Explain your Name

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Well, the title says it all. I want to hear the story behind your nicknames Smiling

I'll start:
Jahwo is an uncommon alternative for the german articulation of the name of god, "Jahwe" Smiling (or jehova, or whatever Laughing out loud)

Your turn.


Well, kinda long story

Well, kinda long story behind this weird name. Sticking out tongue

I was gonna sign up for some game, or make my first account on some website or something I don't really remember.

My RL name is Christian, but I thought Chris sounded cooler, so I tried that, but that was taken.

Then I thought, well how about Chrisser? That was taken too.

I still wanted it to be something like that so I was thinking of 007 or something and then I thought, Hey, I'll just put some numbers behind my name! which then became 000 because 007 sounded noobish I think I thought Sticking out tongue

Bah ..

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Yeah, Jame - tell us! your name!

Yeah, Jame - tell us your name!

Bet it's Francois Cantranx Berqouxneah or something since you're French.

EDIT: That headline actually got a rhyme.

EDIT 2: "Maw" is simply made out of my initials. I later discovered it's unpleasantly similar to "ma'" when you pronounce it. Oh, and if you didn't know: "ma'" is a short form for "mama", "mommy" or "mom".

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LOL I <3 you Maw. There is a French prof at my new school with an amazingly smexy French name like that Eye It makes me happy every time I hear it!

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Skumball, my name of my main

Skumball, my name of my main ingame.

Named after my old Hunter's Scorpid before I rerolled, no idea where the name origionally came from though.

- Skumball

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Trollvink. Well, that's a

Trollvink. Well, that's a combo of my real name, which is Tim Roolvink. When I created an account for some game, I called it TRoolvink, which looked like Trollvink. And Trolls are a race in WoW.

So ehh, yeah, that's pretty much it Sticking out tongue

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My friend...

At the time, my friend was using a variation of "gecko" for all of his passwords, and I was obsessed with moon-powers... umm... So I combined the two to get lunargecko! Laughing out loud (yay!)

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

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Absolutely Random

Well mine's just silly. Before I started playing WoW, I'd play DotA and was quite addicted to it, although i never got above a level of mediocrity Laughing out loud.
Well I am indian, and living in Malaysia and going to a school that's predominantly American, I'd always have to contend with people going "LIKE OMG! THIS CURRY IS SO SPICY" and the like. Most indians know the feeling. We can put with pretty much any kind of food...except for Mexican. And going on and on, I finally decided to fuse my love and hatred into a neutral pseudonym of SpicyIndianCurry
What's most special though about my name is the exclusion of a y. This is where DotA comes in. Warcraft 3 limits my name to 14 characters. I can't have any more. So all I was left with was SpicyIndianCurr. Catchy though it was, people never forgot my in game name and I was even called that while playing. BadaBoomBadaBing. And therefore comes my name Smiling.

Those forgetten remember more than most.

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Strange story

I have three names i use on different sides.

Hurjo: This is way back from when i was like 9 years old. I got my firt mail-adress named something ''hurlumhej'' (danish stuff...). Then ''Hurlumhej'' put together with my IRL name Jon became Hurjo Sticking out tongue

Radiomice: A friend of mine told me he just beat the song Radium Eyes is Guitar Hero 2.
I thought he was saying Radio Mice...

Xpolear: My main wow char Sticking out tongue. I just came on my mind while brainstorming for a DK name

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"Hurlumhej" is great

"Hurlumhej" is great sweets!

We get it in Norway aswell.

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Well, my WoW-Pro name is my

Well, my WoW-Pro name is my real life name :]
But my names on WoW are completely made up in my mind. No real background to them, really. I just either put a load of letters together and come up with a name, or I look at an object in the room I'm in, take the name of it, and add/alter it a little ^_^



"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."



"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

A work in progress

The name I use, terelglass, is/was a concept I developed for a book I attempted to write many years ago. Terelglass is a type of tree with leaves that are almost crystalline in appearance, clear fading to purple, with very strong veins on purple. They would ring in the wind, much like a glass windchime.

"The truth may be out there, but the lies are in your head" - Terry Pratchett

"The truth may be out there, but the lies are in your head" - Terry Pratchett

where to begin!

my first toon i ever made was on a friends account with my RL name and didnt think much about it...then i got myself my ovn account this was in nov 2005 had been playing on my m8 account for 6 months or so, i began making a hunter called Borger witch was a referance to "The Borgs" the evil mass mind collective in Star Trek (witch i was watching at the time) and even eventually i made a guild called The Borgs, and ofc the reqruitment rap would have been in the Borg spirit of inviting ppl, "Resistance is feutile, you WILL be assimilated" but hey until someone is willing to do the job of making the guild its just gonna be a dormant guild...since ive been there done that gave up the GM job for a grunt social raiding.

My name is my name, in real

My name is my name, in real life and online. My character names are slightly more interesting. I have Caitlynisha, my Night Elf Priestess, and her name goes back to my Star Trek role-playing days, where I had a character called Caitlynishrama Jaimeson (she was Ktarian, for fellow Trekkies). Caitlynishrama was too short for the name box in WoW, so I shortened it Sticking out tongue

Most of the other character names are made up on the spot, with the exception of Dannilion, which is a nickname that I got as a child and one I use as a username when I can't use Danni for some reason.

