Explain Your Avatar

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Based on Jahwo's topic, Explain Your Name.

Explain what your avatar is and why you use it!

I'll start off:

My avatar is Totoro, a happy and helpful forest spirit who is the star of the Japanese film My Neighbor Totoro. This is probably the cutest and happiest movie I've ever seen. It's also extremely well made, by the same guy who did Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke (two of the only "big" anime movies in the US). While targeting 5-year olds, it's enjoyable for all ages (I think anyway!)

Totoro is cute, cuddly, and lovable, so what better image to represent me!


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mine (if its still there) is

mine (if its still there) is the MMA group in which i am a origional memeber.

ok my new one is the excuse that i alwais use Sticking out tongue

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Mine is an undead caster

Mine is an undead caster looking somewhat badass wtfpwn-poon-ish. Although my mage is a human, I always use Noggenfogger because I play 10 times better when I'm an undead. They're just awesome! And NO, I'm not gonna level a new 80 levels with a mage just to be an undead while mounting, and without stacking up on thousands of Noggenfogger Elixirs.

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Skumball Undead Prot

Undead Prot Warrior

That's what I am, so that's my avatar Smiling

- Skumball

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I thought it was a pokémon,

I thought it was a pokémon, Jiyambi Sticking out tongue

Anyway, I have this Avatar because it fits my name, in my opinion (who can disagree anyway Sticking out tongue)

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Boo hiss! Everyone always

Boo hiss! Everyone always thinks it's a pokemon, but totoro is much cooler than that!

... really it is. Despite being written for 5 year olds, it really is better. Trust me.

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Isn't it an air-balloon?

Isn't it an air-balloon? Sticking out tongue

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No, he's just very round. In

No, he's just very round. In this picture he is riding on a little spinning top.

...He does fly around in the sky sometimes, though, with an umbrella. He's basically the Japanese version of Mary Poppins Sticking out tongue

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Oh, now I can see it - it's

Oh, now I can see it - it's a teddy bear-ish cuddly thing!

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There are also incredibly

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Im just gonna ... not ask

Im just gonna ... not ask what THE HELL that anime is about Sticking out tongue

Gosh, and here I thought Claymore was brutal.

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Hah, it's not a real anime.

Hah, it's not a real anime. That pic is a scene from the Totoro movie, but some creepy person converted into... well... creepiness. Here is the original.

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Ah, I remember that. I think

Ah, I remember that. I think I've seen that movie.

No, I don't think I have, I know I have Sticking out tongue

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My favorite color is green.

My avatar is a tree because:
1.) I like green
2.) I like trees.

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

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Mine is from an

Mine is from an award-winning fanart of my favorite lore character, the Lady Sylvanas.

Fan art not by me, however. I wish it was Sad I believe this picture is up on the WoW site but I pulled this in particular off the wowwiki page on Sylvanas

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My previous comment is sort

My previous comment is sort of obsolete now. After posting, I went to deviant art to find an avatar. While I was there, I also found this:


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I apparently can't view that

I apparently can't view that without being a Deviant member. However, if it's the same picture I found this weekend while looking for Totoro wallpaper, it's incredibly creepy and makes me want to hide under my bed.

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Yeah, that sounds about

Yeah, that sounds about right.

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I'm just an ugly orc I found

I'm just an ugly orc I found on the MaxDPS website, nothing special Eye

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My avatar is simply a gnome

My avatar is simply a gnome engineer I shamelessly stole from blizzard's site (I can't even remember where exactly). I thought it would represent me well, as I'm a hardworking gnome, using my free time to engineer high quality guides for the masses!

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It's the race choice

It's the race choice picture, when you create a new character.

Not sure where on the website you'd find it, though.

Mine is a crop of some Samwise art. I'm afraid it completely fails to do it justice, though.

I'll find the real one.

Ah, he's someone or other from the TCG, apparently.

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Mine is invisible.

Mine is invisible.

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My avatar shows Clearasil

My avatar shows Clearasil (my main) when he was about level 17 or something. I created him almost three years ago, but I stopped leveling him at lvl 21. And last year I began leveling him again, and now he's level 73 ^^

If someone's wondering how that's possible as he's at the realm Blade's Edge wich isn't three years old, that's because I moved him from the Maelstrom.