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This guide is designed to be able to be completed solo, though you may need help in Scholomance, depending on your class.
This guide Covers the following Achievements, and assumes you can fly in Northrend.

Friend or Fowl?

Pest Control

To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before
To All The Squirrels Who Shared My Life

Well Read

I highly recommend the Overachiever mod, check it out.

Optional - Also would be a good idea to keep an eye on the following:

Northern Exposure - macro

Medium Rare - macro

Map Legend
Critters in Red
Books in Blue

Northrend Macro /tar Underbelly R
/tar Arctic H
/tar Faw
/tar Rat
/tar Roac
/tar Snake
/tar Spid
/tar Chic
/tar Crab
/tar Sheep
/tar Fjord R
/tar Skunk
/tar Fjord T
/tar Huge
/tar Zul’Drak R
/tar Sholazar T
/tar Steam F
/tar Borean F
/tar Borean M
/stopmacro [noexists]
/tell YOURNAMEHERE Found %t!
/stopmacro [dead]

    /love Rabbit (not in macro, should be easy enough to find)
    /love Squirrel (not in macro, should be easy enough to find)
    kill Underbelly Rat in the sewers
    Horde read The Guardians of Tirisfal on the top floor of the horde inn

Dragonblight (find one while traveling through the zone)
    /love Arctic Hare

Grizzly Hills (all of them are at the same place, you should see an area of tree stumps)
    /love Deer (not in macro)
    /love Fawn
    /love Grizzly Squirrel (not in macro)
    /love Mountain Skunk (not in macro)
    kill Mouse (not in macro)

Howling Fjord
(1)    kill Rat
(1)    kill Roach
(1)    kill Snake
(1)    kill Spider
(2)    /love Chicken
(3)    /love Fjord Penguin (not in macro)
(4)    /love Crab
(4)    /love Sheep
(4)    /love Scalawag Frog (not in macro, at pirate camp)
(5)    kill Fjord Rat
(5)    kill Devouring Maggot in Utgarde Kepp Catacombs, 56,49.  (not in macro)
    Go down the ramp, down the stairs on your right, 2 flights down.
(6)    /love Skunk
(6)    /love Fjord Turkey
(6)    Slay 15 Fjord Turkey in 3 minutes.

Zul'Drak (both of them are at the same place)
    /love Huge Toad
    kill Zul'Drak Rat

Storm Peaks - Halls of Stone (just inside the instance)
    kill Gold Beetle (not in macro)

/love Glacier Penguin (not in macro)

Sholazar Basin
/love Sholazar Tickbird

Borean Tundra
(1)   /love Tundra Penguin (not in macro)
(2)    The Nexus (inside instance, go straight towards Keristrasza)
Crystal Spider (not in macro)
(3)    /love Steam Frog
(3)    /love Borean Frog
(3)    /love Borean Marmot

Return to Dalaran and take portal to Shattrath City

Outland, Kalimdor, and Eastern Kingdoms Macro /tar Ewe
/tar Scorpion
/tar Frog
/tar Toad
/tar Prairie Dog
/tar Adder
/tar Parrot
/tar Gazelle
/tar Hare
/tar Swine
/tar Moccasin
/tar Cat
/tar Cow
/tar Lava Crab
/tar Fire Beetle
/tar Ram
/tar Larva
/tar Maggot
/stopmacro [noexists]
/tell YOURNAMEHERE Found %t!
/stopmacro [dead]

Shattrath City
/love Ewe

Hellfire Peninsula
    kill Scorpion

/love Frog

/love Toad
    /love Prairie Dog
    kill Adder

Return to Shattrath City and take portal:
    To Caverns of Time (if you are revered with Keepers of Time) or to Kalimdor

If you ported to Darnassus read
The Betrayer Ascendant

Tanaris - Caverns of Time
The Kaldorei and the Well of Eternity

Un'Goro Crater
/love Parrot

Mulgore - Horde only
    read The Battle of Grim Batol

    /love Hare
    /love Swine

The Barrens
/love Gazelle
    read Charge of the Dragonflights in Ratchet 60,27 by Gazlowe
    read Mount Hyjal and Illidan's Gift in the Ratchet Inn

