an instance, it would be very helpful to have a good handle on what each ability for each color does. One particular example is how maintaining stacks of the Leeching poison is essential for not killing yourself when you use the Dream Funnel ability (10 second channel transfers 50% of your health to the target, only available for final boss)

All in all though, good job! For the record, the Bronze Drake is the Amber Drake (DPS)

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Hah that huntard must've

Hah that huntard must've been embarassed!
But that run with just 4 drakes was probably very very lucky... How many amber drakes did you have?

EDIT: Gah, meant to say that as a reply, don't take this as a regular comment!

With a decent group (in

With a decent group (in terms of people who know what they are doing) it's not necessary to have 2 emerald (healer) drakes..

In my first (and only) run there, heroic mode, I was on a green drake. The other greenie, a hunter, died 15 sec after the fight started, so I was left to heal the rest of the drakes. We killed the last boss having only 4 drakes, and none of them died (ignore the 5'th, the healer Sticking out tongue)

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Much needed guide, this

Much needed guide, this instance is a pain. I would really like to see a bit more discussion on what drakes to take and when. For example in the beginning it's not really necessary for anyone to be on a green drake, since they can't heal others. At the last fight, I have heard many strategies, but almost all of them recommend two greens and sometimes two reds as well. Read the WoWhead comments for Eregos for ideas, there is a wealth of information there.

Other than that, this is great!

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Thx for the comment, I'll be

Thx for the comment, I'll be sure to add it!

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Looks great. Suggestions: -

Looks great. Suggestions:

- Shrink down the image at the start. It's a little too big
- Add a table of content

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I noticed the image too,

I noticed the image too, got it fixed.

Added a basic table of contents.

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Much better. Should add

Much better. Smiling

Should add the name of the boss in the table of content as well, so that people can jump right to it if the only info they're looking for is one of the bosses' strategy.