What do you think is the best healer class in end game raids?

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I'm going to be 'that guy'

Death Knight

Having the luxury to run our

Having the luxury to run our Naxx10 raids with 3 different healing classes (druid, priest, shaman) we can easily adapt the healing to our needs.

I will not cast a vote here because I think all classes are equally good at healing if played correctly.
As raidleader I like to have the option, which I have, to assign my healers a primary healing target depending on the fight.

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This is also what I think.

This is also what I think. There isn't a "best" healing class for raiding. Each healer class has advantages and drawbacks for certain encounters, and it's nice to have options.

I remember when my guild raided Black Temple, we always swapped in an extra priest for Najentus, burst AoE heal was just great after each bubble. For Gurtogg Bloodboil we always had a tree in the raid (rolling lifeblooms were just so awesome to heal the 3 groups with blood boil).
3 shamans for Mother Shazhra (pre-nerf) spamming chain heal (what else?!).
And we pretty much always had 3 paladins for the blessings.

Flexibility is key (or at least it was when I still raided 25!)

Druids have been my favorite

Druids have been my favorite brand of healer for over a year now; I will not deny it.

I voted for Druids, obviously...

Or did I?

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I'd always take six shit hot

I'd always take six shit hot healers over any specific class set-up. Different classes have different strengths but if it were a choice between the different healing classes, I'd take the best player.

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How true... I'd prefer a group that is made of good players than a group that has good setup. Sometimes even gear doesn't mean a player will be helpful to hte party.

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Yup, each healer is

Yup, each healer is speciallized

Priest - strong all around and the healer's healer, good default.

Shaman - strong AoE and powerful but slow MT heals

Druid - epic HoTs, keeps the tank alive in lag spikes and stuns

Pally - fast healing, great for MT healing, especially in fights with quick damage spikes like patchwerk.

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I have to agree with

I have to agree with Jiyambi, I play a Holy Pally and I know that I cannot AOE heal for love nor money (although with Beacon I can give it a shot), yet I have this innate single target healing which is inherent in every Holy Paladin.

There are healers that are best at certain fights, but overall they are equal - as Bliz intended or we would be overrun with one type.

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Every healer is great for

Every healer is great for it's own purpose. Taking all of a single healing class/spec would gimp your raid, but you'd still be able to manage.

Personally I'm biased towards priests since I play one. Sticking out tongue Though having two very separate healing specs is a big bonus whereas the others only really have one tree (though obviously not every pally healer is the exact same, there are no pally healers with 51 points in Ret. Sticking out tongue)

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I agree there can't be any best class there are sometimes preferences but it usually depends on the boss encounter. I can't really have an opinion because I haven't tried all, but I'm playing resto druid and I'm really happy with it.

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Its the healer class you

Its the healer class you prefer, not about AoE healing, single healing or anything else, its about what you generally think its best.