To publicly air Benhir's question in my Warlock guide: What do YOU think the fastest and funnest class to play is?

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hmmm Rogue or dk?

Hmm I love my rogue and my dk but I would have to say my rogue.


Rogues = fast silent and fun to run up and 1 shot almost anything (if your sub spec for massive crit ambush)


Dk's = Good starting gear easy to level Lots hp massive dps if your DW Frost (which i am ofc always dps cant tank for crud)

Rogues = No alli in your level will gank you if you use vanish and pwn them :D

Dk's = They are usually afriad to fight the dk cuz there overpowered and if they see 2x swords/axes hanging from your hands they usually run but get death gripped back to you :D


Rogues = oh crap monster is skull im gonna die!!! -Vanish- Im good :D

Dk's = Oh yeah? I got dis. -dies- .... RAGE.... -calls guildies to help take it down-


Rogues = PvP GODS

Dk's = Overpowerd.... sons of... nvm....


Rogues = Daggers = moe speed

Dk's = Swords = slower but higher dammage


Hmmm thats a toughy.. I think im gonna go with my rogue but I still love my dk :D


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I would have to go with Paladins, however imo I think there is a isn't specific fun class because blizz always changes the class that is overpowered and right now ret pallys are the most overpowered.

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Warriors... End of. Pretty fast to level, almost 0 downtime with First Aid, can take on 4 or 5 mobs at once then charge right into the next group and smash them in too!

  1. Spec Prot.
  2. Stab 'em with ya sword.
  3. Smash their face in with ya shield.
  4. Loot.
  5. Rinse & Repeat.
  6. ...
  7. WIN!

DK's can be fun, if only when specced Unholy with the Ghoul sayings and stupid names... Ratslobber, Maggotlover, I could go on... <3 DK Ghoul name generator - way better than the Warlock one Sticking out tongue

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Fastest, after 25 that is. Once you get your feral going there is no stopping you Laughing out loud
Fun too Eye

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Hard call.

For me the funnest is certainly Warlock, all the way.
Fast as heck, can solo almost every quest and elite with ease.
Almost zero repair bills. ( voidy tank specced afflcition OR demo ) NO waiting for groups.
THE fast among the caster classes. I find my mage and priest killing rather slow and having to wait in between kills. Tough currently my 31 mages frosty does quite well.
Priest, hmm, not shure yet, at level 5 Smiling looks ok.

Also have a lill lvl 18 hunter, very fast ( increase run spead at low levels really help ). I just dont think it to be a very FUN class. Might be the hidious dwarf tough.

Same goed for my druid, feral is quite fast especially when you get the cat form.
I just hate the NElf Startes zones ( and every other forest for that matter. i have a great dislike for WOW trees for some reason. Maybe beceause i cant pee on em, even in cat or bear form. And nor do my pets. Sticking out tongue )

I just could not stomach to level my warrior and my pally past lvl 25. Both actually got deleted during BC.
Somehow melee is not my thing.

DK : jury is not out on this one yet. The ghould actually made it more fun. hate having to wait for it to unborrow when i land tough. Alsi i do like some of the spell abilities. I am a caster at heart i guess and the melee is doable. ( not the rage stuff etcetera )

Rogue ... ? what is that ???
Thisone didnt come far. Needed to stealth, but moving slow as but. Fighting sucked in the start. Not my cup of tea.

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Why only that low amount on

Why only that low amount on priests and shamans Jawdropping! ? elemental/enchantement shaman and holy priests its just my favorite, priests for healing and shamans for leveling.

I really dont understand the value of a paladin Puzzled , boring healing, boring tank and boring PvP retri.

