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Even Teams or More Team Members

Players lower then half of the level range

Before I start I just want to mention that depending on what realm you are on different factions (horde/ Alliance)will win. If you are lower then half of your level range and are unsure whether you are good with your class I would suggest you stand back and watch and occasionally use you aoe spells and heals. The reason why we use our aoe spells is to raise your damage done which makes it look like your doing something. If you are healing (Priest, Druid, or Paladin) then use ctrl-v to see your team's health bars. If you die, healers especially, you will aggro a lot of enemies and will probably will killed, DO NOT go to your corpse, unless your body is close enough to be resurrected by the npc and can resurrect by your body. The reason is because if your insignia is taken while running to your corpse you waste time getting back to the npc resurrect. It will also help (obviously) if you have extra health because the higher levels will try to kill you so try to get some help from some team mates. Finally if you ever see an enemy trying to retreat back to his team, stop him by any means necessary (i.e. stun, freeze, death grip-DK's only)

Uneven Teams - Overpowered

If your team is overpowered (not 2 or 3 less players) and your team will get destroyed then sadly you will have to forget about honor for a bit and try focusing on training. The quickest way to do this is grind on the harpies by the cave and work you way through the cave until you reach the Alterac Yeti, he is one level higher than the maximum level as well as being an elite). Once you make it to the Yeti you can try to kill it but you most likely will die, especially if you are a lower level. If you ever do die don't worry because by this time the teams should have evened out so then just go and help your team. If it hasn't evened out you will have to go back and continue to grind on the harpies, another thing to do is you can complete some of the quests at the main camp. Do this until the teams even out, when that happens go help your team (see the above guide: Even or Overpowered)


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Not bad Nilz! One

Not bad Nilz!

One suggestion: add a little introduction to explain what you are trying to do with this guide. What will people learn from it.

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Added an intro

Added an intro thanks for the feedback.

More guides are coming!

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