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This guide was made to help those who don't the reason or what to do during Alterac Valley. In this guide I will explain what to do, how to do it, quests, and how to do those quests.

What to Do

When you are in AV the point is to either get the other team's reinforcements get to 0, or kill the other team's commanders.

Killing the Main Commanders

Alliance kill Drek'Thar.

Horde kill Vanndar Stormpike


If you don't want to kill the commander you can try to get the enemy's points to 0. There are several things that you can do to get their points lower:

1. Kill the other team's captains

When you kill the captain the other team's points go down about 100 points.

Alliance kill Galvangar

Horde kill Balinda Stonehearth

2. Destroy the Towers

Both team's have several towers guarded by archers at the top. Every tower you destroy the other team lose points. Some towers contain friendly npcs that you can run back to your camp.

3. Capture the graveyards (GY)

There are GYs all over AV guarded by about 4 npcs. Easily solo able at high levels. These are useful because they help you progress towards the enemy camp. These also decrease the enemy's points.

4. Kill the Other Team

Basically, kill the other team, for every kill made the enemy loses 1 point.

5. Capture Mines

There are 2 mines in AV, when you capture the enemy's by killing the boss at the end of the mine. When you capture a mine your team gain points, which is always helpful, that's all there is to winning ...but wait there more!


There are a lot of quests to get from this battleground ...and here they are.



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I maybe have missed that

I maybe have missed that point, but those strategies are the best when you are in a parity condition (I.E.: 40vs40, 38vs40 or similar). I like to do PvP while leveling (Expcially from 60 on ) but there is a general lack of player , on my BG. In the 50-60 bracket every match was like 40 ally VS 18-20 horde players. Impossible to win, we had to lose with pride Laughing out loud

Maybe you have some tips to save the game while you lack some players, or AV is just based on the number of players?
THnx in advance and sorry for the grammar, I'm tired atm Sticking out tongue

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Ok, I'll see

Ok, I'll see what I can come up with if you happened to be overpowered a lot.

However if you do hapened to be overpowered by that much I personally think that it is border line impossible to win AV, how ever if you still want to get some honor check out my AV honor guide.

Hard work pays of in the future ...Laziness pays off now Eye

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Not bad. Could use some more

Not bad. Could use some more in-depth strategy.

Should mention that for example, horde should NEVER capture the Stonehearth GY. Things like that.

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Thanks I added


I added a strategy part as well as a directional map.