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As you probably noticed, there's a logo on the top menu bar.

The owners of Urban Rivals recently contacted me and offered to sponsor my site, in exchange for a direct link to their game, which is great because anyway, I had already played the game before and I liked it. And wow-pro could definitely use some sponsoring, it will help us finance new features for the site and gifts for future competitions.

So I decided to start playing it again casually and to create a WoW-Pro Guild there. It's a nice break from wow sometimes Eye

What is Urban Rivals?

It's a very simple, yet difficult to master FREE online card game. There's a lot of strategy in it, but the most fun part is to actually level up your characters and to buy new, more powerful ones, and of course to climb up the rankings Smiling

A deck must contain a minimum of 8 characters. Here's how my deck looks like at the moment (I'm only level 10, so it's nothing special of course):

My favorite out of this bunch is Nina. I got her with the starter pack I got when registering an account. She was pretty week at Level 1, only had 3 attack power and was doing only 1 Damage:

But now that I leveled her up to Level 4 (max level for her), she's got 6 Power and 2 damage. But the best part is that she also has the Poison 2 ability.

Which means that if I use her first in a battle, and that she wins the round, she will inflict 2 damage, plus 2 extra poison damage every turn after this one. Which is great.

Right now though, my main focus is to get Timber to Level 5. At level 5, not only is he a powerhouse on his own (6 Power / 6 Damage), but he also gives +1 Damage to all your cards, which is huge.

Anyway, the combat system is rather easy, and there's a cool tutorial at the start, so I won't dwell on that. However I do have a few tips:


  • Read the opponent's cards abilities before you choose who you are gonna defend with. Some of your cards match up great against certain abilities. Like for example, Nina has an attribute called "Stop opp. Ability". Which is great to use against cards with ablities like for example "-2 opp. power".

  • If you want to win more often, keep your deck down to 8 cards. Remove the lower quality cards from your deck and only keep the best cards you have.

  • Don't spend your "Clintz" (the game's currency) on low quality cards. Be patient, save up until you can afford an uncommon card at least. Cards are split in 3 different categories: Rare, Uncommon and Common. But don't be mistaken, there are some pretty good commons, and some bad Uncommons. While browsing the market, read the card's descriptions and the comments under them, there's usually some really useful information. For example, the first card I bought was Luba:

    She cost me 225 Clintz but was more than worth it. 7 Power is great and her ability makes your oponent think twice before they attack you with one of their high damage characters (because she basically "copy" their damage and if she wins the fight, she will inflict that damage to the opponent).

  • If you manage to beat your oponent by KO, you get extra points (for the ladder rankings) and extra Clintz. To beat an opponent by KO, you must reduce his life points down to zero before the end of the battle (which is 4 rounds). So try to achieve that, but don't take too many risks. It's best sometimes to play safe and just win without a KO. All you have to do is have more life than your opponent at the end of the fight.

    If you win a lot and are smart about your choices, you'll end being able to afford some of the really strong cards, like for example Kenny:

    He doesn't look like much at Level 1. But at Level 4 he is a 6 Power/3 Damage, which is already quite good, but the best part is that the ability he unlocks at level 3 is a Lifedrain x2. That means if he wins the battle and inflicts his 3 Damage, he will actually heal you for 6 Life Points!

    The fact that he also nullifies opponent abilities is just icing on the cake. But this badass Harry Potter costs about 15,000 Clintz. So good luck getting there Eye

  • Get to Level 5 ASAP. At level 5 you get rewarded with Timber. A free rare card, with great stats once you level him up (as I said earlier). And then there's more rewards every 5 levels Eye


There are a lot of other intricacies to this game, many cards have nice synergies with other cards, and there are a lot of strategies in battle, like bluffing, but this post is already long enough for today, and anyway, I'm still a novice there!

So if you feel like joining me there, click on the Urban Rivals logo, create your account and add me as a friend.