Alliance fly to Darnassus if you still need to read The Betrayer Ascendant
    and fly back to Ratchet

Take the Boat to Booty Bay

Stranglethorn Vale - Booty Bay
    read Sunwell - The Fall of Quel'Thalas Second floor of The Salt Sailor Tavern
    read Empires' Fall in the basement of "Sea Wolf" MacKinley's building
    read The Twin Empires in the basement of "Sea Wolf" MacKinley's building
    read Wrath of Soulflayer in the basement of "Sea Wolf" MacKinley's building
    read The Sentinels and the Long Vigil outside and up to the top floor of "Sea Wolf" MacKinley's building

Swamp of Sorrows

    read Rise of the Horde
    read The New Horde

Elwynn Forest
    /love Cat
    /love Cow
    read Lethargy of the Orcs

Stormwind City - Alliance only
The Alliance of Lordaeron
    read The Battle of Grim Batol
    read The Guardians of Tirisfal

Searing Gorge
    /love Lava Crab
    kill Fire Beetle

Loch Modan

    /love Ram
    read Ironforge - the Awakening of the Dwarves
    read The Last Guardian

Scarlet Monastery Library
    read Aegwynn and the Dragon Hunt
    read Aftermath of the Second War
    read Arathor and the Troll Wars
    read Archimonde's Return and the Flight to Kalimdor
    read Beyond the Dark Portal
    read Civil War in the Plaguelands
    read Icecrown and the Frozen Throne
    read Kel'Thuzad and the Forming of the Scourge
    read The Scourge of Lordaeron
    read The War of the Ancients
    read The World Tree and the Emerald Dream
    read War of the Spider
    read War of the Three Hammers

    read Exile of the High Elves
    read Kil'jaeden and the Shadow Pact
    read Old Hatreds - The Colonization of Kalimdor
    read Rise of the Blood Elves
    read Sargeras and the Betrayal
    read The Birth of the Lich King
    read The Dark Portal and the Fall of Stormwind
    read The Founding of Quel'Thalas
    read The Invasion of Draenor
    read The Lich King Triumphant
    read The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth
    read The Seven Kingdoms

    kill Larva
    kill Maggot

Silvermoon City - Horde only
    read The Alliance of Lordaeron
    read The Betrayer Ascendant


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Just sayin.

I don't know if I ever said so, so I will now. I used this guide and my guildies were shocked and amazed at how fast I got these achievements (they shouldn't be, they know I'm an achievement whore, but anyways....). So thanks a ton for writing this, I've recommended it to all of my guildies Smiling

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You should probably put in

You should probably put in the skill requirements for fishin the floating wrekage, thining i could level my fishing while doing so I found out later after hitting 150 that floating wreckage requires 305 fishing, not sure about the other spawns though.

Choppas amazing guide has

Choppas amazing guide has gotten downgraded on Wowhead go there sign up and save them

Love this guide!

Well Done Choppas!
This guide is right up there with the best!

I followed it to a T, but had trouble finding the Schooner Wreckage
in STV. Found it in other places but could not find it there. It may be worth mentioning that it can be found elsewhere (Ashenvale, Hillsbrad Foothills, Stonetalon Mountains, Wetlands) Hillsbrad being an obvious choice for the particular part of the guide.

I hope you will keep going and do more guides.
Thanks very much.

Tourguide help

Not sure where to put the .lua doesn't seem to work in the spots I have tried, help anyone?

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Ah, sorry I didn't see this

Ah, sorry I didn't see this right away.

Upload it to another free file site, such as google sites, and let Jame know where it is. He can upload it here, but we normal users can't upload that filetype.

Thanks for making it!

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I think I'll follow this to

I think I'll follow this to celebrate getting loremaster, when I get it.

