Grand theft photo (discussion)

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I've had this guide in mind for a while now and thought it was time to start working on it. The idea is a guide to how hunter pets work as well as what could be described as an encyclopedia of pet families, normal pets, rare pets, exotic pets, rare exotic pets as well as unique pets (those that used to be tamed but were then made untamable) and information on where and how to best get the pet of choice.

However, this kind of guide would need lots of photos. I thought at first to make it a wiki page so other people could add their own photos to the guide but I got a little paranoid since it's still a guide and contains information that could be subjectively edited without my knowing by some evil mastermind.

The guide content can be written by me (if I had any doubts, I wouldn't volunteer to write it) but I know that I can't personally snap all those necessary shots. There are so many pets that's about impossible to snap photos of without spending an endless amount of work into it. An other idea that came up is whether or not it's okay to use photos that have been taken by someone else (for example, wowhead pictures). Personally, I prefer to have done everything in the guide myself, but this time it's not an option.

So what are your suggestions? Do I have to resolve to photo theft for this particular guide to be complete? Do you have any special policies regarding this?


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Missed the boat

I think someone may have beat you to the punch. I found this site while I was leveling my hunter -

and it seems to be what you are discribing. however I am curious where he got all of his pictures from because they are all very high quality and seem to be edited to a specic standard.

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While I don't fully

While I don't fully understand it, apparently it's something called 'data mining'. They get the code from the game files, run it through a sim and get their result how they want it (althought not quite that simply).

I would imagine it being a similar process to a private server, except that they're only looking for specific data, not the whole lot, and they're running it through a sim rather than an emu.

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Personally, apart from

Personally, apart from hotlinking=bad, unless there's a little copyright thing at the bottom of the page, do what you want.

Also, I'm pretty sure there's a clause somewhere which says all screenies belong to Blizz anyway, and they don't care when you use them (within certain guidelines) so from a legal point, do what you want.

Send Jahwo a PM if you want to find out about 'borrowing' from WoWWiki Smiling

I'll try and look through the ToC (if I can be bothered to engage the legal mind) and get back to you. No promises Sticking out tongue

EDIT: But yes, I do find it slightly odd that there are no editorial guidelines on this site.

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This is a good idea, Manovan. But, I'm aware of this, the site Petopia has already those informations and photos you need. I have not browsed a lot, I'm honest, but you can explore and see if it's the case of making such a guide.

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I know it most likely won't

I know it most likely won't be on Petopia's level but I think WoW-Pro could need one of our own. That's why I want to make one.

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From this point of view I

From this point of view I agree with you Eye Maybe to link the archive with the leveling guides it can be helpful a description about how helpful is a pet while leveling, what are the three pet's talent trees and what is the best. Something like that Sticking out tongue