My nickname on Urban Rivals is: Jyren

I'll create a guild for wow-pro members later as well as soon as we got enough Level 5 members there (Level 5 is the min. level required to join a guild)

Not only will you indirectly support wow-pro by doing so, but you'll also have some fun Eye


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I leveled..

Leveling is the real part of game!.

I leveled to lvl 10 yesterday! played it most of the evening, it's quite fun tbh. My name there is Thelobster

Leveling is the real part of game!.

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63 Members now,

63 Members now, awesome.

I'll give 5 Karma Points to the first person who manages to be in the TOP 5 of a daily tournament (that's no easy task, never ranked higher than 72th so far, but my deck could use some improvements of course).

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I always get frustrated in

I always get frustrated in those tournaments becauase it feels like everyone there plays pirana or nightmare.. and then I'm screwed with my Jungos deck Laughing out loud.

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The trick is to go for a

The trick is to go for a Type 2 deck, with barely any stars above 25.

That's how you get a lot of points. The higher level the characters in your team is, the less battle points you get when you win.

So you must try to go for those really good 2 / 3 / 4 star cards.

The strongest decks in my opinion are Uppers / Montana. The reason why is that with their -opp attack bonus, they can pretty much win most fights even when they just bluff and use one pill. In most cases they'll win against an opponent who uses 2 or 3 pills.

For example, here is the deck of a guy I played against, and who then went on to win the tournament:

The average level of his deck is ~3 stars. Which mean he'll have a total of about 12 stars every battle. Which means 13 battle points minimum per win. Then you add to that the extra points gained for every round won, and those cards can win against most 5 stars, which gives extra battle points.

I had the wrong approach before, I had a deck with 8 cards, most of them were 5 stars and a few were 4 stars. My total level was 37. I won most fights easily and quickly, but I was only averaging 10 points per batle.

Now with my new deck (which is somewhat similar to the one I linked above, just not as good), I win 80% of my fights still, it takes a little longer but I get between 17 and 24 battle points each win.

That's how I'm managing to make it to the top 100.

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Hey Jame, could you take a

Hey Jame, could you take a look at my latest deck and see if you could give a suggestion or two? I'm in class atm but once I'm back I'll post it up in the game. All-Stars/Sentinel atm.

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Cool thanks for those

Cool thanks for those informations. I just found out that I was playing type 2 the whole time, although I had a deck with less than 25 stars. I did not notice that a card I bought from the market was added to my deck automatically and so I was practically playing a type1 deck in type 2 tournaments =/
I'm just wondering why I never noticed that I joined the wrong channel... Well whatever Laughing out loud

I'm playing Jungos because I love the +2 bonus and becaucause I like the artwork the most. It sadly depends a lot on abilities and bonuses but it's fun to win 20 - 0, and quite a few cards can make life gaps of 9 or more without fury.

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40 Members and counting. Our

40 Members and counting. Our Urban Rivals guild will take over ze world I tell you!

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Oh change in deck

I wrote wrong its not a Bangers/Gheist but a Bangers/Nightmare Sticking out tongue

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Guild and buying new cards

Hey Jame i have the latest 3 years beed covering all the stuff you made and now you introduced me to this great game Laughing out loud.

Im also named Hurjo in the game and i have applyed to the guild.

Now i just need some advice for buying.
How do i find the good deals on the market?
I think i will go for a Bangers/Gheist deck.

And last, where do you find those comments on the cards youre talking about?

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You simply go to the market

You simply go to the market and look at the cards. Click on the card picture and you'll be taken to its description. Under it are comments made by other players.

Some of them are useful and usually appear at the top.

Another way to find out which are the best cards is to go to public presets and then choose the two clans you want to browser.

Then look at the list and only check the decks which only have the two clans you chose (not those crappy decks with 4 or 5+ different clans, these make no sense.

Try to see which are the recurring cards in those decks, generally if they appear often, it's that they are good. And some of them are actually not very pricy.

