What is your native language?

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34% (665 votes)
6% (120 votes)
9% (173 votes)
2% (31 votes)
5% (96 votes)
4% (81 votes)
2% (41 votes)
3% (65 votes)
5% (105 votes)
1% (17 votes)
7% (136 votes)
7% (130 votes)
4% (83 votes)
1% (21 votes)
1% (23 votes)
2% (31 votes)
Not Available (please write a comment so I can add your native language)
6% (118 votes)
Total votes: 1936


... my native language isn't the one I'm playing WoW in

Although I could play WoW in my native language (German), I prefer the English client, since I really dislike the "translation" attempts... After all, there is a reason why Blizzard never bothered to translate the title of the game itself... or would anyone really play "Welt der Kriegskunst" / "Welt des Kriegshandwerks"? It sounds plain wrong, even for German ears... and so does most of the stuff that's translated. Furthermore, the translation wavers between attempts at literal translation (that's what I've done to the title on the above...) and attempts at being be funny when "translating" idiomatic expressions or jokes which only work in English or, the worst "translations", when some US or British cultural references (e.g., popular music acts) are replaced with whatever the translator likes... just plain horrific, I can tell you...

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I completely agree

I'm from germany too and playing with the english client for exactly the same reason.

I think the worst part of their translation attempt is them even translating names of cities and people, that's just horrible. In german, we still say "New York" and not "Neues York" even though that would be the translation of the name. So why on earth are the guys translating names in WoW?

Even peoples names get translated and I'd much rather do my quests in Hyjal with Malfurion Stormrage that with a guy with the flimsy sounding name "Sturmgrimm" *shudders*

Life isn't like a box of chocolates, it's more like a jar of jalapeños: What you do today might burn your a** tomorrow.


two words:

Jaina Prachtmeer. [*shudders_even_more*]

I am a Romanian native speaker

I am a Romanian native speaker. English & franch as well.


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Portuguese. Having lived in

Portuguese. Having lived in US and UK, I'm fairly fluent in English, but I think it won't ever be as good as my native language. :)

I also speak Spanish and some Italian.

native or best at?

My native language is Swedish.

But I'm actually more comfortable with english these days.

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I am native Croatian

It's the end of Italy across the seas east


Well, most of my family is from the Netherlands, but I have alot of others from different parts of Europe (Germany, Italy, France ,Scotland (Yes I know they speak English)) so I don't know which one to pick? I picked Dutch, because thats the one I can speak.

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Native is Dutch, but I think

Native is Dutch, but I think I'm better at speaking and writing English Puzzled

What is your native language?


You have Romanian as one of

You have Romanian as one of the languages but you don't have any options for Portugal players whatsoever? That's weird. I'm curious, can you give me a ratio of Romanian players VS German players?
Samuel Stanislas, part of the Traduceri Legalizate team.

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My native language is Romanian.


I speak the language of

I speak the language of Portugal, Portuguese


I speak the language of Spain spanish

Native language


Native language

My native language is portuguese.

Hebrew FTW

Hebrew FTW


English FTW }:)


unfurtunately i'm in spain,

unfurtunately i'm in spain, but i'm in catalonia. so, my native language is catalan Laughing out loud


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Did anyone notice the

Did anyone notice the "Natively" ad on the top?
Is it just me or did they write French wrong? "Fernch" Laughing out loud

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Haha they fixed it

Haha they fixed it Laughing out loud

Icelandic here

Icelandic here

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Dutchie here

Dutchie here Sticking out tongue


Finnish Sticking out tongue

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Mine is Romanian, but I voted "Not Available"


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not availavle

no Greek? Sad

yeah, and I think it's mother language or mother tongue Smiling

EDIT : About your question I suppose it could be just for fun, but it would also be usefull to know what language most of the members speak to adjust translations and so on to it.

native language

To the extent that American is English, "native language" sounds fine to me. I'm not an expert, I just speak it.

"Mother tongue"? Maybe you are from that other English speaking country, but it makes me wonder why I'd want two tongues. My mouth would get crowded.

"The US and UK. Two countries divided by a common language" -misquoted from a forgotten original source.

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www.leo.org says that mother

www.leo.org says that mother tongue is a expression used in the lingusitics branch.
But "mother tongue", "first language" and "native language" are all translations for the german word Muttersprache which I wanted to use so I think it completely dowsn't matter Laughing out loud

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From wikipedia: Quote:A

From wikipedia:

A first language (also mother tongue, native language, arterial language, or L1) is the language a human being learns from birth.

Mother language doesn't sound wrong to me either though. We need an expert here!

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Sometimes the term mother

Sometimes the term mother tongue or mother language is used for the language that a person learnt at home (usually from his parents).

Mother language is correct. Mother tongue is correct. Native language is correct.

/care ^^

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I think you're the expert,

I think you're the expert, being a job-related translator Sticking out tongue

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In before:

In before: SWE??????

On-topic: If I may ask, for what do you need this information?

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no special reason. Just out

no special reason. Just out of curiosity Smiling

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Is it not called "mother of

Is it not called "mother of tounge" or something? Native sounds a bit tribeish Sticking out tongue

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"mother tongue" or "native

"mother tongue" or "native language" is pretty much the same as far as i know. Smiling

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That would be correct!

That would be correct!

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My native language is Serbian Smiling.

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My native tongue is Urdu.

My native tongue is Urdu.

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Well, my is danish.

Well, my is danish. Eye


My former boss was Pakistani and he told me not to call him "sir" because it meant "head" in Urdu.


you have both norwegian and swedish but forgot danish. Eye

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Its always a competition

Its always a competition with them three. Don't leave any of them out or they'll have you!

I notice there's no British-English Sticking out tongue

Tag. Smiling

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And there's no Frenglish as

And there's no Frenglish as well! What a shame..

Frenglish is the english spoken by 99.9% of the French who pretend they can speak english. YUP!

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I'm french and like all the french, i speak english like a pig .

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I also notice there' no

I also notice there' no British Empire.



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Oh now that's just being

Oh now that's just being nit-picky Sticking out tongue Eye

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Danish is a decently big one

Danish is a decently big one around here too from what I have gathered.