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First Aid is a very useful ability to have. It can regenerate your, or allies', reduced, and/or reducing healh, whether you're out in the wild hunting or questing, or in an instance.
This guide will take your Secondary Profession skill First Aid to level 450 in a very fast matter, and with the lowest expenses possible. Whether you are a Horde or an Alliance, this guide will contain the information needed for both factions. Except from this, you will have an already set up shopping list for you with links to wowhead, so that you can easily look up which relevant mobs for your level have highest drop rate for a certain cloth, so that you can then farm for the cloth, instead of buying (if you want to). I will also include describing maps with locations for various other things.

Shopping List

170 Linen Cloth
180 Wool Cloth
140 Silk Cloth
110 Mageweave Cloth
210 Runecloth
100 Netherweave Cloth
150 Frostweave Cloth
Skill Leveling

First thing you do is to pick up the Apprentice First Aid Profession from a first aid trainer in a starting region, or in a capital city:



Create: 50 x Linen Bandage
Requirements: 50 x Linen cloth

Create: 60 x Heavy Linen Bandage
Requirements: 120 x Linen Cloth

Visit a trainer again at 50 to get Journeyman First Aid

Create: 60 x Wool Bandage
Requirements: 60 x Wool Cloth

Create: 60 x Heavy Wool Bandage
Requirements: 120 x Wool Cloth

Once your skill is 150, learn to make Silk Bandage from a trainer, and then travel to Deneb Walker (Alliance) or Balai Lok'Wein (Horde). Buy the books Expert First Aid - Under Wraps, Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage and Manual: Mageweave Bandage, from one of them.
Optional: Buy the books at AH

Create: 45 x Silk Bandage
Requirements: 50 x Silk Cloth

Once you get to 180, read Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage.

Create: 45 x Heavy Silk Bandage
Requirements: 100 x Silk Cloth

At 210, read Manual: Mageweave Bandage


Create: 50 x Mageweave Bandage
Requirements: 50 x Mageweave Cloth

Once you reach skill level 225, you'll have to visit your Artisan Trainer. As a member of the Alliance, go to Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen, while as a follower of the Horde, visit Doctor Gregory Victor.
These will give the quest Triage (Alliance), or Triage (Horde). Required quest level is 35. The quest revard from these quests is Artisan First Aid.
Bring the remaining Mageweave Cloth, and the Runecloth (and some extra if you know you've used more than expected). You will learn new skills at this trainer all the way to 290.

Here is some tips on how to do the Triage quest:
1. Bind the Triage Bandage to an easy accessable hotkey.
2. Stand somewhat in the middle of the room.
3. Bandage the more damaged NPCs first.
4. Team up with someone to make it easier.

When you reach First Aid skill 240, talk to either Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen or Doctor Gregory Victor to learn how to create Heavy Mageweave Bandages.

Create:30 x Heavy Mageweave Bandage
Requirements: 60 Mageweave Cloth

At skill level 260, talk to either Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen or Doctor Gregory Victor again to learn how to create Runecloth Bandages

Create: 50 x Runecloth Bandage
Requirements: 50 x Runecloth

Once you reach skill level 290, talk to either Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen or Doctor Gregory Victor again to learn how to create Heavy Runecloth Bandages.

Create: 80 x Heavy Runecloth Bandage
Requirements: 160 x Runecloth

At 300, visit Burko (Alliance) or Aresella (Horde) in Hellfire Peninsula. Buy the books Master First Aid - Doctor in the House, Manual: Netherweave Bandage and Manual: Heavy Netherweave Bandage.
Read Master First Aid - Doctor in the House.

At 330, read Manual: Netherweave Bandage.

Create: 50 x Netherweave Bandage
Requirements: 50 x Netherweave Cloth

When you reach skill level 360, read Manual: Heavy Netherweave Bandage

Create: 25 x Heavy Netherweave Bandage
Requirements: 50 x Netherweave Cloth

Now you'll have to learn Grand Master First Aid, and Frostweave Bandage. As an Alliance, go to either Anchorite Yazmina or Brynna Wilson. While as a Horde, you'll have to visit either Nurse Applewood or Sally Tompkins.
Optional: visit Olisarra the Kind (both factions).

Create: 25 x Frostweave Bandage
Requirements: 30 x Frostweave Cloth

Once you reach skill level 400, you will need Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage. This manual can only be farmed for.

Create: 50 x Heavy Frostweave Bandage
Requirements: 100 x Frostweave Cloth

Congratulations with First Aid level 450! Smiling



any idea on when this is being updated?

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Maw (the author) is no

Maw (the author) is no longer playing WoW, so this may need to be taken over by another author.

Once I get a chance to reorganize the needed guides page, I'll add this one to it.

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Just read at 3.1 patchnotes

Just read at 3.1 patchnotes that you do no longer need to buy books to learn new bandages, nor do you have to do Triage. I will update this in the guide shortly.

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This is a great guide. But

This is a great guide.

