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I just got a e-mail saying that my account is permanently banned and will not be re-opened under any circumstances. It says that I used a hack or something, but I never did such a thing.

I've already sent an e-mail to Blizzard including my ID, CD-key, secret question and some other info. If I won't get my account back this probably means I'm not going to work on the TourGuide addon as I can't test and play anymore Sad

Gah, I really want my account back, I've been playing and paying for almost three years!

Does anyone know there is any chance you get de-banned as I never used any exploits to do anything?


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Make a nice password!

Make sure to make a nice password! Laughing out loud

I personally add random symbols (@%#) and numbers and such into mine to further secure it. It might be a little weird at first, so make sure you have it written down somewhere nobody else will look.

You can also try using a security program of some sort to prevent the keylogging of your precious.

Good luck!

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Got my acount back =D

Got my account back =D My items/gold are gone tough Sad I made a ticket but I guess it will take a while. Does anyone know any other way to get that authenticator? I would buy it at the blizzard store, but I have no creditcard Sad

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Not Sure....

Not sure about any other way to get one of the authenticators, but they're currently sold out on the Blizzard site right now anyway.

Don't give up on your stuff. My guild mate had to get in touch with them several times to get everything settled. You might get lucky. The guy that finally got my guild mates stuff back said that it shouldn't have taken this long, so you might get it back quicker than you thought. Just keep all correspondence handy and keep trying.....Good luck!!!!


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Buying Gold

I didn’t think blizzard could ban you for buying gold I thought you could only get banned selling gold or advertising for gold sellers.....

That sucks about your account I am sure if you keep on them they will let up soon. If you have had no issues in the past I can’t see them deciding that they are so wealthy that they don’t need your money, especially in today’s economy....

Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

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Poor Clearasil! Keep

Poor Clearasil! Keep badgering them about it, they can't keep it banned if they have no proof. Try to be reasonable and calm but make it clear that you are not going to go away until you get your account back.

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You can always ask what

You can always ask what proof they have on this accusation. Have you let anyone on your account? Maybe it could of happened then. Anyway good luck in getting your account back.

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I forgot to tell that my

I forgot to tell that my password was changed before I found that I was banned. I logged out at 1:00AM yesterday and got the ban at 7:49AM (also yesterday). I always tought that something like this would never happen to me, but it did. The goldsellers probably tought: "RAAAGHNH! This guy never buys gold from us! Let's send a bot in to steal his gold and get his account banned".

I also heard from my guildies that I picked up some items from the guildbank, I never did that so I was definately hacked at that time. So my account probably did use third party software, but I definately didn't. I can see on the armory that some of my characters are stripped, but not all of them. Every character I have has been logged, also characters I haven't played with for months.

And Jiyambi, I am very frustraded because of this, but I will always remain calm, insulting Blizzard for how stupid they are for banning me will probably not get me anywhere.

Also looking at the customer support forum I see that I'm not the only one, so that gives me some hope. Tough I really wish that e-mail said something like that they were going to protect my account because it was compromised instead of saying: "Permanent ban, no way the ban will be reverted".

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That sucks....

This happened to a guild mate of mine (90% of us live in the same small town in western Kansas). They banned him for "bot-like activity," I believe. The hacker cleared out the best items in the guild bank and then sold everything he had on all characters except one, which was promptly transferred to another server. After a couple of weeks and a lot of tech support calls, the account was re-activated and he was able to transfer his character back to Malfurion. Everything the hacker had tried to auction in the AH was either in the mailbox (if it had sold) or the gold that it sold for was there. After a couple more weeks, Blizzard did send all of the stuff back that the hacker had sold.

He promptly ordered 3 of those account security things. He had a spare the night we drove an hour to pick up WotLK and I now have one also. One more layer for the pricks to get through.

All is not lost, keep trying.... Eye


It is possible to get it back

One of my friends had his account banned because of 'advertising'. Or so they told him. He had done NOTHING. He was not spamming anything in any channels and does not do that. After emailing them many times and telling them they were definately wrong and he didnt do it, they finally unbanned him after about a week and a half. I think that they must have some kind of automatic ban software that looks for a certain type of activity and then just cuts you off if it finds anything.

What ever you do, make sure you DO NOT let your self get desperate and try to search google for ways to 'get back your account'. There are a bunch of hoaxes out their, trying to get you to email your infos of your account to them to unban you. The problem is the people are not Blizzard officials they just want to steal your broken account.

I wish you luck getting it unbanned. Just make sure you do all your contacting Blizzard through their website in account management or whatever it is.

it's a pity...

I don't think buying gold will be got banned.But it possibly may occur if you are doing powerleveling or something like that.So you have to see what's the IP you log in last time and you may know what happened in your account.