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I genuinely cannot answer

I genuinely cannot answer this! the fastest class IMO is Hunter, but it bores me a little - the most fun for me would be Mage AoE or a Retadin! I therefore cannot partake in your poll, hah! Sticking out tongue

"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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i chose DK because they start @ 55 get good start area gear are majorly OP and i can level one 3 times a day if i work on it (im a talker) Sticking out tongue and they just have awsome voices so thats where the funniest comes in Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

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Tough one this. I've leveled quite a few different classes and most casters seem to be slower to level than physical dmg dealers. I went for druids cos there is zero downtime when leveling as feral but I guess hunters, locks, and a few others are pretty similar. Problem for casters is lack of stats in the early stages whereas you can get agi and str on gear at a very low level. Warriors are too painful to level at first so I've never managed to get one past 20 Sticking out tongue maybe I should level more!

Tag. Smiling

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Hey guys,

Thanks for voting in this poll!

I'm sorry I didn't make it clearer what I really wanted.. I was going to make 2 separate polls for the fastest class to level and the funnest class to level, but I thought I'd be spamming the homepage so I combined them Eye

Anyways, the more important question here is fastest class to level, perhaps someone should start their own poll for funnest, or you can just throw a comment like some people have done, saying what you think is the funnest class.

Anyhow, thanks for your votes! Smiling

It's too bad Deea no longer has an iWin Button

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I voted warrior, not for fastest, but for the funniest.

I didn't really like fury or arms, but leveling as protection was really fun to me, I always got dungeons groups and I still leveled at a reasonable speed.

Paladins FTW

I've been surprised, since I nearly deleted my paladin a couple of times, but I'm finding a protection AoE specced paladin to be really fast and fun. The higher I level, the faster and easier it gets.

Class specific quest

Hi, new here using Nuzz's tourguide editor... it doesn't have the capability to input class specific quests but the parent program does (tourguide line |c|) any help I cant edit the guide manually to insert and trying to see if i can contribute

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It's really easy. You go to

It's really easy. You go to the .lua file of said guide. Open it with text edictor. Add a class tag at the end of said step.

Example for the newbie rogue class quest Encrypted Letter:

A Encrypted Letter |QID|3102| |C|Rogue|

It's that easy.

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One of those text edictors,

One of those text edictors, eh? Haha, just joking Eye

I can't do this LUA formatting stuff to save my life :S

"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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Fastest and Funniest are two

Fastest and Funniest are two totally different things, to be honest..

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Funnest also does not equal

Funnest also does not equal funniest Eye But I chose hunter since I figured fastest was the more important question here. Or perhaps "easiest" is more correct.

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Yep, that was the point..

Yep, that was the point..Sticking out tongue

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Agree. That's why I said druid Laughing out loud
Druds ftw. Smiling

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Hunters FTW! Once upon a

Hunters FTW!

Once upon a time, I had an iWin button

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DK can probably get faster to 80 because they start at 55, but I personally like druids better. After lvl30 they really own Smiling. Hunters are fast, but boring (just imo Laughing out loud).

P.S. My english is really bad, but is it funnest or funniest? Puzzled

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Funniest BTW I voted for

Funniest Smiling
BTW I voted for DKs (you all know why)Sticking out tongue


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I think Death Knigt is the

I think Death Knigt is the fastest class to level to 80, because they start at 55!!! Shocked

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I voted Druid. I have a

I voted Druid. I have a level 54 druid with just 2 days 4h /played time, which is my personal record Smiling

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That's awesome, my paladin

That's awesome, my paladin is around there with 37 levels behind him!! Care to share your secrets????

"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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I would say a Hunter I

I would say a Hunter

I 'powerleveld' my hunter and now she is in 4d an 7h lvl 65

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BeastMaster Spec Hunter, in

BeastMaster Spec Hunter, in my opinion, is by far the easiest to level, 1 to 80.

Combat/Assassination Spec Rogue(thx Jame), in my opinion, is the funniest.

DeathKnights shouldn't even be mentioned for this poll, because, we're already given 55 levels, not to mention some nice starting area gear.

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By fastest I mean /played

By fastest I mean /played time-wise. Smiling