I have a Human Priestess called Sarontia, which I stole from my boyfriend's character (a Human Warlock called Sarontir). In the story in my head they're twins, with mine being the good twin and his the evil.

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Residentevil - Pretty obvious I guess... I started playing Resident Evil on the Sega Genisis and have played everyone since. So whenever anything asks for a name I use it and 99.9% of the time its not taken.

Kinda boring but its been around and working for 10 years now.

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pure lack of

hehe, mine is a pure lack of creativity.
The elmo23 one is from i nick i have gotten in school ages ago.
23 i dont even rember.

In game i have my main is a lock named Pervlock.
( frst char was Elmo, he is deleted now )

I was chatting with an old game friend in the states who asked me what i did for a living. I was building sexy sites at the moment ( Porn actually ) and he started calling me Pervy / Perv, just for the fun of it.
That evening that i made my lock, i need a name and was just chatting with him. And i like structure and figured i would have more alts.
Since this one was a lock, it became Pervlock. Same as my shapeshifting driod, pervshift and my Dk pervknight. ( also a gnome mage lillcritter and dwarf hunter lillrock, but i dont play those much Sticking out tongue )

My avatar is almost allways a kinky little devil ( very boyish, nothing nasty ), pretty funny one to, maybe i will someday take the trouble of adding him here.

edit : the little trouble taken Smiling

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I made this name long before joining WoW. My name translated in English is John, so I took the letters and put them in another order.
Then I added 90 and made honj90 because it sounded cooler like a birthdate than 93 which I really am and the game I played was for 12+ and I was 11 Laughing out loud
My first char in WoW was named Honj, but now my main is another.
Oh, and if you wonder why I am honj93 here and not honj90, I had made a registration with the name honj90, but my password didn't work for some strange reason and when I was supposed the lost-password e-il I din't get anything. The only thing I can suppose is that I hadn't used my usual password and e-mail address.

That's how I ended up creating a new account named honj93.

P.S. I sometimes still get the message on the site :further instructions have been sent to your e-mail address. Laughing out loud
P.S.2 I wanted anyway to send you a pm about that some day,
Jame you can delete my frst account Eye

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Done Sticking out tongue

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Heh, well Jiyambi has very

Heh, well Jiyambi has very humble origins. I was creating my first character, a troll rogue, and asked my friend (who got me into WoW in the first place) for a name. His friend had an alt named Jiyambi on a different server, and I really liked the sound of the name - very Jamaican sounding, which is great for trolls.

Unfortunately no one seems able to pronounce it in game - I actually go by "Jellybean" "Jelly" "Ji" and "Jiya" and "J". Jellybean is a favorite of mine that was coined when I told a friend she could call me anything that started with J since there were no other J folks in the guild.

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Shinke: Well I was making my

Shinke: Well I was making my first Death Knight, and he looked like a rogue in a way, so change shank a bit and you get Shinke!

Hehe Smiling

Rrasyrogenez - not made to pronounce... at least for others...

Rrasyrogenez Male Night Elf Rogue (Shu'Halo)

i like making up names and the reason and how i got this name started before i started playing WoW. i am into dragons and i was looking into making my own dragon and i need a name to make it mine. what i did was used my full name backwards then took out a few letters here and there to get Rrasyrogenees. when i started to play WoW i could only use 12 letters and since this name was 13 i needed to drop one letter, so i made it Rrasyrogenez, taking out the last "e" and changing the "s" to "z". the name was originally my dragon name and it is pronounced (which changed a few times til i got the sound i wanted) errrRay-sigh-row-shjuh-neice Jawdropping! but most people in WoW call me Rras like razz.

Rrasyrogenez Male Night Elf Rogue (Shu'Halo)
Kyannastar Female Human Warlock (Shu'Halo)

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Come on there must be some

Come on there must be some more cool stories, or just say whatever you want xD I want to see some activity in this forum Eye

Name Game

Well my name says it all I like to Punish my opponents.
I also have 70 Warrior named Punishur and a 22 Rogue name eyekyllum = I kill him or I kill them. I would like to start a guild called "Capital Punishment"

}:) "Punish Or Be Punished" Eye

That the name of the game

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Meh, mine is nothing

Meh, mine is nothing special. I wanted a name people could easily spell and remember, while still not being as common as "James", so I went for "Jame".

In the end, I didn't do myself a favor, most people manage to butcher my nickname, so I get a lot of "James" and "Jamie", sometimes I even get some "Jim" and some "Jaymie" and all that fantastic stuff ^^

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Hahaha, what's your name

Hahaha, what's your name irl? Apologies in advance in case I missed it somewhere else Shocked.

Those forgetten remember more than most.

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Maybe James?

Maybe James? Sticking out tongue

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I imagine it's something

I imagine it's something French Sticking out tongue

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Well, my real name's Matt,

Well, my real name's Matt, but I thought Matthias would be a little WoW friendlier.

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Clearasil: The stuff you use

Clearasil: The stuff you use to prevent pimples! Sticking out tongue

I always choose names like this, for example when I was creating a new character. I had this box of burnable cd's in front of me with description in different languages. I saw the word "Uwaga" and chose it as my name! Sticking out tongue

Also something I do for creating new characters: Just hit the keyboard, combine words together that don't mean anything. I will never name my character "alfjaslkfja" however.