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Yeah I think that's what WoW-Pro is missing Eye
A chat would definitely be a great improvement for the community, maybe someone is in posession of an irc channel or something like that?
Or does anyone know a good, easy to implement web based chat?

Or are there arguments against a chat?

Discuss please Eye


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I see Chatango frequently used on a lot of websites. The only problem is finding the right spot on this already pleasantly designed website!

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

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Maybe replace with the god

Maybe replace with the god damn anoying "Lords of The rings" at the top of the site Sticking out tongue !

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3 ideas...

I am not currently allowed to post new threads but I had 3 suggestions or ideas that i was wondering if they were at all possible...

1. On one post I made it looked like I was able to "watch it". So every time someone commented I would get an email. Is it possible to have that for all posts because it looks like only a few have the option to add to watch list.

2. I think it would be nice to have a place in the forums section for new members to start threads so we can raise new questions and not have to try to find the closest thing we are talking about and put it in that post because if the post is to old no one is watching it and the question or comment goes unrecognized for a long time.

3. An iphone app would be sweet for the forums I have on I am on a lot called “wow news” and it is linked to But I think this group would have a lot more useful info to be honest.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place..


Hi,this is gracy.Not to sure what you are trying to say..I mean is it or is it not.Anyhow I know I am rambling but try to see it from someone reading it the first time without thinking about it first.

Luwow Goldman

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Very good suggestions. And

Very good suggestions. And they will all be added in the future, when I get the time. All these changes require coding, so it's not something I can do on the fly.

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I can answer question 1, I

I can answer question 1, I think. From what I understand, you can't watch wiki pages. A lot of the addon pages are wiki pages (so that everyone can edit them) - those pages cannot be watched, unfortunately. All other pages should be watch-able.

Suggestion 2, I agree, as long as the posts were subject to moderator approval just like all new member posts are. We had a few spam guides posted recently, no need to compound that with spam forum topics.

As for suggestion 3, an iPhone app would be full of win! However probably lower priority compared to other issues such as the addon and other website re-vamping.

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I'm actually planning to add

I'm actually planning to add a chat to wow-pro. Just give me a few weeks and it will be there Smiling

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Oh, allright take your time.

Oh, allright Eye take your time.

I'd be up for it, inactive

I'd be up for it, inactive as I'm, I believe that would remind me to check in more! 8P

Edit : This was in reply to Jah, accidentally hit the reply button that was further up..

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We could register a channel

We could register a channel on the QuakeNet servers. All I would need for that would be three or more people who have some hours time and stay on the channel until the registering process is completed. You would just have to keep your IRC client running in the background and do whatever you like.

If someone wants to help me, just write here and we will make up a date and time to do this Eye

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I'd be more than glad to

I'd be more than glad to help, I get bored playing alone on WoW so some chat during the process would be great.

Edit: Sorry didn't realize how old the thread was.

i'll sure help, #wow-pro ftw!

i'll sure help, #wow-pro ftw!