The Maths Behind Barrens Chat:

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Hmm, while going around the Barrens, I got to thinking, and I think I've worked out a mathematical formula to explain Barrens chat (BC):

If we pick a smallish zone, such as Azuremyst, that will have a certain amount of players. We will call this the 'Azuremyst Constant', or the AMC. Now, let us presume that the Barrens is 3 times as large, and therefore contains three times as many players, and the players on Azuremyst are just as talkative as the ones in the Barrens.

A first thought would seem to indicate we would get three times as much chat. This is wrong.

There are three times as many players REPLYING, as WELL as 3 times as many starting conversations in the first place, so in fact, we get 32 as many players. Therefore:

If AMCx3=Number of players in the Barrens,

AMCx32=Amount of BC, SO:

If: TNOPRT(The Number Of People Realising This)=AMCx4,

AMCx42= Amount of BS!

So, as we have shown, the amount of chat in a zone increases exponentially, based on its relationship with the AMC. I would like to call this the BCR (BCR).

I would also like to call all this Brune's Law.

This has relevance as it means the larger the zones in WoW are, the higher the suicide rates among players will become.

Thank you for reading.


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Chuck Norris..... 'nuff said

Chuck Norris..... 'nuff said LOL

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Well said...

Well said...

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You maths is faulty its not

You maths is faulty its not amc times 3 squared its. (amc x 3)squared... but meh

Should've used the wiki

Should've used the wiki maths syntax. Would've made it even more win.

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I lol'd and lol'd and lol'd

I lol'd and lol'd and lol'd at this haha Sticking out tongue


lol, this is actually quite

lol, this is actually quite funny. You should post it in the official forums too (with a link to obviously) Smiling

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Haha, the funniest part is

Haha, the funniest part is that the math is accurate!

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Yes, now I just need to be

Yes, now I just need to be bothered to count the m
number of people in Azuremyst, and the world would be my play thing Sticking out tongue

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It was a really good reading, Brune. The relations between the zones' area and the social aspect of the game will help to explain some things. Such as the suicide, which can be seen as a consequence of chatting in game.

Blizzard should take in consideration to create smaller areas but in a very higher number: I'd like too see what are the differences between the Outlands as we see it (6 areas, each one with its own chat) and an imaginary Outland with the double of areas (12). This should reduce a lot the chatting in each area , in fact the relation is EXPONENTIAL and not LINEAR.

Of course, more areas means more money invested in programming, but I do think that Blizzard has the money requirements to make a such innovation.

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A very interesting

A very interesting interpretation.

A recent, more radical reinterpretation (i.e, one made at yesterday tea time) lead to the conclusion that Barrens chat is, in fact, infinite, as for every response, there are three times the AMC responses, and for every response to the response to the response...

Now, since we have discovered that Barrens chat is infinite, and has infinite energy, we just need a way to harvest this 'noob power' and we're away!

I can imagine the headline:

'Gamers do something constructive!'

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infinite, an error

i do not think you have done the right.
You missed the variable user intellect.
A majority of the chat users does not have an overly high intellect. Meaning that the repies will me more and more useless and thus eventually completely ignored.

However, one would get a massive amount of energy if one would be able to collect it.
Transferring the chat requires a lot to, but we just need an efficient way.

I would suggest giving everyone a keyboard that takes the energy surplus of the typers, and send that to the grid. I am quite shure the keyboard receives more energy in keystroke pressure en key movement then it needs, so we would add a decet amount of energy when all typing ( not even needing to put it purely tot WOW, but usable on any interface, since its computer oriented )
Would be a nice energy input Smiling