But if you're still around to update it, patch 3.1 changed some things regarding First Aid. There are no books to be bought anymore and you need not to do the quests past level 225. Basically, you can level your First Aid up to level 300 with a trainer in any main city in Azeroth.

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One mistake


first: great guide, very proffessional, but i found one mistake

Talk to Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen for the last time to learn how to make Heavy Runecloth Bandages.

290 - 330

you left out heavy in the link

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Hah, thanks. Fixing it now!

Hah, thanks.

Fixing it now! Eye

Linen and Silk

I agree with earlier comments re keeping making Heavy Linen Bandage and Heavy Silk Bandage till they turn grey.

Mats are cheap to buy and easy to farm compared to Wool and Mageweave.

I've levelled 19 toons on 3 servers and find that maxing linen and silk is far better if you'd rather spend a little more time and less gold.

Not really the most cost effective...

On the vast majority of servers linen and silk are far easier to get, or cheaper in price than the steps above them (Wool [As high as 10g stack], and Mageweave [8g or more per stack], and this isn't just cost, we're talking about drops/'farmability' here.) so it makes a lot more sense to continue to make Heavy Linen and Heavy Silk, even while green. I find that it's a lot easier to go out to random mobs, and smack them around for some linen, rather than going to Shadowfang Keep/Deadmines/Stockades in an effort to farm the wool. Silk is another that is incredibly fast to farm in places like Scarlet Monastery (Graveyard is great since most of them aren't elite) and much easier than killing ogres in badlands or trolls in Northern Stranglethorn, or even farming Zul'Farrak. Since the drop rates are slower and/or lower for Wool and Mageweave, it's usually STILL more time effective as well as cost, to make the green bandages.

I mention farming instances, since most likely anyone looking for a guide on how to level First Aid, is likely someone who leveled quickly and neglected it; not someone who is trying to raise it as they go.

400-450 in just 50 bandages?

Heavy Frostweave Bandage is yellow when you learn it at 400, and turns green at 430. I haven't seen any indication that this is changing in 3.1.

By that reckoning, I would expect it to take an average of 120 cloth (60 bandages at 50% chance of skill increase) just to hit 430, and considerable amounts from there to 450.

What am I missing?

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What you're missing?...

What you're missing?

... that first aid 400-430 really doesn't need that much cloth when it comes down to it. Theorycrafting is never as reliable as real, solid facts.

Though you may be right that I've misjudged the amount of cloth and bandages needed to get to level 450.

I'll look closer into this, and edit parts if neccesary.

Thanks for the feedback Eye

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Well, real solid facts with

Well, real solid facts with one character cannot necessarily be extrapolated to all characters, it may just be that you happened to get more successful skill ups by chance.

However I do agree, I typically have a greater than 50% skill up when making bandages in the yellow range, I think Blizz must do this on purpose since you have so few options on what to make.

First: Great guide, all tidy

First: Great guide, all tidy and everything nicely put together.

Secondly: I was going to ask to be more specific where we could find the NPCs that sell the manuals (Like Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen being in 'Theramore - Dustwallow Marsh', instead of just saying 'Dustwallow Marsh'). But after reading more in details I noticed the coordinates so you can forget this remark =)

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I do also provide you with

I do also provide you with links to wowhead.

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Good guide, 5/5 - One thing

Good guide, 5/5 - One thing though. You say that you should grind mobs in Zul'Drak until the last manual drops... As far as I know,it can drop anywhere, I got in an instance, while my friend had it as a world drop.

Just a thing to note, I guess.


Edit: Just checked Wowhead, and saw that highest drop chance (outside dungeons) is Zul'Drak... So ignore this comment if you want Eye

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Very nicely done, perfect

Very nicely done, perfect Eye

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I love it

I love it! It's so neat, tidy, and thorough! But, I think your "Table of Content" should be renamed the "Table of Contents".

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

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It seems someone had already

It seems someone had already done this when I read your comment.

Jiyambi ...? Sticking out tongue

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Hah, don't look at me!

Hah, don't look at me!

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According the the revision

According the the revision history it was me Shocked That's creepy!!

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Very Good!

Very Good! I like this guide, and I've not even tried it yet!

One spelling error though:

"Now, you will need Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage. Kill mobs in Zul'Drak in order to get this. Once you obtain it, read it to learn how to make Heavy Frostweave Bamdages."


Apart from that, top notch!

- Skumball


My first Post here on wow-pro, although I am reading james guide since 2007 Eye

I have found one mistake in your guide: you have to learn the master bock at skill 300 and then continue to 330 to learn the netherweave bandage.

Second is a suggestion: when you learn it all at lvl 80 you can skip the heavy netherweave bandage because it will be cheaper now to skip to frostweave bandage at skill 350, because till 375 you learn with only 25 pieces of frostcloth, with netherweave you will need 60-80 netherweave and that will cost the same amount of gold.

I hope my English is understandable