I appreciate the amount of graft and effort that must have gone into a useful guide of this magnitude Smiling

refining it a bit

Currently working on refining it just a bit and polishing my tourguide version that I am testing.

and... Thanks!

Jahwo's picture

Sounds great! I really want

Sounds great! I really want to see this guide as a tourguide version Smiling

Finished testing

Finished testing this guide and the tourguide version. Added approximate times for each section. Submitted the tourguide version to Jame!

Added link to tourguide version

Try it out, let me know what you think!

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This looks absolutely great.

This looks absolutely great. These achievements tend to get somewhat confusing, espiecially Well Read.

Comment me on my blog.


Added table of contents, thanks Jiyambi.
And made links and map links better.
Plus cleaned up some sloppy code Eye

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Looks awesome!

Looks awesome!

Edit: My only concern is that some of the maps are rather small, and the colors don't show up too well with the smaller size. But they are probably good enough to follow Smiling

I could make the maps

I could make the maps bigger... or you could click on the map to open it in a new window.

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Hah, thats exactly what I

Hah, thats exactly what I thought you did originally, but it took me to some kind of download screen. Perhaps I'm just doing it wrong?

Edit: Once I clicked "yes" to the "download", it loaded the bigger map. This is really counter-intuitive, though I think it has to do with where your pics are hosted (google?) and not really something you can change. It's too bad though, I really like the idea of small maps that are clickable.


Well I went ahead and changed it to larger maps, plus the maps are now clickable without the annoying "download" screen...

I could put it back to the smaller maps with the option of the clickable maps still without the annoying "download" screen...

Edit again,
I didn't like them as big as I made them... they're now a more modest size.

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Much better, me likey! This

Much better, me likey! This is a very nice guide Smiling

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If you're a mod nut like me, you can get OverAchiever ( It adds info to the tooltip when you mouse over an animal you need to /love or a book you need to read or a school you still need to fish. It also puts an icon in your cookbook to let you know you still need to cook that item for your cooking achievement.

I just found this yesterday and installed it last night after work. It's pretty cool.



I put that as one of the first things in my guide!

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Jawdropping! Was that there yesterday? Puzzled I can't remember how I stumbled across the mod, maybe it was here....LOL Smiling


More updates

Adding more in the next few days...


Updated to add optional fishing achievements.
Will be working on updating all of the maps for fishing and adding specific maps for Scarlet Monastery and Scolomance

Fixed maps

fixed maps and moved several of the books out of Scholomance to make the areas you need to clear MUCH smaller

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Oh sweet, I know what I'm

Oh sweet, I know what I'm gonna do when I get home from school tonight. Mmm, achievements.

Also, this part made me laugh:

(6) /love Fjord Turkey
(6) Slay 15 Fjord Turkey in 3 minutes.

Poor turkeys, getting such mixed signals.

Jiruru's picture

All right, just finished

All right, just finished going through this guide (well, almost, I missed a book in Stormwind cause I'm clumsy), but wow, it was amazingly useful. Three cheers!


Would you believe that I haven't finished these myself... I have more time available to work on a guide than I have to play WOW. I made the tourguide version of this guide and will be testing that one out ingame soon.

It's just mean...

That's why I had saved them for last... the turkeys get really MAD. }:)
So you should just get right out of the zone!

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Wow, this is really

Wow, this is really nice!

I'm still working on holiday achievements in game right now, but I'll definitely work on this one after the holidays have passed!

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*Whistle* that looks like

*Whistle* that looks like one awesome guide! Smiling
I never even thought about completing achievements like that, but maybe I'll try it now Eye

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At first glance it looks freaking amazing! And a TourGuide version will of course be icing on the cake Smiling

All we need now is people to try it!

New Guide

Let me know how it works out for everyone.
Also I'll likely make it for tour-guide .

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Thank you oh so much for

Thank you oh so much for this guide. I've been dreading doing the well-read ones, now, I don't have to. I'll definitely check it out tomorrow when I get home.

"Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive." ~ Bugs Bunny

"Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive." ~ Bugs Bunny