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Another tip, try to stick to

Another tip, try to stick to one clan type only, or max 2.

If you go for two clans, have 4 of each clan in your deck. The reason is that your clan bonus only works if you have at least 2 characters of the same clan in a battle.

I personally like stability, so I go for monoclan + 1 leader (Currently I've got 7 characters from the Bangers clan and I use Hugo (Leader) as 8th member.

Works very well for me as there's a 100% chance that I always get my clan bonuses.

2 clans with 4 charcters of each works well too, you'll have your clan bonuses for all 4 cards in battle in most cases.

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We already got 17 Members in

We already got 17 Members in the guild now, come and join us Eye

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I highly recommend anyone who wishes to level their members quickly look into the training room. I know it has been mentioned before, but I have been giving it a try since hitting level 10 (the minimum level to use it) and it is great. You get the maximum experience regardless of win or loss, and the experience scales as your members gain more stars.

One a character is maxed, it is probably best to replace him or her with another card. Maxed characters gain no more experience and simply waste space in your training deck. The only exception to this is Vanassar, as he will give all your members +90% experience if he is maxed out; by far your best trainer in the game.

Of course, this may be old news by now, but those who are just starting should aim for this. Win/loss records are not kept while you are in the training room, so no worries about your rankings.

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It's a very good tip

It's a very good tip actually.

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Mwhaha, Puli is crazy. He's

Mwhaha, Puli is crazy. He's ranked #1 for the Daily USA rankings already ^^ (ExonV is his nick on Urban Rivals).

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Lol, I stayed up until 5am

Lol, I stayed up until 5am last night playing. And I've been playing all day. Still need to get my hands on a good deck though.

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Give me an hour or so, I'll

Give me an hour or so, I'll look at your deck and see what I can do Eye

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I'm currently saving up for

I'm currently saving up for Lebane.

She becomes 8/2 at Level 2. And also has +8 attack and Stop opponent bonus (which is great situationally).

The best part is that she's only Level 2, so it helps me keep my deck under 25 total levels (also known as a "Type 1" deck).

That way I don't run into monster Type 2 decks with only 5 star cards and the like Sticking out tongue

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I've got the makings of two

I've got the makings of two decks.
One is a Sentinels/All Stars deck
and the other is a Fang Pi Clang/La Junta deck. Not sure what to stick with.

Also some tips for newer people. Once you get to level 10 you can go to the training room to play. In there winning or losing overall doesn't matter and your guys level up really quickly whether they win or lose.

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I didn't know about the

I didn't know about the training room. That's quite useful, thanks!

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Hi James, Do you know any

Hi James,

Do you know any similar site as Urban Rivals but more oriented on Fantasy Art... you know... dragons, knights etc. I am on my way to join your guild...if you will ofc Laughing out loud


P.S. Thanks for your pro guides.....they really saved me lots of levelling time!!

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Yep, actually there's quite

Yep, actually there's quite a good one advertised on the site lately, you probably have seen it. It's called Warstorm. It's even simplier than Urban Rivals, but I like it, I've got an account there too and got a bunch of cards I could give away if you need help.

Anyway, you're of course more than welcome to join the guild on Urban Rivals Smiling

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Another card-like fantasy

Another card-like fantasy game out there is called Poxnora. Unfortunately you can only get the started deck for free, you have to buy booster packs just like physical card games. But the starter pack was still fun for a small time waster!

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Guild has been created! 4

Guild has been created! 4 members already joined Eye

Join the fun!

Is it like Magic The

Is it like Magic The Gathering ?

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Well yes, it's similar,

Well yes, it's similar, besides it's about 100x simplier and you don't have to buy anything to play and gain new cards.

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Started up a deck, user name

Started up a deck, user name on there is ExonV. Got to level 5 before I stopped. It is kind of confusing being as there is a ton of cards and the purchasing is not really clear, but I'll look into it more later when I sober up.