What's up with the adds?

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Thought I'd bump this.

Anyone else being annoyed by the 'insider' stealth adds? It's enough that they're buying off WoWInsider's good name, it's worse that it actually blends in with the design of the site...


UI for DK

anyone got any good addon/UI for a DK, plus whats with the adds, they keep lagging my screen when im scrolling

cheeers Baz

What's up with the adds?

Should have at least 2 gb pref 3 gb memory. My 1525 has 3 gb and I have no problem with memory.


UI for DK

cheers for the info, looking through to fid the one i want, another question for you all, MAcros, never used them, not got a clue how to set them up, can they be used for attacking, if so, what would a Dk use?

sorry for all the questions, but if ive got it i want to use it


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For the addon/UI, try

For the addon/UI, try http://www.wowinterface.com/find.php They have sections for class-specific addons, and for (some class-specific) UIs and compilations of UIs.

As for the lag when scrolling, that's probably your computer, not the ads.

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Not Happy with the new

Not Happy with the new Expanding ads. Currently every page it expands. If you don't click somewhere else on the page and accidentaly click it you go to that page. Second thing is it counts as a page view meaning you might have to hit back a few times to go to your prior page.

If there was a way to not have them auto expand and to only expand when you mouse over and choose to that would help.

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Hey everyone. A gold selling

Hey everyone. A gold selling banner just appeared on the site. This is not intentional, we are strongly against it and I've already taken steps to get it removed. Please ignore it for the time being.

Sorry about that!

Guys, I've heard some rumors

Guys, I've heard some rumors a certain shooter has a new kind of shot. Can anyone confirm this is true?

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You don't live in europe, do

You don't live in europe, do you?

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Er...what? x2

Er...what? x2 (No, I don't)

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Not Sure...

I think he's talking about the Combat Arms ad on this site.


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I still have no idea what

I still have no idea what anybody's talking about. Is that a game?

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Banner Ad

It's one of the many banner ads. It says something along the lines of, head shots are hard, but nut shots are twice as hard, or something like that. I clicked on 5 or 6 things getting here and never saw the ad. If you browse this site a lot, keep your eyes out for it.

Not sure what the Europe comment was though.... Sad


At least in my country,

At least in my country, those ads appear all the time. And most of the time, the whole place is invested by them, when you view a guide, there are 3 banners, on the left side, the top of the screen, and that box ruining our guides. And they are all just about nut shots nut shots nut shots.

Pretty irritating if you ask me.

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Do you guys really prefer

Do you guys really prefer the new "MapleStory" ads?

It's an animation with a fish being dumped into a toilet "Life Sucks". Then the fish somehow jumps out of the toilet, "that's why millions play MapleStory".

"What are you waiting for?"

Be the fish, jump out of the toilet and start playing MapleStory!



No, don't be the fish; be the little guys first being naked, then dressed up, saying "rawr", "lol", "zomg!!!" and "woot".

"No credit card required"

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I like MapleSotry. I heard

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Wow, sounds

Wow, sounds really random. Advertising is really going downhill for some, no?

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TBH, the adds bring back

TBH, the adds bring back fond memories of when I used to play that silly silly game...

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So, I was bored. Downloaded

So, I was bored. Downloaded Maplestory, played it 'till level 19 and quitted...

It's short fun, but it's quite boring if you get 0.10% per kill. Almost no quests either


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Yup, it's fun to about level

Yup, it's fun to about level 16, and then all the quests are really too hard. To grind efficiently it needs to be on things you kill in one or two hits. And all the quests at that level make you fight things that are too hard, so you end up grinding.

I still keep it around when I want some mindless cute monster slaying with friends/family!

Expanding / Rollover ads

The Sprint and video game (currently "Wanted Weapons of Fate") ads periodically expand to fill the top-right quarter of my screen. I think they are rollover ads, but even when I scroll them up off the screen, they still expand every once in awhile. Very trashy looking. I don't begrudge your revenue but these are downright annoying. Thanks.
- Tannyr

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AdBlock'em all! Bwahahaha!

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.



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Tempting... But if there


But if there was no advertising, how would WoW-pro make money? Sticking out tongue

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I can never bring myself to click on ads anyway. They always have fishy links when you mouse over them. Why introduce what you never use? >.<

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

I was wondering does any one know the hit cap for DK's

Im at 10.34% and i think im way over but i hear anything from 8 to 10 on the web. If i put this in the wrong spot i am very sorry!

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Yes, this is the wrong

Yes, this is the wrong place.

This post is about adds, see?

A good place to ask this would be at the bottom of a DK guide Smiling

But if it's anything like Shaman's hit cap, it's definitely 8.5. Unless they've decided it's 9. Or 8.

Get the idea? Sticking out tongue

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Someone might want to put

Someone might want to put something on the main page, just to let people know those aren't guides from this site.

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and this one is even better

While i am typing i also have the previous poster's reccomended: add.
But this one is even worse,
it looks very much like a left side menu is supposed to look on this website, and i didnt even notice it wasnt untill i was looking at my mouse and saw it was between text and still pressable.
http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/526/advertx.jpg ( the pic )
it then links to :

aka, looks like it is indeed specially tailored for posting on this website and fool as many visitors as possible.

I suggest we all klick em like mad. Let insider pick up the fee and let Jame get some extra cash revenue from the buggers.


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Yeah, that add was the one

Yeah, that add was the one that was first posted about Sticking out tongue

If you look at properties, then go to the link there, you'll see that in fact the background is white, so it 'camouflages' rather than being specifically made. Still annoying, though.

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It's really hardcore how

It's really hardcore how they make those ads "invisible".. sneaky! Laughing out loud Now they also made an adapted ad for the center:


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Has someone actually created an

Has someone actually created an add with the exact same gradients as the website for this, or is it in the coding, do you think?

EDIT: And yeah, that one on the left side of your screenshot...

I think they deliberately made the background of it look SLIGHTLY different to the rest of the site, so we would be SLIGHTLY less likely to pick up on the fact that it looks like we support it. (It says 'recommended).

That's okay where it's actually a sponsor on WoWWiki, but here it's just an advertiser...

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Hmm, which ads are you

Hmm, which ads are you referring to? I'm not seeing any "insider" ads here, might be because I don't live in the US.

Please forward me a screenshot of said ads and I'll take it from there Smiling

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These pdf guides are junk and a waste of money. It would seem to me that they aren't helping their product by advertising them for sale on your site. your guides are free and are the best (IMO) and anyone that would sees their advertising would be on your site to use your guides and would know this as well.

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It's the stuff on the left

It's the stuff on the left of the screen in this shot.

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Ahh I see now. I don't like

Ahh I see now.

I don't like that either, I'll get them removed.

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The fact that it looks like part of the site is irritating.

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I just took a look at some

I just took a look at some of the ads which "appeared" to be character selling ads at first glance, but actually they're just ads for a leveling guide in .pdf format.

Are you sure you saw character sale ads? If yes, please point me to a link.

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I have to quote jame. ALL

I have to quote jame. ALL the ads send to the same leveling guide , which is legal but annoying I think Smiling I also would like to know the name of the auctioned guide, if someone knows, just out of curiosity Eye